Work affirmations to make your work a happy time




Here are some affirmations I use while working


`I am strong, I can handle anything coming my way`


`I always find new solutions and love to fix problems`


`I find happiness wherever I am going`


`I see the world with loving eyes, my world is therefore filled with love and I attract abundance in so many ways`


`I am free to be whoever I choose to be. I AM ME`



`I let go of my thoughts to catch what this moment is all about`



Self love affirmations



`I love my own company`


`I know how to make myself happy`


`I feel comfortable alone`


`I really know to have fun by myself`


Affirmations when experiencing hardship in life



`Thank you for today. I am so blessed. I have clothes to wear, a roof over my head. I can eat and move my body`


`Thank life for all the hardship I have gone through.

I am so strong. I can give so much, and I know I always have so much - because I got the biggest heart overflowing with love for every soul`


`Thank you universe for all that I can give to others.`


`I thank myself for doing my best, and respecting myself to take a rest. I am grateful for all that I am`



`Thank you life for challenging me. I am grateful I can smile. I choose my thoughts wisely so I think of all that I can become, yet I am thankful I am fully here in this precious moment so I can enjoy the most of my life`


Easy living affirmations




I see possibilities everywhere I go


I`am happy and humble for everything I got


I appreciate offering my help to others

- knowing this will contribute to their happiness,

my learning experience - and my own happiness further


I have so much to give - I am unstoppable


I believe in myself - continue chasing my dreams


I believe in others  - making them find their dreams


I am a believer in the good


I know my life will keep on improving 


If I feel down I find comfort ing knowing life only will get better


I seek to learn in my daily life. Sometimes this is an

inside job, and sometimes I learn from the outer experiences



People learn from me, and I love to show them they

can do the same as I can do


I`m always thankful. All I`ve been through makes

me so strong. I can handle ANYTHING! I know life

gave me these tests - so I could became the person

I came here to be


I am at peace - even when I`m stressed out. Now I live in

`the now` with such a deep respect for myself and my own body,

so as soon as something `feel off` I love myself enough to let

go of my bad thoughts, thinking of my own strengths.

I take a break so I can relaxe, and then I am calm enough

to find solutions. 


I am happy - even when I`m sad. Sadness is me feeling

stressed out. Happiness is who I came here to be!

I let go of the sad - as I recognize I have reason to

feel this way. Now I find happiness - in that appreciation

of me feeling fine about finding myself unhappy.


I choose my own happiness. I LET GO!



Affirmations for a daily life




My income supports me well as I am always safe


I meet friends everywhere


Life is a new adventure every day!


I give love freely without expectations


I know true love - I am true love


I have always enough time to do the things I love the most


I plan ahead with calmness


I prioritize what means the most to me


Every day I`m doing what I love, this way I`m living my dream life every day!


I always feel fortunate in my day and in the most peculiar or magic way!


I always support a good cause




I thrive at being a good friend, both to myself and others


I have people who look up to me - because they know I look up to them too!


I create and share my joy more than ever!


I share a lot and people acknowledge me for this


I can draw/ create/play music/ make fantastic ideas/ make people happy/ contribute

and acknowledge others! This inspires both my inner fire and prepares me for the

next move I`m going to do to get ahead - so I can reach my full potential


I can do anything I set my heart into


I learn something useful every day


I enjoy moving my body!


I love to exercise!


I love to give other peoples compliments 


I give myself compliments


I talk good about myself


I have a lot of energy!


I see life in my own way, I think better and do better every day - this makes me able to

always see my life in a good way!


I always help other people who need me in their day


I respect my own limit`s and say no when I have to


I say yes to things that will make me evolve in the direction I want to go


I`m on the journey of my life!


I know every little thing can make me feel something great










I treat the nature good


I make time to be alone so I can feel relaxed and strong, I do this because I know I deserve

to live a happy life - knowing I am the one who create my own happiness!


I help people understand other people throughout my day


I know my importance - I can make a deep impact on this world


I talk about my blessings


I listen - deeply


I speak kind words


I am grateful for every day, for anything I can do, for all my experiences most certainly for being ALIVE!


Work ethics affirmations




Jeg er glad jeg kan bidra med min positive innstilling til min arbeidsplass 

I am glad I can contribute to my workspace with my positive attitude


Jeg liker en god utfordring!

I like a good challenge!


Jeg har noe meningsfylt å gi

I have something meaningful to give


Jeg gir mening til den minste oppgave ved å være takknemlig

I give meaning to even the most smallest task by being thankful


Jeg har en kropp som kan klare mitt arbeide i sin egen fart

I have a body that can manage my work at it`s own speed


Jeg inspirerer andre

I inspire others


Jeg er god på hva jeg gjør

I am good at what I do


Jeg lykkes alltid i å gjøre mitt beste hver dag!

I always succeed at doing my best every day!


Jeg arbeider med glede

I work with happiness


Jeg sprer glede rundt meg selv

I spread joy around myself 


Jeg gir lett komplimenter til mine kolleger, som jeg vet vil gi næring til sjelen deres og få dem til å vokse videre

I give easily compliments to my colleagues, that I know will nourish their soul and make them grow further


Jeg er kjent for min gode arbeidsetikk

I`m known for my good work ethics


Jeg er alltid punktlig

I`m always on time


Jeg er til å stole på

I am trustworthy


Min arbeidsplass er et skjønt sted, jeg omgir meg med vakre ting som reflekterer min indre verden

My workspace is a lovely place, I surround myself with beautiful things that reflects my inner world


Jeg er kreativ!

I am creative!


På min arbeidsplass så vet jeg at jeg vil vokse, jeg vet jeg er her i dette eksakte øyeblikk for å lære mer om meg selv og hva jeg ønsker i dette livet

At my workplace I know I will grow, I know I`m here in this exact moment to learn more about myself and what wish in this life


Jeg sender kjærlige tanker til alle mine kolleger

I send loving thoughts to all of my colleagues


Jeg er grenseløs i hva jeg kan gjøre!

I am limitless at what I can do!


Jeg er glad!



I am happy!


Affirmations for personal development





Jeg kan gjøre dette!

I can do this!


Jeg bruker tiden min klokt og investerer i meg selv

I use my time wisely and invest in myself


Jeg tar vare på de gode menneskene i mitt liv, vitende om at de vil elske meg og sette pris på meg

I take care of the good people in my life knowing they will love me and appreciate me


Jeg tar tid for meg selv, skaper et sted hvor jeg tar vare på min kropp og den indre freden,

vitende om at det vil være en god investering

I take time off just to be by myself, creating a space where I take care of my body and inner

peace of mind, knowing this will be well spent time


Jeg blir rikere for hver dag!

I get richer every day!


Jeg elsker hva jeg gjør!

I love what I do!


Jeg setter klare mål for meg selv jeg vet jeg enkelt vil nå

I set clear goals for myself I know I will easily reach


Jeg har tro på meg selv!


I believe in myself!



Affirmations for love




I see love all around me


I surround myself with love


I treat myself with love


I give love easily


I attract kind people


I feel the love everywhere I go



Affirmations for changing your surroundings





In others I see a reflection of me


I see with loving eyes - therefore I treat others with loving care,

as I do for myself


I want to create good - I do good




Motivational affirmations



I believe in me


I can create anything


I work every day with what I love


I`m thankful for all the help I get


It`s easy for me to set new goals


My job is something I enjoy


I put value into my work


Every day I accomplish something meaningful 





Affirmations for wealth



My income always increases

Min lønning høynes alltid


I receive as I give of myself 

Jeg mottar slik som jeg gir av meg selv


I am rich with all I got

Jeg er rik med alt jeg har





I earn from anything I put my effort into 

Jeg tjener på alt jeg investerer i


My good energy leads me toward success every day

Min gode energi leder meg mot suksess hver dag




Affirmations to change your state of mind




Life is good!

Livet er herlig!


I have all that I need in myself to succeed

Jeg har alt jeg behøver i meg selv for å lykkes


I give my beauty to the world and the world see my beauty within

Jeg forskjønner verden og verden ser min indre skjønnhet


I learn from all and everyone

Jeg lærer fra alt og alle


I see a teacher in everyone I meet

Jeg ser en læremester i alle jeg møter


I live a life in abundance!

Jeg lever et liv i overflod!


I am happy where I`m now

Jeg er lykkelig hvor jeg er nå


I am on the right way

Jeg er på rett vei


I vision my perfect day every day!

Jeg visualiserer min perfekte dag hver dag!


I can bring something good into every situation

Jeg kan bringe noe godt inn i enhver situasjon


I see synchronicity in everything I experience

Jeg ser synkronitet i alt jeg opplever


Affirmations to use when feeling low




I put my energy in giving good

Jeg investerer min energi i å gi det som er godt


I see all good in my life right now

Jeg ser alt godt i mitt liv akkurat nå


I`m able to understand people at a deeper level - therefore I always feel needed

Jeg er i stand til å forstå mennesker på et dypere nivå - derfor føler jeg meg alltid verdsatt


I see the best in myself

Jeg ser det beste i meg selv


I deserve a good life

Jeg fortjener et godt liv


I`m happy for this day and all that I learn from it!

Jeg er glad for denne dagen og alt hva jeg lærer av den!


Affirmations for more love <3






`I love to show love to other people in this world`


`I am love`


`I love all animals`


`I give love freely`


`It`s easy for me to love`


`It´s easy for me to love myself and others`


`I love myself`  



Affirmations for being more self - confident 



I can always do more

Jeg kan alltids gjøre mer


I am more positive each day!

Jeg er mer positiv hver dag!


It`s easy for me to believe in myself 

Det er lett for meg å tro på meg selv


I always have all I need

Jeg har alltid alt jeg behøver


When I look at myself in my life I feel more confident

Når jeg ser på meg selv i livet jeg føler meg mer selvsikker


I accomplish new things every day

Jeg oppnår nye ting hver dag


I believe in myself!

Jeg tror på meg selv!