A little abuse is still abuse...

Hi to you out there!


What Im about to` write is ( as always) written from one of the dreams I`ve dreamt lately. Part of this message is a little different though, since every word your about to read is the EXACT information that was given to me, through my higher self, and it was about ME (!) and before you jump into reading any further,

I want to add that I hope you feel peaceful as your reading this.


I really care about you out there, even if haven't met you in this life, this does not mean I haven't met you in a previous life.

I'm a true believer we meet  souls in this life whom we've already met once or even in several lifetimes beforehand.


So if the message in todays blogpost seems to be pointing to you directly ( of course you have attracted reading this by yourself also) it could mean that this information is meant for you to be taken in on a much deeper level as well...

If you think this goes for you, after reading this blogpost ( or any other blogpost of mine) I suggest you pay great attention to every circumstance in your life in the coming days, that reminds you of the words in this blog, or maybe even past memories that

`all of a sudden` pops up.


Nothing to worry about if this happens to you, it can seem a little scary at first, but its like the Universe is saying to you 



`Here is what you should be paying close attention to`



When you start to notice this happen from time to time, you start to see a pattern, and as you do - you are ready to LEARN from your past mistakes and mostly your ready to MOVE ON to advance your lifestyle!


So take a chance in this day and join something that seems interesting, or maybe its YOU who suddenly feel like its time to change your diet or look into an old habit?


Basically SAY YES to people when you feel this will make you GROW and turn your nose in the other direction if something doesn't feel right

( or shall I say, smell right?) because YOU ARE READY.

Im sure of that. 


This blog ( as you already are aware of) is about abuse, but since this is my subconscious self  `tapping into myself ` so to speak, this blogpost is very short and, lets just say - VERY SHORT & DIRECT.


Nothing to worry about though, you can still read this if you haven't lived trough any abuse for yourself - there is something to learn EVERYWHERE - if we just want to look at it that way this goes to anyone out there who has suffered from abuse, and maybe this could be to you out there who can't seem to grasp how much of an affect the abuser can affect someones life, even afterwards when the abuse is over.


Maybe you know a soul out there whom your trying to understand?


Remember, we cannot understand each other completely - but

YOU ARE BRAVE when you open up your heart to someone

who has been hurt at a very deep level.





You might be the only one who dare to do so...






The after effect of abuse... 


I can remember this one episode from when I was a child where I kind of realized later on in my life that this person who was taking care of me in that moment created a scenery - where people felt sorry for me, and her… while I back then, felt something deeper was wrong.


I just didn’t know WHY.


Later on I found myself thinking


`How dumb I was, letting myself being taking advantage of,

I must have been very silly`


but when I think of that sentence you see up above, that’s a lower vibrational way of thinking.


I`m not stupid, I was never dumb - this person helped me feel this way

( as we all know on a spiritual level - who you are is who you CHOOSE to be at any given moment ) even me thinking about this scenery later on <-> thinking I was not anything near being smart enough to know what was going on was not actually the real problem here.


The abuser want to make you feel week as an reflection of their own sadness/ disbelief/ regret/ degradation (and so on) 


When your feeling week years later 

- they succeed, not because this is their final goal

( it may be in some cases - then they can tell you what they have been saying to you all along -> that you are failing, that you cant achieve anything, that you are stupid, bla bla ect)


The abuser succeed in keeping on with their games - making everyone around them think what has been going on all along was something no one had no control over, when all this time… they were planning to see you fail, it was a plan to get ATTENTION for themselves, making you seem week, feeling misplaced and that the circumstances was

`out of order`… so they could RISE at your darkest time... but also, because they knew HOW to make you fall into the darkness

( leading everyone around them to think this was `just an coincidence`)

  when they were the actual CAUSE of the darkness themselves. That feeling I had deep down inside was a KNOWING. Remember what I wrote at the start?


I was the only one who knew something was misplaced

about the situation I was in back then

Everything about it...





This was the end to my short-lived dream, I promise you it takes quite some effort to withold word by word what I see in my dreams for then to write it down in this humanlife ( LOL) so if you feel this blogpost benefit you in any way, make sure you SHARE it with someone you love, so maybe this will reach someone out there who feel like they are `the crazy ones`, lost and  all alone






In the video down below I talk about our INNER CHILD and how we can help children HEAL and I mention methods we can use to come in contact with them.

Because if we can reach children at a young state in this life, we might prevent that the damage other people cause them - from ruining their lives completely - we can show them how to HEAL themselves, so now they won't be in a need to cause damage to others for being hurt themselves, to have that reflected back onto their own lack of insight.



I guess that was all for today`s blogpost. Also want to add I'm sorry I haven't been posting any blogs for a while, that's the creative life of a writer/youtuber/blogger I must say! I want you all to know out there - that YOU are always on my mind, literally - as my mind fills up with information as I sleep every night, right ;) Then there is always something new to CREATE because after all... In general I write about LOVE, how you can connect with yourself and with the people you meet in your daily life. Just remember



Thanks for sharing this blogpost and let me know down below in the comment section if you have any topic you want me to `tap into`... so let's see what my creative mind comes up with the next time I`m sleeping, and being truly AWAKE ;)