Encouragement - more IMPORTANT than you already know

I encourage you to read on ;)


Encouragement is something we all need. We need to encourage ourselves to get up in the morning (well, some of us do... especially at this time of year her in winter wonderland where I live) we need to be brave and think POSITIVE about TODAY to KEEP GOING, as much as we need from time to time... to remind our fellah coworkers, family members, friends, our precious children, as well as our sweet animal friends

( #goveganforouranimals aight!) to stay tuned, to do their best, to remind them of their value...


Even the STRANGERS we meet!



If we all do, what would the ripple effect be (?) and so on... We do this because we want to WORK WITH THEM, either this meaning finishing off a project at your workspace, or reaching a deadline at home painting those walls, or just finally throwing up that Christmas three before the celebration falls all apart... seemingly.


Have you noticed THE TIME IN BETEWEEN?


I'm talking about those treasurable moments where you talk to your kids about kindness, and without thinking so much of it - you help a stranger picking something up from the ground... while your children ( AND THEIR FRIENDS TOO) both are watching and listening ( maybe also doodling to keep that brain learning at it`s best)


Little did you know that what you did there meant GOLD for your little sweetheart. You encouraged your little one to be on their best behavior at school - and what a GREAT THING that was, since your little Sarah or Sam, Sammy or Simmy helped that one kid out who got bullied while no one else did come through to help out...


When we ENCOURAGE those people we meet,

we are adding one more factor to our own perception



Often we hold back those times we feel eager ourselves to SHARE our own personal goals or dreams. I suggest you keep you dreams and hold them tight to your chest at those times you feel `the energy is off` and people are not pleasantly there to discover your great talent...


Very often, people are not caught up in their own dreams, but their own disbelief about their dreams!


These people will not give you their support, no matter how obvious it will seem for you that you deserve every loving word or praise considering everything you have done to get where your standing at now. These people lack the energy to support themselves on their own way. Is this you, or your AFRAID this is you?


Because it `keeps you on a edge` because you dare to take a risk when you go through and follow up yourself on your own path.


The challenges that you do meet, will make you GROW


In my entire life I have been OBSERVING people. At one point I started doing this because I was scared of people who had hurt me early on, would do it again ( so often they did, as I kept my THOUGHTS focusing on what worst scenario might happen, instead of following my dreams and my PASSION) Do you know what's wonderful about my exeperiences? I learned to amuse people, and not only people also myself. I created this fantasy world where I was my own super heroines as I discovered I was a MASTER at distracting people while having FUN with it ( maybe to the extreme since I kind of was not truly being myself) and the worst situations ended up... being better. Not even good at first... With time I found my own voice. I also found my FOCUS. 


You who are going through an awakening may know already - your not waking up ONE TIME, you start to realize WAKING UP is ALL what everyone else is trying to do also! We humans call it `failures` as we keep on getting better as we evolve, we learn new skills, we get intrigued by new information...


We are all just being the BEST that we can be,

in this exact moment


Dreams... They keeps our hearts lifted UP with NEW SPRUNG HOPE and as we have our own personal desires, what does that even mean if we have to bring someone else down so we can have all the glory for ourselves? I have never understood this for myself.

People might be afraid they are just not good enough... when they do such a thing.




Today we get so confused when we see what's `trendy` on Instagram or i any other social media. We like to follow people who are pretty on the inside as well on the outside. Sometimes we hate people for being `too perfect` on the outside. While we all are perfectly imperfectly and UNIQUE! Sometimes we even bring others down by following the crowds opinion about them. Have you ever gotten a nasty stare because you were dressed up? Can we stop hating on people already?

If we look on the inside... there we can find a treasure. I wonder if you carry HURT on the inside, because people have let you down, said ugly `truths` about you, or even worse... treated you like you were air. Non - existent. In my opinion, that is the worst. `Life is not fair` I hear people say, I've used quite some time myself to get that kind of thinking out of my head. Why? Because life is VERY FAIR when you respect yourself - you will attract more and more people who are nice to you. Those who judge you, know that they are having a hard time looking into their own mirror.  I believe we can SUPPORT PEOPLE. We must also allow other human - aliens ;) to evolve at their own time. If you feel you want to SPEED UP but others want you to speed down, I am afraid your better off going on without them.


You deserve to BE EVERYTHING you can be in this given moment of life. YOU DO. LIFE IS YOUR GIFT. LIVE IT.

In our daily conversations either MAGIC HAPPEN or we DISAGREE on our own ALIGNMENT


What do I mean by this? I hear so often people say


`What if we could experience MAGIC like children do?`



All you need to do is to OPEN UP for it and

ALLOW it into your life.

Have you ever just WOKE UP FEELING GOOD? Suddenly you talk to your mum, and then she mentions the bad person you were before. Or your auntie tell you about that bad choice you once took when you decided to make your own outfit `So it`s a good thing your grown up now and are done with those childish arts and acts, you thought would bring you a fortune` she says, hiding her cruel behavior behind a little laugh...

Little do both of them know that they are bringing ENERGY into your life, so you won't succeed... If you let them keep on ruining for you! 


It is so EASY to fall out of alignment! (Or is it now? What is alignment by they way? I will write more about that in my next blog - so stay tuned) Let's for now just focus on that good feeling you woke up with... after a night of good quality sleep your mind usually will HIT THAT RESET BUTTON... Now it`s up to you to keep on playing that same track about what you PROJECT onto your mother -> like thoughts about being afraid of disappointing her, or thoughts that focus on your aunties negative opinion, and OOOPS...


There is your auntie nocking on your door, ready to have her next sarcasm hit you down hard

with a cute cover - up - laugh of course


If you learn to ease your mind by NOTICING when you start feeling tired, sad, a bit stressed out and other negative feelings you might discover... you can also soon start to FOCUS your thoughts `onto the next best thing` as I like to say. When you keep on practicing this, you will not so easy fall out of alignment, you will probably end up talking with your uncle Ed instead - who admire how you have always walked your own way! While secretly admiring you never even flinched when your auntie was having fun on your behalf. 




starts on our INSIDE. Say three things that makes you feel GREAT about YOUR LIFE each morning. Some people use their own personal affirmations while standing in the shower ( you can find some of my affirmations on this website of mine, YOUR WELCOME!) Someone reads a good quote before falling asleep at night ;) I say a prayer every night before I go to sleep, where I say `Thank you....` for all the people I meet and for all my experiences, good and bad. This helps me being EXITED about what's next to come.


You out there should know that YOU ENCOURAGE me... to keep going. I believe I can reach ONE HEART every day with the different things I make... with your help of course. So thank you so much for sharing any content of mine. I truly appreciate it as I know your time is valuable 


God bless you in this day

Things will get better