What is better? CREATE your best MOMENTUM

What feels better? I know the title of this blog ( as many of my others, lol) seems ODD. It`s supposed to be ODD, to get you just a tiny curios of course, while reading I hope you also get to understand what this blog is all about... at a deeper level.

So let's get started to dig real deep, shall we? 

I know you might already have seen my video about MOMENTUM, where I explain what it is and how you can benefit from using MOMENTUM in your daily life. If it has been a while since you saw this movie, I recommend that you do watch it again below - and SHARE it so other people that are `waking up` too can incorporate MOMENTUM more into their lives as well! Thank you for doing so, because by sharing what I create your not helping me, since I AM CONNECTED TO SOURCE and find myself doing what I came here to do

( well, at least most of the time) and that is to BE LOVE and to GIVE love. So I try my best, but what is my doing on all these creations without you sharing them? NOTHING at all. My main goal is to reach one single person daily who really needs to be reminded of their value. I know that person is out there. Why you ask?

Because once upon a time ( and a very long  time ago) that person was me.


Thank you for sharing my content

So now as you know what MOMENTUM is all about, I want to also remind you of this great way of living -> and that is the knowing that YOU have something to LEARN and therefore something to be eager about every day! We can forget about practicing what we already know ( I will be the first to admit I'm a sinner here ) since we can know a lot about being spiritual, we may take our own knowledge for granted!


Do we say `I love you` to the mirror every day?


Do we eat our ( VEGAN) food and feel

GRATITUDE while doing so?


Do we go to bed grateful and wake up to meditate, or at least practice one or two affirmations

before we go ahead and start our daily life?


Even so more important, are we present when

talking to a stranger... or even a family member

that we truly hold so dear?


We forget... surrounded by all our technology, having our own needs met `highspeeding` into our lives, with our  high maintenance way of living


- we FORGET that we came here ... TO BE HAPPY!



I so often mention this, and yes what feels better than meeting a generous smile that is truly heartfelt? A stranger who smiles so kindly when you drop something on the ground, or cheer you up when something goes wrong?

You bump your head, or you find yourself stuck in the line - loosing something in your hand... and for a second this sweet EARTH ANGEL is there to remind you... Your doing just fine. I try to be this person, but I also got my limits - so I know by knowing exactly that... anyone I meet can be having a much more worse day then I am - so I keep on trying my best, thinking everybody is doing just that.

They all are trying their best. ( I guess you who follow me on Balance In Soul on Facebook or at the norwegian version Balanse I Sjelen... knows I quite so often mention this) I believe this is of a very big importance, if we can realize just this - we get a clearer picture of what`s going on.


That `mad man` who yelled at the bus stop was probably feeling misunderstood for the 100`th of time that day, because of his speaking disorder. That old lady said something nasty to you who are young, but she was just to envious of your  natural beauty... That kid who cursed, comes from a childhood filled with bruises and nobody to hug him and tells him he's the sweetest angel who help out both his parents and his grandfather.... So many lives, I'm not saying it`s  your job to `save` anyone ( people must be willing to change for themselves to really become something new) what I'm thinking is that you can BE THE EXAMPLE. Give that smile. Be silent and give room when people are upset and hurt.


BE THERE and notice them.... as best as you can.

Forgive yourself for anything you can't do for others.

You tried your best

with what you had - in that exact moment of your lifetime.

Now your stronger, and more

prepared for something bigger to come.


As we go out and about our own daily life, it can be very easy to be consumed about what others are talking about. Me being quite the SENSITIVE SOUL ( ah, you too? I feel for you honey) I can feel EXHAUSTED when people focus on the negative, while I also do know that my vibration and my thoughts attracts every circumstance in my life. Don't believe this for yourself? Try to think of a blue car. Try to really see this. Practice this for a day `here and there` and notice how many blue car that magically `POPS UP` I promise you... it will happen. With practice and the right belief... you will see how you are forming your own reality by your own thinking. So, back to being SENSTIVE... I will remind you out there that being SENSITIVE is more than feeling emotional. I not only FEEL OTHERS FEELINGS, when I don't pay enough attention for myself  (I see that I can be quite emotional thinking I sense others sometimes though, while its actually myself - therefore I usually pay attention and take great care of my own needs) I FEEL PEOPLES ENERGY!


If your SENSITIVE yourself, remember to


Eat good (VEGAN) food, exercise and go into nature...


That's like the best cure - for anyone and everything  actually! So here I'm done with the SENSITIVE - TALK... for this time around ;) my point is that I know a little trick here and there because of it, and this is the main reason I wanted to write this blog to you out there... besides something giving me the life force to do so, to tell you this:



I do believe you can CREATE a NEW YOU while


All this starts out in our head.


Was everything good in this day? If not, try to think about what happened. What did not go so well? Are you blaming yourself perhaps, or circumstances or someone else? Know that you can change YOU, but others we cannot control.

They have chosen to live their lives the way they do live it ( even if that may seem hard to believe for someone) so while somebody seems to be ruining their lives for themselves... just remember that there is a great LESSON for them to learn from.


Yes, we can INSPIRE each other, LISTEN with an open mind, but we can't force people to change, it will have the oppsitite effect if we try to force people to behave differently because we need them to, not because they need too - without giving them a fair chance to learn and develop so they won't make the same mistake ever again.. even if this means them `committing that crime 20 times in a row`.  In the spiritual world we call this ` creating more resistance within their lives`. Meaning, we are not trusting the process. There more we force things, the harder they will become. Ever learned that for yourself? I bet you have. Let people be people, okay?


So... when YOU think of how your day went terribly wrong, or you just lost your `high flying vibrational disk` as Abraham Hicks talks would put it... you can switch this scenery completely around by doing this.


Ask yourself `What is better?`

or even better

Ask yourself:

`What FEELS better?`

Or even, even 


Ask yourself:

`What feels better in THIS MOMENT?`


It may not seem like a big deal while reading this, but as you implement this into your daily routine when something goes wrong, or just feel a little `off` you will definitely see the difference. Your creating the `next best thing` when you start at first to look for something better, but as you go along you'll do this automatically and while doing so you'll find there IS something MAGICAL about this day we all call LIFE. Because your changing your thinking to be more POSITIVE.


Look for anything that feels better for you right now. If it seems childlike - dont fret about it. Maybe your INNERCHILD wants to come out and play? Yes, so often I see THE NEED for peoples INNER CHILD to burst out of them... and when it does - people often find themselves laughing saying things like

`I thought I would be too embarrassed to try this out` or

`I was afraid of looking like a fool, but now I don`t care anymore. I just love this`


FEEL with your hands the fur of a cat. SMELL the nice dinner your about to eat ( VEGAN OF COURSE ;) Taco maybe? ) LISTEN for the laughter, SEE the BEAUTY with your eyes...

17 seconds in... and your creating your next MOMENTUM that will be MUCH BETTER, or you will most certainly FEEL BETTER anyway no matter what comes your way. 


Because if YOU see what's GREAT about your life...

Your life is already great!


I wish you a great night, or morning, wherever you are.

Here I live in Norway it`s nighttime.

Take care of your precious self.


YOU ARE WORTHY of so much LOVE my friend.


Again, thank you so much for reading and for sharing any creations of mine.


Much love Britt I. Strand