Do you know how much your SMILE can affect people? I bet you don't. How about when your the one being smiled at, now that makes a difference right? We people tend to overlook our own VALUE and how we CONTRIBUTE to every being that we meet in our daily lives. Today someone clapped me on my shoulder, and being quite SENSITIVE I could just sense that LOVE VIBRATION that was being given to me. 


Life is wonderful when we see it that way


As I've probably told you once before ( if not twice... to a hundred times) it is that every thing we go through teaches us something. I'm not saying every learning feels like an easy breeze,  but I do believe when you focus on the learning in every situation you come across - you'll start to realize your staring at a much bigger picture. I so often talk about smiling in my videos ( Britt Strand on Youtube,  and you'll find several videos here on my web page as well) knowing our smiles make quite the difference. We are CONNECTING when we show our KINDNESS. Then again, if you give off a fake smile - those same kind of lower energies will hit right back at ya. Don`t you worry, me finding my way on this spiritual journey has not been all a dream, what I do know is that the less we focus on `seing signs`, asking for miracles, looking for angels, praying for our own big dreams and for others we love, watching out for synchronicity, numbers and such ( not anything wrong with that to a certain amount) we tend to forget about THIS NOW and the LOVE that is in THIS MOMENT to be found. I also know that if I can remind you of  YOUR BEAUTIFUL SMILE, or if YOU choose to share my posts - we are together bringing more peace and value to this world, and making it a more wonderful space to live in.  

In this MAGICAL DAY we all call LIFE ;)

we must not overlook the bird sining near us in a tree, but so often we think of our regrets or maybe our future <> and by doing so we are ignoring our own inner being who knows HAPPINESS EXIST HERE & NOW.

Happiness can feel like it`s hard to be found though... especially after years trapped in our own thinking head. I've said it before and I`ll tell you again... MEDITATION is here for YOU. `But Britt, I don`t got the time` Time is an illusion (Lol) and anyways - as you get rid of all those negative thoughts a new FLOW of ENERGY will hit you BIG TIME ( and I mean that in the best of all ways) because as you tune into your OWN INNER BEING, you'll know more easier now how to see the great picture. It`s not about creating a future now - it`s about LIVING THE FUTURE NOW. How is this possible? I guess you just have to trust my words when I say `Time will expand` as you not only make room for more FREE THOUGHTS, like CREATIVE THINKING ( as you go get rid of that dirty old baggage of yours) that will occur and lead every action you now take into more enjoyable and exiting moments.  Trust me when I say




Aha, you find yourself too restless? Well, your complaint don't take any effects on me, as I myself could not sit still for five whole minutes, as I say. I had a hard time talking to people ( trauma can cause you to have a very short memory) trying to remember where I was going with my point, and interrupting them while doing so.

Meditation is for you... especially when you think it`s not. Why you say? Because I know you got 5 minutes to INVEST in YOURSELF. With meditation you will not only let go of your haunting childhood memories - you will be much more capable to 

and what's pretty amazing ( I think) about meditating, it it`s the fact that you'll connect with the source of our Universe ... and when you reach this point, you now truly see the benefit of you starting out with this five minutes meditating every morning, just breathing deeply and watching your thoughts pass by.


FIVE MINUTES three times a week ( that  WILL turn into 20 minutes)



by this time.... You'll discover how you can tune daily into `source` or call this God or anything you want to. It`s like having a MOVIE with wonderful pictures floating by, just inside your head. This is when your truly listening to your breathing, and have let go of any outcome of the meditation. Your just BEING - and that should be your main goal at first hand. So meditation is key. Your brain will tell you faster when to rest, when to move, when to just be at peaceful place, when to call someone, and when to do your NEXT MOVE towards your biggest DREAM.

When was the last time you did a GOOD DEED? Haha, I know it sounds a little naive, but I'm forward thinking here. Let's say you pick up some garbage every day... then think of just have much YOU have helped our society all together in ONE YEAR!


We ALL can do this easily! Just by you picking up garbage every day - your also sure to be noticed. So here you are, setting a great example & by that INSPIRING  other people to do the same thing. We create a HUGE EFFECT when we start counting years, but let's not focus on time ( THE ILLUSION you know) when we can focus on how GREAT this makes us feel for ourselves. Just like giving away a hug! I'm not saying you should hug everyone, as I myself could not hug anyone due to my earlier life lessons for quite a while - we must respect and understand we live in a world where people have NO BOUNDARIES when they should have some, while other people have build themselves inside this crazy looking wall nobody will try to overcome... because they live in such a fear.


Maybe this is even you out there? Well, as I mentioned - this was me before.

Too afraid to live my life basically. I may be a nerd, and even like to keep to myself most of the time nowadays, but I truly enjoy LAUGHING and SHARING my JOY of life with almost everyone I meet throughout my day.


Not only meditation has helped me though. I do talk about using affirmations ( you can also find several of those I`ve used ( and made) myself here on my site) that will change your THINKING HABITS, and there is this ONE BIG THING that really makes me see clearer my GOAL about trying to be the best version of myself every day, as I SEE YOU OUT THERE. I notice people. I look and see how AMAZING people are. Have you seen it yourself? Just by working out at my gym I notice how people smile, they help me and each other - they GIVE of themselves, and if you start to notice every time you notice something you DON`T LIKE about people - try to SWITCH IT AROUND > this will make all the difference for you. I promise you that. Because now you will pay more attention to not only what's really going on ( as you let go of your BIG EGO by doing so) you'll notice the BEAUTY and the VALUE other brings to this marvelous life - existence. When you come to see they are ALL trying their very best - from the place where they stand... You kind of start to ADMIRE them and recognize they also deserve to be LOVED in so many ways. 


As it becomes more easy for you to see others NEED, you start to want to GIVE OUT your way of being LOVING. Now your in for a `treat`  when in a process of discovering yourself - you who have held back for so many years. Know that other people do see your greatness, but don't rely on them to remind you of it! Remind yourself and others - EVERY DAY. This will make you VIBE even higher, and before you know it... you discover your IMPORTANCE... as you notice `them`. 


We are ALL` in on this` together ;)

Make the best of it TIGER!


I wish you a very blessed day/ night depending on where you live. Do take great care of yourself, because just because others don`t recognize your value and greatness in this day, it does not mean it does not live and exist within you. Try to look for what's FUN and focus your thoughts on anything that makes you feel GOOD NOW.


Thank you for reading my blog. Share&Care Peeps ;)