You bring value to our world - A must read for you who feel you don't belong

There is something F A N T A S T I C about life when you discover that  YOUR LIFE HAS MEANING.

What is meaning in this life? You. You being born gives a sense of meaning, without you a piece would be missing. I would not meet you in the street, there would be no reason for me to write this blog if I could not reach you. You just being there... makes the whole difference you see. Together we are `all the missing pieces` coming together AS ONE.

At the deepest core of your being, your soul speaks it´s  own truth - it ROAWR`S about all the amazing opportunities you have yet to discover. Your inner being knows you are in this life - a flower that will break and recover. Your supposed to bloom throughout this lifetime. So, don't mind your pedals not giving you the attention that you seek, or the challenges you dream of. Your journey has just begun... in this day. We often look at our age, and I for myself don't know how many times I look forward at aging like something that would make sure I was doomed. At the age of 27 I was in a terrible condition, I was vibing extremely low, the anxiety I experienced took the best of me ( at least I thought) but I was fighting myself. Our bodies are telling us stories - so you better listen. My `pain point` in this blog is this ->

I FELT SO OLD... and now I know I will never feel so old ever again - no matter how strange that may sound. This is why I say.... 


`AGE is nothing but a NUMBER,

and numbers are HUMANMADE`

YOU are LIFE itself. Every breath you take count for any tree. Every smile you ever give away makes our world PROSPER. Every bit of you bring deep value to our whole world.


Without you, you would be the missing piece our world needs. 


So in my `fairy- way´ kind of speaking, you might not think this is the truth. Especially if your experiencing pain to some degree in your life right now. I know how heartache can almost break you down, and I also know how others can break you down... if your at a so low place that you let them - because you already don't know your value... yet. So here you are, finding yourself and your life drifting away so to speak, your just getting up to live another day - but that's not the whole truth! YOUR DIVINE, someone is watching out for you, while your thinking your day got even worse because a car almost hit you,  and then someone blames you - cursing at you... you may miss out that something or someone were looking out for you.




Sometimes people in this life leaves us... well, they leave our sight for a while - yet they are here still to protect you, or they come back to warn you, or to simply remind you that 




I also do believe `that there is something more`

I myself have found myself in extreme situations - like when I was in an abusive relationship - and this one time as I was in a car being held by my hair - and the driver ( my abusive boyfriend ) was driving crazy because he was so mad ... I was not in the state of thinking how `lucky` I was that surveyed. Those years seem like a bad fairytale right now. You see, it`s like I'm mentioning a story about another human being, just so I can show you that I too - have experienced pain, yet I find something AMAZING about this beautiful and MAGICAL DAY we all call LIFE.

I'm sure you want to know `Why` right? Why he was being abusive? Why I got into a relationship like that - and mostly WHY I kept on hanging onto him....  This poor person... he was mad. Really MAD. He was mad at life, angry at himself - I was just `the easy target` as I was in a place where I was not thinking highly of myself either. We attracted each other... I know now that I DERSERVE to be LOVED, just as he did. I learned that I was holding onto past memories, deep hidden inside the different layers of my human brain... I was very afraid for being with a man like him - I even promised myself I was not the one who would `fall for anyone who disrespected me` so I attracted just that because of my deep rooted fear. I could go on and on... about my past - and by writing about this further - keeping myself there. Because that's what us humans do - we think in repeat. We think like we did, therefore act like it and then again... experience `our lesson` until the point where it get`s so painful... that we either get sick in our bodies to realize we need to get out of it, or we can manage to be brave and see clearly straight away... that we have A LOT OF INNER WORK TO DO. In my case... I got very sick in my body, I do believe it was not only for the sake of me to understand this situation better, but also so I could share my experience with you out there... I got EXTREMELY SICK in my body... as I let `bad thoughts` enter my brain and rule my day. I started to tell myself day by day, that I was feeling more and more pain - just as I had been telling myself on a subconscious level that I didn't deserve to be or feel loved. It took me many years to see that I DO DESERVE to be LOVED, and as do you my friend. So do you.





Right now, sitting peacefully in my home I have let go of so many things. Like the value we people put onto places we travel to - when we can just travel on the inside in our own mind. Like that value we put onto other people for the things they do or say, or how they look a certain way. We value them - at our our own critical level, from our own believes, as we have developed them from earlier life experiences and what others has told us to believe. We humans can treat animals poorly - not seeing their value as we go stressing around about `important stuff`... like earning more money <- -> and so often we also deprive our nature from looking it`s best while doing so. We all see value from the place we are standing at, and we should not judge each other... So the next time you see someone ( especially you who are vegan) someone not understanding animals DESERVE THE SAME LOVE as us humans doo... Try to see that they are not standing and looking from your point of view, if they were - they would agree with you! Just maybe... by listening to them... they might even find themselves willing to go out and explore the same place ( meaning perspective ) your looking from.

We have to give one another a CHANCE to EVOLVE, by doing so we find ourselves feeling more understanding, just by doing so. 


I often talk about `ONE COMPLIMENT A DAY`  and

`DO ONE GOOD DEED EVERY DAY` and this might not seem like a very big deal - until you discover this 






As we learn to put a positive focus onto both our environment and each other, we learn about our own self worth. People around will start to notice that YOU are bringing VALUE to their life, they will give you their respect... and you will see LOVE flow more easily into your life in every way. 


For you out there - I wish for you to see every new day as the FIRST DAY OF YOUR NEW LIFE. I believe you can become ANYTHING you truly want ( follow your dreams every day folks) just start with that first step, and that might be... to compliment yourself for just how STRONG YOU have been this whole time. Nobody but you know your whole truth, and your life lessons up until this point. I remember a time where I just thought I was this `girl being pulled by my hair` because that was what I was experiencing ( and fearing) for two whole years. I got exactly that treatment from what I was thinking about. Show up for yourself in every day. Speak up if you must, while I hardly suggest that you lean back more and LISTEN. Listen so you can rediscover people who are laughing - go there. Listen at the birds - breath deep while doing so. Listen to a great story about someones life - find yourself tearing up feeling happy about every blessed emotion that you are having. All this makes you 

and that's exactly what I wish for you... in this MAGICAL DAY we all call life.


`It`s a NEW DAY. It`s a NEW LIFE`


I so very often tell you... and those few words comes from all of my life lessons, from a secret life - a lot of memories I choose not to share, and from at very loving space inside my soul to you out there.


God bless you sweetheart. It all start`s from here.


DECLARE `I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THE PERSON I ONCE WAS. I CHOOSE A NEW ME` and there you have it - as you speak this out loud for your own inner being to hear... Your already more accepting, for what is, and more READY for what has yet to become.