Living in the past - when the past exist no more!

I would like to tell you your perfect in balance as you soon discover... your not. What Britt? What kind of intro is this to a blogpost? ;) What I'm saying is that it`s ALL GOOD - as you discover each and every DARK CORNER of your smitten soul of every parallel world your  made of...  Yes - as you start to TREMBLE confused in THIS LIFETIME and think you have lost the possibility to EMERGE into a brighter version of yourself... you are not so lost child.

Your right where you need to be. Why? As you turn around every page in this book of life, you have the choice to take a deeper look into yourself, you can decide to see only the good bits <-> as you try not to transer and smudge the same ink onto your next chapter of life.... 


Every step you go... you can let go of your past by being more willing to look into those parts of you that attract people you never thought belonged into your life. Any circumstance that cause you pain is here to TEACH you something.


I often talk about all that is GREAT about you, I know you and EVERYBODY has a KIND SOUL beneath the human surface we call our looks. The world is not only filled with kindness though, and one big part of that is all these `KIND PEOPLE`Yes, I who always mention KINDNESS... (forgive me for turning the table around ) LOL these `kind people` ;) are you and me complaining when things don't turn out our way. 


Let me give you an example: One day Britt ( the author of this blog yes) is walking happily  outside her door, and then she meet this WOLF, a tired old man who want to complain about life, Britt get`s a tiny frustrated, then moves along in her day, and she does... getting her mood `back on track` Britt then meet this girl who only want to talk about every littlest thing that is bothering her. Britt walks away, with her hearing hardly intact from that lower energy this girl was transmitting onto her sensitive soul not knowinlgly.




The next time your sad, angry or feel upset of any kind



As Britt start`s to breath again she's soon about to discover this happy cat jumping JOLLY around. `Finally something good to focus my attention on` Britt thinks with a lingering smile from her inner child stepping forward onto her face... just to discover the cat runs aways from her. OH NO!!! :O Peeps - this may not seem like a big deal to you, but for a person who meets `Happy people and happy dogs and cats everywhere` this is a HUGE PROBLEM.

Britt finally ends up home as the night is about to arrive, beforehand she tries cleverly to meditate to LET GO and GO ON... for then to discover some issues from her past was brought to life in her day by HER OWN FOCUS as HER OWN ENERGY was at a lower state that day. She smiles when she realizes what has happended - she attracted the man, the negative girl was her own reflection and even the cat was a clear reminder.... TIME TO IMPROVE.


`I try every day to be better than the day I was before` 



Even spiritual teachers go through dark times

( I will say they go through the darkest times of them all)


`Who is a teacher who can teach without knowing failure?`


So why I am telling you this? 

What am I really saying to you out there?


I've mentioned and will keep on mentioning how important our breathing is.

Deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth can in my mind - solve every problem of this world, since a calm mind does not engage in anything that is not leading to more peace. 



Where is YOUR FOCUS dear reader? As you wake up in the morning YOUR FOCUS is EVERYTHING, I know I'm not the first to say this. I don't say it because many rich people swear to `set the brain for greatness early in the morning` I say it because I myself once upon a time used to set myself up for DISASTER. I went to bed feeling anxious, got up feeling even worse, and as my daily life went on this pressing anxiety I let take the best of me.


Until I discovered breathing for myself, and as I started to really deepen my breath and AWARENESS ... I met my demons... and I still say `Hello` from time to time.


I`m pretty sure you got some demons of your own ( this time I'm not talking on those lower spirits that visit us through portals as mirrors and our TV`s, and your computer at night...) I`m talking about our personal stuff, our own cr## & BULLS##T. Those surpassed memories that we are to darn scared to face. So if you live in misery, pain, doubt or fear or anger of any kind, all this anxious feelings causes us to belive our lives are not so good, and that we NEED to IMPROVE something outside of ourselves, our something about ourselves ( like our looks, change our jobs, get a better friend, kick mum out of our personal life snooping around, buy a new truck or... and...+++) <-> while a change of job COULD create a CHANGE for the better in vibrational speaking, and a GREAT FRIEND is a BIG BLESSING for upon the REST OF

YOUR LIFE. You might get a new girlfriend or boyfriend... what matter is




Daily we have our own inner conversations, so while your inner being is being happy about the grass being so green while it rains outside - while you sit inside beside your window sobbing about `the bad weather`( and not your and attitude about the weather) your also actually having your own inner dialogue... 


Remember a bad conversation within ourselves or with others will bring upon MORE of that same vibration)


Inner conversation


Dialogue with myself: `It rains. I better stay inside. Can`t do anything fun.

Might as well pay the bills. Another bill? What?

I call the company... hope they are nice to me this time. WHAT. they found out I owe more money, and now my friend Ester called and said she wanted her money back too.

What is this? ( IS THE WHOLE WORLD MOCKING ME?!?!?! Please dear God, send me an angel. *Knocking on the door* Sobbing stops...

A friend comes inside "You look terrible" me "I will not respond"

Friend says `Are you upset or something?`

me` Nooooo` ( I`ll never speak to him again...)


`I`ll come back later to check on on`

me whispering `Don`t bother

Friend leaves.


Thinking to myself. `I hate rain` Hm... My friend wasn't driving.

Did he WALK to me? ALL the way from home?

That was... SO KIND.

He is actually a great friend. Telling me the truth. I was a mess.

I feel better now.

I better call him *calling* me `I`m so sorry... I was a JERK!`

Friend laughs loudly. "It`s okay"

me... `Your the best friend I`ve ever had... Also me... walks out into the rain and smiles.




So, do you see what happens at part two of this inner dialogue? The FREQUENSY SHIFTS. This is not a true story from my personal life, it could be though. Or maybe this was your story? ;)


`Either if a person lives through a big loss, or a small loss...

it all depends on the OUTLOOK this person has`


So dear you out there reading this `one kind of a blog` IT`S OKAY to not feel great and also to not feel `UP FOR EVERTHING JOYFUL` the point about LIVING our lives is to

LIVE... OUR... LIVES. We need to experience the bitter part of every experience so that we can RISE and SHINE through the even worse. Some days I know you amaze yourself by handling something you never thought you were able to go through - and then you did - COMPLETELY BY YOURSELF, even without any proud auntie or uncle cheering at you... and then again... other days you soak yourself into the mud of your darker thoughts. Maybe not feeling you belong anywhere ( like a lost #humanalien) or maybe you feel you SHOULD feel HAPPY about life - and cannot see why your not... and then you forget about how you just used a lot of ENERGY trying to survive all these other day challenges, by being in the same room of some hateful people ( DEAR SENSITIVE, that one was for you) or you accompanied someone at the hospital - and even sat there waiting for hours patiently, ignoring the hospital smell as it gives you the shivers down your spine... 


SHOULD ... is btw a word I want to have deleted from our vocabulary

( I might write a blog just about that singular subject in the future)


Breath dear reader. Your doing just fine.


Here is my advice for you if you feel you have `fallen beneath the carpet` in any kind of way.

I know it doesn't work for you to read my words alone - about `you'll be fine`

What work though, is this


1 Admit your inner most thoughts for yourself. Create daily space for five minutes to say this to yourself `No wonder I feel so..... ( fill in the blanks) because I survived.... ( fill in the blanks) while nobody knew I was thinking...... ( fill in the blanks) and feeling...... ( fill in the blanks


2 Get a good nights sleep. I'm not talking about counting the hours nor sheeps. I`ve found that the less I sleep, actually the more EFFECTIVE&CREATIVE I get, but that's another blog ;)

I mean you should think about what makes you HAPPY about YOUR LIFE <-> Let this be your last thoughts before you close your eyes every night, and I`ll promise you, your in for the`most pleasant restful sleep ever... and a true blissful morning is about to arise.


3 LOOK FOR THE SIGNS Here I'm not talking about seeing rainbow, butterflies or anything else that you WANT to manifest. I talk about this instead: do you see people from your `not so happily past` pop up, or situations reminding you of something else bad that has happened to you several times before? If you do, just NOTICE THESE SIGNS, LET THEM GO and then FOCUS your ATTENTION onto those happy thoughts you've already been practicing while you go to sleep the night beforehand...


Now watch how your life will improve


Me every time it rains now

`It`s rainy outside...


It makes me think of my very best friend of this world.

I`m so happy I'm also that kind of friend



I wish you sweet dreams or maybe it`s a  BRIGHT NEW DAY when you read this? 

Either way, take care




God bless your soul


Britt I. Strand