A thought of breath

You may think that I've misspelled the title on this blog, but there is no mistake as your about to learn why I chose `A thought of breath` to be todays title and so on topic. As you already know ( at least I hope you do) our breath is a SIGN YOUR ALIVE.


Without your breath you would be dead and ready for the afterlife already. I do believe our bodies let go of your soul, your inner being as you go on into your happily ever after, so when reading this - no matter how your feeling...


LISTEN to your breath


Your breath it is counting your ALIVE, in THIS MOMENT and at this exact point of our lives.

I often do say `I don`t dream about being like the greatest poet or artist that once lived` because I know the value of my life compared to that poet - I AM HERE NOW.

With no further adieu - let's get started with this blog shall we?

As I'm sitting here writing to you the rain is pouring outside my open window. The wind comes in and says `Hello` for a moment, and then to pass just like our breath so silently comes and leaves us. Never the same wind, and never the same breath... I guess your a little curious about the title still? Here goes, with every breath we can choose our thoughts to amplify our living lives. It can be said as simply as this


`If you think rich thoughts you will live a rich life, if you choose otherwise you will see how your life not working out for you as good as it could`


Have your ever just thought of a person, and then you receive a text message from that person the next minute? You may not even have spoken to this person for a year. What I'm sharing with you today is the POWER of your thoughts. Oh, you want proof I'm rich? Well, being rich is so many things me and a spiritual friend of me were agreeing on the other day. With that said, I DO KNOW THIS -> I spiraled into my own anxiety for years, listening to my inpatient breath, focusing on my confused head and the breath I took seems to become shorter and shorter... as I kept on thinking about that. When your at that low state that I was in back then I could not `just focus on something positive` it takes time to dig out from something like anxiety. I also developed relationship patterns I was really dissatisfied with, I was so afraid of being with someone who would not respect me and I kept on focusing my thoughts onto what I did not want... and as I became much more aware my subconscious was still doing the dirty work for me... attracting enough bad relationships into my life, so I could learn and grow from there. I am so lucky! Why? Because I've changed! I`ve changed my whole way of thinking. I tell you this, the next time you feel a little neurotic  for some reason just take a DEEP BREATH in through your nose... and out to your mouth. Keep on doing this until you feel some sort of relief.

Daily routines


As I go out and about into the world I'm very considered of my breath, and even before that! As I brush my teeth I listen to music that keeps my breath calm. As I do my dishes I listen to the sound of my own thinking. I  even often use affirmations while doing so. Affirmations like

`I am happy about my life`

`Things always works out for the best for me`

`I enjoy to clean up my personal space`

`I`m so happy here I live`

and one of my favorites...

`I meet happy people everywhere`


In the gym I love to BREATH DEEP and RUN as FAST as I can. When OUTSIDE in NATURE I'm really taking my time to walk slowly and breath, and sometimes I walk fast... and I pay attention to how my whole body moves. So here comes the part I jump into a little yoga - chat with you out there.




Yoga is not only for those who look fit on Instagram. Yoga is a lifestyle, a lifestyle about breathing into your deepest core. I do take my lessons from yoga everywhere I go. I pay more notice to my body, I respect my own and others limits more now as I am more calm and gentle with myself. I even take my practice of yoga into my creations! As I'm drawing or making an animation I truly can stay focused for quite some time. I was breathing and telling myself for so long that I could not sit still for more than five minutes... I guess you out there who know me just a tiny bit - you know I am all about creating for hours... actually, the whole year through, but did you know... that most of my creations take place in my mind? I mean, I use a lot of time on mediation and looking into what I truly want to create, and HOW I want to create. I never create when feeling down. I never do something creative if I'm not feeling inspired. Often I do feel INSPIRED. So if you have something you want to accomplish - it does not matter what it is, take some time to BREATH before going to bed. Focus and stay committed to the SOUND of your BREATH. As you do so, your calming your mind and calling up to our Universe. Now... as soon as your feel calm, this is the PERFECT MOMENT to tune into your DREAM. THINK about it in a happy way... and please comment below what happens the next day after you have done this. YOU have the POWER to make a SHIFT into your own reality by doing this. Now what I want you to do is to look for little signs - yes, they may seem little at first so take notice, but the signs will defiantly be there. A song on the radio, some written words on a brick wall, some special names you recgonize as you walk past someone having a conversation. 


`Life is wonderful when we pay notice to our breath


Out and about as I'm either walking, bicycling or taking the bus I LISTEN. I suggest you do it to, because if your SENSITIVE like I am your are very easily effected by others energy and listening to your own breath can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world. Why?

When I speak to a stranger I listen to my breath, if I loose my focus ( that's quite alraight) I feel for tension that can arise in my body, or even a nauseas feeling - from not breathing regulary and deep.


Practice this by having totally focus on your breath when your walking/ moving in any form.


As you practice your focus onto this moment - as breathing is all about bringing us both awareness and back into THIS WONDERFUL NOW it becomes more easy to avoid people who make you feel upset in any way. In fact, you don't need to be thinking about avoiding people because your aura is so calm now that you ATTRACT LOVING PEOPLE into your life circumstances - no matter where you find yourself at. It`s almost like the Universe can't help itself from bringing you joyful people and kind animals to cheer you up.


Now as your more calm and joyful yourself you are also IN THIS BEAUTIFUL MOMENT. I often paint my nail ( one of my daily breathing routines at it`s best) and listen to my breath, and as I do I look outside my window and see a car with a funny sign on, and suddenly I feel this urge of getting outside and really start LIVING. 


`As we pay more notice to our breath, we loose track of time at our daily chores and find ourselves amazed at new exhilarating thoughts that comes with our breath`


Very often our human mind is so busy working out our next move, our next great plan or our next big worry for that matter <-> that we seem to miss out on our whole life if we don't pay attention to our breath. Our breath is much more important than you think. Do you have a dream? Do you follow your dreams every day? You hear me talk about dreams a lot on my youtube channel, and I do know some things about having a dream. We can get totally lost dreaming about our dream life, or we can develop a habit of incorporating DOING some of the things we want to have in our lives daily.  `Britt, I have a full time job` or `I don`t got time`... is some of the reasons I hear from others for not starting living their DREAM LIFE.


Start with five minutes of conscious breathing every morning.

Focus your thoughts onto your breath, as you start doing so, notice what your mind is fixated on as you stop. Let me ask you. Is is a good thought? If not, change it! 

I still can hear your complaints  `It`s really not that easy` If it was easy, everybody would be doing it... ( and in fact we are since we`re all breathing LOL) 


`When you experience a thought that makes you feel out of alignment, change it to the opposite thing`


What is alignment? Alignment is feeling exhilarated about your life. You feel joy easily, instead of complaining about the bad weather you enjoy the rain as much as you enjoy the sun.

If you start to practice these five minutes of focusing your attention onto your breath every morning, I can promise you your life will change for the better.

A change for the better


I love to talk about CHANGE in my youtube videos. I love it so much I almost can`s stop talking about it, and it`s obviously for a very good reason. I had so many bad thoughts I kept on breathing life into  every day. Thoughts about not being good enough, not having enough value, thoughts about being scared, and sometimes thoughts from the past can sneak up on me now as well. I'm not perfect, I just know I'm not the same person as I was. I feel calm in the storm now. I can cry and express my feelings, even if people should laugh at me... and I am actually DOING what I want to do for the rest of my life - bringing a hope of breath into your world before my last breath is taken in this magical world we all call life.


Thank you for reading and please do share this post if you find it of any value - this way your helping me reach as many people as possible.


`If people were aware of their breath, they would think about everything happy situation life has brought to them on this day, instead of thinking about their past`


I wish you a great day, wherever you are


God bless you


Britt I. Strand