Gratitude is a RICH ATTITUDE




`There is something wonderful about today`

I often think as my eyes opens every morning



`There is something MAGICAL about this day`

I say to myself as I’m out and about.


This is when I see a squirrel jump out of nowhere, or I bump into

some happy people laughing. 

Sometimes ( and very often) strangers come up to me for a chat.

I learn from them ( thank you all)

and I try to listen so I can give them something in return. I listen not only to them. I listen to our universe as I speak with them.


What can little I do... to make this human see it`s greatness more clearly?

I`m not that little. I am making a change.

I hope you will realize that too. 


YOU AND ME can make an GREAT IMPACT onto our world


At night I see your highest dreams dear reader, since I AM SENSITIVE.


Yes, mostly I write all my PROUD WORDS in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS.

Sometimes I point out words as FEAR and ANGER or ANXIETY so I can get your attention also.

I know God sees my being. I know who I am. I am not only this vessel, for now I am a life form who God sends his messages through. What kind of God this is?

The God you believe in of course.


A wise man once told me this and I’ve always treasured his words to my heart.

`God is the nature. God is everything you see` and may I add. `God is in you and me`


`God is nature

God is everything you see

God is in you and me`



Gratutide is something that can grow inside of you and

you can bring it to me by showing me

how thankful and appreciative you are of your life.


Nobody needs the perfects circumstances to experience GRATITUDE, so very often it is the other way around. I think of some of my beautiful dresses or the way I am good with makeup ( hang with me on this one please) I remember a time when people judged me because they thought I had so much money, and that my makeup must have been the most expensive one. The fact was that I learned to sew on my own clothes, I made every dress special - and I still do this from time to time. I did not buy expensive makeup I made my own. I was being very CREATIVE.

Mostly I choose to create to you out there instead. I see the value of my work. The work of God. God knows I can cover up a bruise, I learned that when living in an abusive relationship. Yes… sometimes we learn to be very grateful - after we thought we had lost it all. I was not so grateful before, I thought of everything I did not have. I thought that everything bad came to me... Is this you? Look around where your at in this moment of time. Do you see the beauty? Is it a peaceful place? Does something smell very nice? USE YOUR SENSES to become very grateful in this INSTANT.


If you can`t touch a purring kitten, taste a healthy meal and feel good about it...

If you can't  smell the beauty of a red rose, or the loving smell of the trees outside in nature. If you cannot notice how the wind gently touches your face reminding you there is a good reason you were BORN and that you have every reason to be HAPPY about you being ALIVE right now...


If you cannot feel HAPPY INSIDE then change your ENVIRONMENT and





You can become GRATEFUL right HERE&NOW


Have you ever slept outside? See how wonderful God`s starry sky is.

Have you ever experienced having no money, then suddenly someone gave you just a little… do you remember how GREAT that made you feel?


Have you lost money and than experience people feeling for you and given your their greatest love in return?


Or have someone given you love for no good reason at all?



I guess you know what feeling RICH is like ( or do you now?)

When we become grateful we see at what we have as something else others also deserve. We want to be happy, and TRUE HAPPINESS  is something we find

when we choose to be happy about life, about ourselves and… letting go of ENVY.


When we envy we are in the feeling of LACK.

When we lack we cannot be grateful, we make ourselves feel poor and our vibration attracts people who talk about being poor, people who want our

money, more bills and even more bills as we say out loud `Why is this happening to me?` then the clever and all so wise Universe to your `request` … `As you wish you shall receive`. We also attract `misfortune` as in bad things happening to us over and over again...

That’s not my request you might tell me. You say to me you really do not want to attract those things into your life? Let me define what I mean.


What you focus your thoughts upon you will get more of


So if you think about HAVING and WANTING - as in, you don’t FEEL like

you have enough… then the Universe will keep on showing you were you are at. How to change this NOW? Look around. Look for the beauty. Take a deep breath. Do you breath in fresh air? You have LUNGES that you can BREATH with, and this happens with you not really paying attention to it at all.

Your body just keeps on breathing by itself.

That’s quite amazing if you ask me. YOU ARE ALIVE.



If we look at someone RICH, who once wrote a great book, made AMAZING music… maybe the greatest screen play - but they are not

alive right now… then think again about how LUCKY you are.

You in this moment can make a change about your whole life.

You can stop reading the news, and use some of the time you would usually use on social media to follow your passion instead, or create or LEARN a NEW SKILL that will bring you to the next level of ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS and HAPPINESS!



It becomes very EASY to be GRATEFUL when we are doing something we enjoy.

`What makes me happy right now?` is a question I ask myself daily. I suggest you ask yourself the same question.



I was in a conversation with my very best friend, and we talked about feeling aligned


and I said this to my friend


`When we accept our anger, our pain, our sadness…

We are ignoring our own EGO that want`s us to hold onto our feeling of lack.

We can say `I acknowledge this suffering, that I`m upset, that this did not go my away

I see where I am at..` ( fill in the blanks for all you can think of  hat makes you be in any kind of  abad mood....) and as we ACKNOWLEDGE what lead us to feeling that way, we are really leaving our EGO behind

Therefore we cannot be in a `lack state of mind` no more

as we let go of any resistance against feeling happy.


Now we see the sun. We see the happy people who were there all along, we do not compare ourselves with them - we are much more concerned about being happy about our own personal life, adding joy to our daily routine, having FUN in our own environment. When being happy we rediscover in a bad situation what we can learn from it, we move our body from a bad conversation over there to something better over here. We laugh and people take notice of us, they want to be with us, and as some people want to be `smitten` by our happy outlook on life, we are no much more AWARE and can much more easier choose to be with people who also create their own happiness, not depending on us to make them happy… and that’s when we come in total contact with our very own soul. Choosing what’s best for ourselves, letting go of some people as we`re making room for better circumstances and people who are 

well-wishers, earth angels, and that are meant to become our very best friends and mentors…. Now we see the true meaning of being grateful is, as we see our own value being reflected in every happy child we meet and talk to, as in any person, as in every animal we meet along our daily life.


We become grateful as we rediscover

every day has it`s own MAGIC.


It´s a NEW DAY. It`s a NEW LIFE




- so choose to be extremely HAPPY&GRATEFUL