How to create a greater man - a blog article about becoming…

How to create a greater man

- a blog article about becoming…


This one goes to all you MEN out there!


( but woman, stay with me, m-kay?)…


Have you ever heard about that man who never cleans at home? Or he who never wears a clean shirt? I’m absolutely not talking about YOU... of course! Your so stylish that the catwalk melts ways ;-) I talk about he who is judgmental - not daring to show his more friendly sides, kinder nature or lovingly emotions. 

This is The Brutal Man, have you ever heard of him before? I’m not talking about you ( oh no) but please do read on… You may want to capture the insight of this blog.

After all, I am a woman who was a man in my previous life…


So let’s get this party started then! 



Throughout my life I’ve heard people demanding much from men ( I can write about you beautiful and STRONG woman on a later blog) it`s like almost a `right´ <-> that we HAVE - to COMMAND men to behave and act in a certain way. Well, some places…but nobody is talking about womanly needs in the bedroom now. Once upon a time, you remember the stories we’ve been told… before you and me, the old days - where the man went to work and his beloved wife stayed at home with their children. She cooked, she cleaned and even kept herself looking very fab ( I`ll make a blog about you all creatures still being very beautiful, classy and goodlooking and BRAVE aight?) the woman did this to please her man. She followed the rest of the flock. Then the CHANGE came upon our society. We evolved, and it was a great revolution that took place - the generation of woman started to see that SHE was nothing less then any man, and men started to really appreciate the VALUE of their woman.


Then something got mixed up along the way…

Woman was not longer happy being just at home, they wanted to work, but not only work. SHE wanted to `work work work work work´ just like in the song yeah ;)


SHE wanted her man to do more chores at home while he was working as well. SHE wanted him to be the cook and maybe even so… her private chef ( I must admit I won’t mind getting a chef myself) and of course as in any other relationship it is BOTH PARTIES to decide what to accept in their relationship.


We can blame each other when we`re in a relationship, but the relationships who survives and works well, is the one were they respect each other, they listen to their beloved, they COMMUNICATE, they are honest, they keep on smiling and enjoying each others company - and they truly accept their alignment in the relationship ( who they both choose to be) as they also both choose to stay.


WE OURSELVES, are the one to choose the roles we play in any relationship here on earth. We can say someone is always mean to us - and by, that putting a nametag onto ourselves that says VICTIM.

I know some guys that loves to make food (CHEERS to you all!) they like taking care of their house, they have incredible BEAUTIFUL HOMES and the fact is that being in charge of the household is something they cherish and truly enjoy.

Yes ladies - your dream man EXISTS! 


Some guys hate it though, and that is quite alright too ;-)


Now… comes of course the part I want to mention to you out there.

How are we treating our kids? The boys in the family and in general all over in our society? As I said both parties have to align up above, and sometime partners align with being with someone they argue a lot with, with someone they blame, someone they even wish would change into somebody completely else - but we cannot change anyone, we can only BELIVE in others, give them our trust and not at least… we can choose to change for ourselves.


We all can practice to open our eyes a little more each day - and still we have lessons to learn about new things to discover. The greatest teacher and the greatest leader is a master at this. Yeah, even the `smartest guy at school` knows this, or the top chef at the fancy - smancy restaurant in your hometown, a great football coach know he has something to learn from his youngsters and the man who park your car can teach you more than a lesson or two about both being more effective, and how to develop a greater attitude towards your own way of thinking.


The children swallow down what they see and experience

We must teach them about LOVE


 It may not seem like a big thing… but a lot of men are carrying heavy burdens on their shoulders from their childhood. They feel they are not enough, they punish themselves as grown ups as they learned from their own mother ( or maybe even their father) when they were very young `Your father was no good. Don`t act like…. or do like… or think like…`and you as a well grown man think your not good enough and of course, you attract into your life a mother - like lady who is similar. Be it your new boss, a girlfriend act - they all end up reminding you of a mum that demanded you to always better yourself even when you were

GOOD ENOUGH from the start.


I’m all about self - improvement and being inspired by others, and maybe you did not end up with someone like your mother - but should anyone of us `marry our mother` if she caused such an bad influence upon us? I think not…

With all this said, could this be you today?

Your carrying a lot of blame or guilt from your not so swanky childhood years? You can work around this guiltrippin` feelings by going through those memories who keeps popping up from time to time, they may seem minor to you… until you break them down a little by taking your time to listen to your breath and really pay notice to what comes up ( opps, you have all of a sudden learned to meditate, my deepest apology you have...) and as you see your past before your eyes, I want you to say something as simple as this to yourself


`This does not determine now who I choose to be now`


Let`s try that again!


`This does not determine now who I choose to be `


`This does not determine who I choose to be `


`This does not determine who I choose to be NOW `




`This does not determine who I choose to be NOW& FOREVER`


Great! I think your ready by now to follow along with what I’m truly talking about here. It is very okay to be as you WANT TO BE in any relationship.


That is your HUMAN CHOICE


So please choose to be around people who make you laugh and smile every day, okay? Any healthy relationship will keep you aligned with feeling inspired on a daily bases, either this is a female work colleague or your One True Love - you both admire, appreciate and of course LOVE and respect the other person your spending your precious time with. 


Today we must learn our children ( THE BOYS) that it is okay that they have their outburst of energy ( girls do to… remember?) what we really need to learn ALL todays children is all about being loving, but not only to others - but to be kind, gentle and appreciative to themselves at first!

For finally (what follows in this blog)  what happens if we don´t teach our children of our world ( both boys and girls) what if we dont allow them to express themselves fully…? We hit them down with shame and that little cute boy you once knew… he grows up to this rock hard mountain who seems steady or he becomes his full - blown  shame himself... thinking he always need to be friendly and let others needs to be met before his own.


As for the little girl? She observes ( as any child will do) her parents who are living out this destructive pattern... This way the girl can end up in an illusion that SHE deserves to be pampered ( you do girls… m-kay?) but every man needs the same kind of attention on himself that he choose to give to others. It must go both ways!


So, maybe you out there have become this rock hard sustained mountain?

( I won’t tell anyone, I`ll keep your secret safe) yes maybe your a guy out there reading this blog in this moment and wonder what this is really all about?


You deserve to let your guard down, as well as you deserve to OPEN UP your heart space enough to see that the world is filled with strong, loving woman and KIND woman who truly just want to give you her whole heart for you, and only say her most inner deep secrets to only you and you alone…






So if you choose to dig a little deeper instead of keep on laying deep under water… as you have been. Now it`s finally your turn to emerge and RISE up into the sun as the little boy on the surface always will be inside of you... waiting for you to give yourself the love to meet up with him and his loving and playful way of thinking again.


Many men grows up while being teached to show ALL EMOTIONS or none.

We should really be teaching children about meditation.

What we think of  - we attract into our lives - but you don`t have to belive the

Law Of Attraction, just know - that as we change our mind about something and choose to seek the brighter side of life instead… we will also seek out people outside in our daily lives who seem more happy…and in all cases, everyone you meet are at the same page as YOU are in this exact moment of time. 


HEY, all you TUFF MEN out there..

Worry less and be more YOURSELF