What happens after a childhood filled with abuse, violence, pain and suffering? They become BROKEN ADULTS

What happens after a childhood filled with abuse, violence, pain and suffering? - They become




As you wake up in your morning - someone out there is waking up in another reality.

They wake up in discomfort,

stilling having their abusive parents alive, or they are experiencing past memories over and over again, or

they are awaiting other people to hurt them as well - so other people do, and you might be one of them.


These are the people I try to see - maybe you see them as well?


When I walk outside I know you are out there. You who carry deep suffering.

You will for always be different,

but there is nothing wrong with you even if it feels that way.


When people grow up being abused they loose their own sense of value - they loose the sense of who they

really are.


Baby - you never loose completely the ESSENCE OF YOU.

You still have yet so much to become.


People act strange. We all are STRANGE and that’s a matter of fact. We all have our habits, our disbeliefs and beliefs about our lives and others. 

We all have sunshine waiting inside of us all - just waiting to burst out of us… for some people, it takes their whole life.


Never belive your life is for granted

Never belive another life is less worthy 

of living a deserving and fulfilling life!





People walk around with a lot of pain going on inside. Thinking and feeling they are no good.


They have been told the same for so

long that they actually belive in it.

I want to highlight what their lives could be like… NOW.


As they were young children people may have noticed something were wrong.

You may have been their neighbor once.

Maybe you did call the cop when their mum or father

was making too much noise?

Maybe you never heard the silent cries from inside behind the walls… as soft music were played to disguise

what was really going one. 

People who abuse get so good at hiding what’s going on

that other people say things to their children like this:


`I don’t understand how they can have so mischievous children`

`No wonder they were angry when their child acted that way at the store

- I`ve never seen anything like that`


So… the child ( who might were you) get`s more conflicted inside.

Yes, the child may misbehave - but who can blame a child

who only comes from a loving space when born, then they

are being told they are worthless… being abused

and told that `You had this coming`


EVERYTHING they do becomes WRONG

in the eye of the abuser - and sadly

so very often in other peoples eyes

when the child starts to misbehave 

- that is really the `symptom` of something being wrong in

their home environment.


Or maybe the child got help? 

Some children are being taken away from their parents - think of

what harm this can cause a child.

Maybe the

child get`s placed into a better home?

The child still have to deal with missing their parents.


Either way, taken away or not


is one of the hardest thing for a human to do - when being an adult and facing a lot of personal childhood memories.

People get haunted by their early on suppressed memories.

I want to mention down below what you can do to


if this is you - having a hard time letting go.

Beforehand I want to talk about the early hardness of life after living in such a way,

What it`s lite to still being abused as a little child who deserve so much more.


A child still must go to school

A child still must function

A child is growing up trying to `fit in`

when they are already standing out


Not only today - but for decades grown ups has always awaited much

from their little ones.

We want to see them grow and LEARN.

In todays society we give them grades, we teach them what is

`right and wrong` so hiding abusive is more important than ever nowadays 

Ever seen an angry Facebook comment?

Or a sad one?

Here you have people carrying hurt inside.

Hurt nobody can measure up - even if you might know their story.


Only the person itself... can be aware of how that story actually feels.



As a child grows up it may be hiding a lot 


The child itself knows no other thing...

then `this abusive world`.


`As we are being teached

we are being taught`


This may seem as an easy disclaimer until you

see the value behind it.

What I mean by my words 


`As we are being teached

we are being taught`


is that a child who grows up being abused

get`s abused at so many levels that the child

itself does not know.


Children does not know not having enough food

( or being punished - so they are not allowed to eat)

is not a common thing.

Children does not know that their own way of speaking

is seen as `less smart` rude, offensive and maybe

even abusive.

Children does not know that the bruises

they hide away is evidence.

Children does not know that the

pain inside

makes them beat the other kids at school

( or maybe you did, so read on to the last section about

forgiving yourself and others)


A child does not know

- until it`s being taught something new.


After abuse the child may grow up see how other children get`s

 treated by their parents. These children may end up blaming themselves

even more. There must be something very wrong with them?


Know that all that YOU have experienced up until this point of life

made you come into


As I see it it´s a deeper purpose for you who are reading this blog.

You as anyone else have a

GREAT VALUE to our world.

Not more and defiantly not any less.

You have the ability to change your life at any given moment.





I know that time is an illusion

( I can create amazing things

in a matter of minutes)

I’ve also seen other people do the same.

I cannot be the only one dream about what to write and what to create.

I can also hear what people think from time to time.

I hear you out there - suffering from earlier abuse.


I believe in you - even if you’ve never met me. 

All what really matters is for you to 







How to forgive yourself and others


You might already have heard about other methods 

when it comes to forgive your past and with that - HEAL 

yourself as you get an

understanding of that

the past is no longer here in your

daily life

- unless you choose to let it be.


I usually find a missing link

when I read about

different methods in how to forgive yourself

Here is why:

If you have resentment to past experiences 

( meaning - you cannot totally let go 

of the thought that YOU could have acted in a different way

to change the outcome of the situation you were in)

Methods of saying `I forgive you` just does not

do the trick for you then.


Try this instead

How to forgive yourself and others 

to move on from past memories



I suggest you put off time once a week for this exercise.

It is okay to feel heavy afterwards.

Drink some water

as this will cleanse you body and energy field.



Step 1 Choose one childhood memory to work on


Step 2 Say to your childhood self that everything is okay


Step 3 Say to your childhood - self that he or she has every right to be angry about the situation. It is okay to cry.

 Imagine telling you childhood - self that being angry is a choice

 that will hurt him or her in the long run.

Tell this child joy comes from the inside.


Step 4 Remind your inner child about it`s values, the dreams, the

happiness and the positive sides you know this child carried once

deep inside ( and still do)

Your ability will surface after doing this exercise... so if your stuck not knowing what to do with your life - the meaning will soon come as you see clear again.



Make sure you tell your inner child about the strength and the courage the child you were had. This way - some day your inner child will have a knowledge that it could help other children in the same situation. This is almost like going back in time and preventing anything or anyone from harming you in the first place.


Now ask your inner child if it is ready to forgive you

If not, do this exercise until the child forgives you


Step 5 If you feel guided to tell your inner child something more

DO SO - this will be that

`missing piece`


have always wanted to share with yourself

and ultimately been looking for all along.

This is the way to release your past and let it go completely.

Remember all lies within YOU!


I wish you a very blessed day or night when you read this blogpost of mine.

May you soon feel at peace. 






Love Britt I. Strand