Thoughts becomes things - HOW TO MANIFEST INSTANTLY

Thoughts becomes things - HOW TO MANIFEST INSTANTLY

A child said to me in this day of life `Every thing I think of become things` <-> and that's just about right. This child told me how he was thinking ( MANIFESTING) about a certain animal - and then the animal appeared. He told me about several incidents... and I told him about how I always see red cars. The child responded to me as I pointed at a red car `I KNOW` while laughing.  I often get `free passes` gifts as well as other `happy circumstances` also occur in my daily life. `Your lucky` is something I often hear, and I hear people talk about `their bad luck` in life.


So it seems quite exhausting if your going to control all your thoughts right? I don't really have to THINK and focus... that would feel like more a struggle than fun, right?


So HOW to



You manifest with every thought YES, but staying focused 24/7 on your thought`s to try to keep an track of them is not only hopelessly impossible... it will be draining you and also keeping you away from your souls purpose ( and we wouldn't want that happening right?)


I write very often about what I want to attract into my life down in my journal, and then I write about what I want in my life as something that has already happened to me. You may have heard of this before? Then you have probably heard about that part that you have to




as well? Meaning: You have to FEEL deep into the core of your heart and soul how it feels like to already have this GREATNESS in your life. If you want new job, focus on how GREAT this job will make you feel. Want a new car? Try to look for a certain colour to start out your manifastation practice ( just to see that it works) so you can build up your momentum to really be attracting that car you want to be DRIVING in one day...


Don't belive `only good things happens to others and not to me`

Say like I like to say `Why not me?`

My biggest secret to manifesting is really quite easy.

I ask myself this question:


`What is FUN and makes me HAPPY right now?`


Being with children earlier in this day reminded me of that young playful part of me

( you know, as I keep on saying, my soul is thousands of years old)

Still, both children and other people find me often to be more younger than my age. I could brag about my good looks, but I`ll save that for a later blog LOL - its my SPIRIT!


It`s in my way of thinking that BECOMES my WAY OF ACTING.




I wrote a little poem earlier on the train today - on my way back home.

It goes like this:



Blessed in every way


`The children must remind you of how to play`

people observe me and say

`Oh no...`

There is a dance inside of me

It`s sort of a blessing


I never grew up

I never forgot





Maybe you yourself find pleasure in what I am making with my different creations - as I keep on talking about manifestations, about being grateful, about being happy about everything you meet in your daily life ( even if I know this does not mean it is always easy - we all can loose our `good track`) you can be like me - and therefore often people take you for being naive.


Is it really possible to ENJOY AN APPLE THAT MUCH?

Could you feel content when just taking a walk with your dog, or just observing other humans having fun - cheering for them?

When you share the joy of other peoples happiness - that's when great things start to happen to you. Suddenly the word `MAGIC´ makes sense in your daily living.


If you THINK you deserve what's good ... more good will come to you.

`I dont care` is a phrase I've `adopted` from Abraham Hicks.

This does not mean I don't have a heart ( yes, dear Sensitive people out there - I´m absolutely still with you) it only means I rather focus on what makes ME feel good in THIS EXACT MOMENT of life. I talk about what feels good. I share a laugh every day with people I hardly know at all. I can talk to anyone if I want to ( this is coming from a once self proclaimed SHY GIRL) and I also belive in EVERY DREAM that has ever gone through my head is there for a reason.




This is why I believe YOU DESERVE WHAT`s good.

So tell me, what is good about your life?


A secret to attracting more of what is good, can mean many things to different kind of people ( even if we are all the same, coming from the same place) One person can be extremely happy for an apple... knowing how it truly is like to go without any food for days ... While another being can feel grateful when the two months "old" car... is being exchanged for a newer model already. You might want to say the last person is more rich, and also have more of a reason to feel more happy about this car than the person who has this "simple apple" As far as I know... I can live on apples, but living on cars would kill my belly.

It`s  all a matter of perspective.... I don't seem so naive now do I? ;)

The case might be, that these two kind of people are both just as HAPPY about their private circumstances...


It is their thoughts that make the whole difference.


`You are what you think`


Is this really true? YES! If your telling yourself your no good I cannot imagine that you are feeding your brain other good thoughts like. `I wonder what my nice neighbor has to off me from their kindness in this day?´or `I feel so lucky and I see lot`s of blessings in my life` The fact is that we become what we think of... then... back to this beautiful child I was talking about. Is it really naive of us to focus on the good? Why not? It is a medical proof that if we feed our body good food, and keep our mind healthy we will not only feel more




Both our health and mindset improves. We feel better about our lives - no matter what our circumstances are. I can talk about all that was wrong about my past - or I can tell you it feels PRETTY AMAZING to feel LOVED, APPRECIATED, HEALTHY and ALIVE in this moment of my life.


Focus your thoughts

on what makes you feel good.


As I listen to my breath I become more alive in this moment of life, in THIS NOW. That is also a big part of how I can create for hours, and even run for hours. I know how MOVEMENT creates GOOD ENERGY.

( No wonder how those HAPPY children can run and run....)

This same energy we can use to not only CREATE and INSPIRE.

We can be more loving, and as we start to show our LOVE FOR LIFE by GIVING... this is where the UNIVERSE will give us back. We don't need to look so much for signs ( it can be quite confusing and also exhausting) You may have seen lot`s of manifestations videos  - just like I did once... and then you feel a little more empty inside - feeling lack of seeing what others got and you don`t have... YET!

 You must remember something very important... 










Meditation for MANIFESTING 

 Here is my receipt for manfesting INSTANTLY


1 Listen to your breath until you become relaxed

2 Watch your thoughts - just notice them as you let them go

3 Visualize with your minds eyes what you want to attract into your life

( the love of your life, money, peace, a new place to live, a cute pet?)

4 As you focus - believe that what is meant for you can come in another way then what you might think <-> maybe the love of your life is not `Sky, Ralph ;) or Louise?`

In other words. BE OPEN!

Maybe your dream pet is a snake and not a cuddly dog?

The Universe KNOWS what will benefit YOU the most, maybe your dream apartment is later down this road, after you sign under the paper on this new one... because the Universe has a plan to make you live in a environment you don`t really feel like living in... to prepare your for what's about to come - then you will REALLY KNOW what you are looking for as you now know what you don't like at all...

`The final test` so to speak.

5 LET GO I know you REALLY ( like really, really, REALLY REEEEALLY ) like this manifestations of yours to come to you right in this moment

( I never did PROMISE you would manifest instantly right away, right?)

Lol, I'm kidding with you. What I REALLY :) mean... is that you should focus on what makes you HAPPY where your at NOW.


If you can manage that - you will be HAPPY in your nearest future as well.  Without happiness you will not be happy with whatever you are manifesting, or at least just for a while. If your only happy for a little while and then want MORE - you are listening to your EGO and not your inner being. There is nothing wrong about wanting stuff ( YOU DESERVE GOOD THINGS) but to be happy is all about appreciating what you already got. Soon you will start to notice how a song you were thinking about starts playing on the radio, or a friend calls you and say some of the exact lines from the lyrics you were thinking about seconds ago. This is where your manifestations start`s to be really funny.


`You don`t want to go thinking "BAD THOUGHTS"

as soon as you realize that what you think of... becomes your reality`


You are blessed loved ones.

Thank you for sharing my work - this is my dream.


Britt I. Strand