Love is everything that comes to you - if you let it

Love is everything that comes to you

- if you let it

Love is the background in my writing - here are my thoughts about love. Hopefully you will feel inspired to reach within, forgive yourself for your past pain and therefore let go and LET GOD = be in the now and experience love in all forms of ways as it already is, always was... and know that LOVE will enter throughout your life daily to rest of this lifetime and beyond.



As we reach for love - we often miss out on our golden opportunity - to reach within ourselves. Many years back I can I assure you I was not the person I thought that would be the one speaking in videos and writing about love, nor creating anything from a deeper level of love that I cannot find any words for, other than I can understand that it comes from something much more greater than myself.


I was looking for love outside myself. `At all the WRONG PLACES` I was looking at love that a thing that should be given yo me - in what others could give me, what I could get out of something...  If I received in this kind of state that I was in...  even more often -> I felt conflicted and I kept on looking for love in all those places I never had gotten any love before.

It turned into a bad habit.


I thought of love as something that was meant for everyone besides myself, but now I know something profound - love is the reason why we all have become. From `nowhere` we all come into this life. Suddenly we grow up from being a treasured little child ( in the most happy cases) into young adults who are very unsure of ourselves - and not because of our age.


I look at parents and I admire them all, their invested time and effort into their own child. They are all doing their best, but sometimes we cannot say what is best, until we have walked in similar shoes, and not even then we can know it all. I often hear people talk about `children not behaving` but as we grow up we are in total contact with this loving soul that is in all of us. We can call it God. I call it God, and not because I'm religious but because I grew up hearing this word being sad. To me God is a force within every being. God is in you as God is within me and thorough my creations I hope you can find a sense of God. We are greater than no-one but you and me have the same value, just like anyone else. We can admire people from their looks, we look up to people who `work hard` and we acknowledge people who has `succeeded` in any way.




`Are you happy?`


I wonder about this question every day as I meet people.

`Are you happy?` 

Happiness is profound  within us


just like love. Happiness is the way we all were born - until society ( most often in form of our parents, their friends and even our own friends) tells us we need to become less of what we are. We are being told to become more of some things that we are not. You must be your own friend in this life. At first we must let go of our EGO, or like Wayne Dyer says in the movie `The Shift` ( good movie by the way) `EGO means Edging God Out` The EGO is all about wanting, often what we cannot have... not just yet. We have to be willing to take the journey within, forgive those who once harmed us. I`m not saying they had a right to hurt you in any way, but also as Wayne Dyer mention in other words, if we don`t forgive them then we might be waiting for them to `do the right thing` and therefore we can never move on, while we can call it `their responsibility  for our situation` when we`re in fact giving our power away. Now they have the control over our personal happiness.


Be your own friend 

Be your own very best friend


Be someone who you can rely upon your own sense of value. Society often learn us that we shall not think we matter, but HEY - YOU MATTER THE MOST FOR YOUR OWN LIFE. It can easily be forgotten when people don't know your background, they may have things they are concerned about themselves, so then they lash out at you...  to a soul trying to be open for love, but not knowing where to start at. I feel like this is me in every day. 






I know that in the world we live in, we need people like me... and we need you. We need people who belive in their personal form of magic, we need to meet people who can teach us, so one simple way of giving to others can be as easy as this




I told myself I were not a good listener - listening to other people who told me I was not, they too were focused on getting ( EGO) and not giving, so then I learned that my way of being was wrong, just like many other people experience early in life, I learned to shut myself down and this is where you will become depressed one day. Listening to those people who are not even willing to listen to their own inner guidelines.




All I can do I to bes the best listener I can be. I have a GREAT HEART, as as SENSITIVE BEING I always feel others pain, the obvious pain they are talking about ( you may not discover it in their words, but rather in their body language) and also the pain I dream about at night. Sometimes I see what has happened in their earlier lives, sometimes I see where they are headed. I took it as my mission to HEAL everyone, but that's not my mission here on planet earth. 



I am guided to share my LOVE with you out there


I want to tell you that life is not pain. Our world is a beautiful place. I use affirmations in my daily life. `I meet happy people everywhere` and the thing about this is... I DO. I also use this next affirmation `I learn something new every day` so I do... It makes me more humble. I dont know it all, I'm far away from perfect, and as I mentioned up above... I never saw me as this person creating and talking about love. I'm not `that` person.


I am guided by love

I am guided by God


Earlier sufferings was hard for me to let go of, now I see a deeper meaning in it all. I could not have been writing about love - if all I knew about love was the greatest feelings of love. When you feel lost in our world, take a step back. Ask yourself `What can I learn from this situation?`

`How can I better myself?`

`What can I give to others from this lesson?´


As you do...






If you open up for love in this moment... this does not mean your life suddenly is perfect. It means your open to look after what is good in whatever  is coming your way. Just as happiness were never meant to be a constant rush of joy pumping throughs your veins. Love is accepting, so is happiness. Happiness comes when you allow yourself to see the greater picture. When being happy you'll find yourself IN THE NOW. Dinding love in whatever your doing brings not only you great joy - but it surely affects anyone you should ever cross roads with.  Happiness can be making a choice to change your bad habits into good ones. Giving yourself a break to calm yourself down so you can create more, or just BE MORE focused onto the people in your life right in now in this moment.


As YOU let go of HAVING both love and happiness...


Love and Happiness shall enter your life


As you already know exactly within where you need to be in your

 physical body now

to experience HOW to love


You came here not only to collect, but to 


You will receive LOVE when you recover from


`Having` and make it into `Giving`

That's the greatest habit you will ever get


God bless you my friend