Enjoy this moment - in a poetic form of way!

Enjoy this moment - in a poetic form of way!





You have this moment

to enjoy, you have this moment

have you this moment yet met?

Have this moment

Let go of your regret

Let go of the past, breath in a deep breath


Let go Let go


Don’t worry about tomorrow

Let it go - and think of something nice

I like the way you feel, when love touches your eyes

Your in paradise, cuddle with your furry animal - it feels so nice

Embrace the look in tender children eyes

Realize YOU have this INNERCHILD

Within you lies the deepest treasure, without you

in our world God has not got the right measure

Your here for a reason, so enjoy every season!

Enjoy a bright sunny day, wear that same smirk

of love of your life when the cold sets in on 

your winter holliday

We all got to work at where we are at

Don’t envy anyone, nor the dog, your neighbor or your cat!

Let love be the breeze that goes throughout

your vaines, let love guide you and get you out of balance -when daring to take that trip, the view 

will sure blow your mind away!


Let go Let go…


Let go so You in this moment can STAY… 

Be thankful for all that

you are - you have reached so far, and may

someone have yet to discover your nothing

but a shiny star… Let go of those who don’t see

your worth


Let go Let go


You deserve to live out your dreams 

while you live here on this earth

Let me wash away the pain you discover

in someones eyes, let me remind me

of how sweet the birds sings - when you 

at first realize… 

THIS MOMENT is what is all about,

so make sweet memories to make it last





Let go Let go



Let go and let this moment flow

Us people… we can stress and make out

quite a mess - when all we should be doing

is to enjoy our lunches, and play a

fun game of chess! 

Be grateful, for every single deep breath!

It`s quite amazing how you

entered this life, you came here as a happy boy or girl,

and some way along you forgot - there exist no time

No time at all… none time at all but now,

since the day that you were born…


Let go Let go


Your never too old..

I recall the angels singing when waiting outside a cold

winter night - many times my mind has been in such fright,

and my body shaking and shivering

`Will I survive this night?`

You are so strong human, much

stronger than you think

Don’t be bitter at those who left you, did you wrong or left

you alone on that brink, there is so much to your BEING

than you at first will admit to think

A heavenly guide is watching over you tonight, and you

don’t know it yet - but your in someones

prayer, as your sweet voice linger in their memory so bright

For someone you are so dear - that you wouldn’t know

Someone takes this moment to remind you, in their rejoice

of you 




Your looks, your clothes, your shape and your sense of humor

- it may give you a heads up in the fortune of fame

Someone can bring you down, getting you thinking 

`I don’t wanna play that game` but take a moment

to see more of this moment, see through your own


Those who judge you are more insecure than they are vain…



Let go Let go



Let go of the past - you will never be the same

Let this moment count so it shall last!

YOUR A SOUL, and some of us are older than we

at first seem, here we live in this dreamworld, and at

the same time - we exist in the now 3D as in our past

as well  DO NOT HIDE in your shell

Your soul is pure gold, some people will see past

your looks, your blemishes, your weight gain, scars and 

whatever makes you THINK you matter less

Listen not to those who must pick on you 

- they are quite down themselves I know you know it 

( I got for them a quote or two)



Let go of blame


Let go of guilt 



Try to believe a heart that gives you a second start,

when they search for your soul, your opinion and

they see all your glory - when your down and feeling defeated

Soldier of our world, we all want peace, and true peace

is found within

Those who seem troubled are also those who

see their own weakness as its worst, and feel deep sorrow 

for all our beings - our animals and people 

that will not wake up tomorrow


Let go Let go


Work on yourself now - in this moment!




Your not to blame, even if it is a shame

We all deserve to eat, so let us do so, we who can

eat healthy food

`I will not eat a man` 

the say and slaughter some of our most

precious and best friends ( I don't understand!)




while the learn to care

for animals - and fathers and mothers teach this same lessons

to their own son and daughter..

We all deserve to live - we all WANT to live

So let’s help them.. who cannot help themselves!

Let's take a moment to 

our fury and best friends...


Some of them helped me live my life...


YOU can make a difference! We can also help

those who will cause injury, conflict and trouble

- just by being there for another …

GO AWAY - if people leave you when you are hurt

Let go, even if they are `friends ` or someone `near`

You deserve to let go… of they affecting you to live

a life - where you THINK - and FEEL you are breathing in DESPAIR 

Because they who have become 

so trouble that they have to deprive others

from believing that they can make a change…

know that they also have to heal


Let them go… for now


In my journey of lack I used to hold stack

of all the things that was not right, so now I fight

in my own creative ways - to make a way..

for you to start belive - that you already GOT

so many things to feel and be thankful for

Like the sun or the moon

Like that moment with banana and almond milk

on your spoon...

In my journey of life I have fought to survive,

and I experienced early `money can`t but me love`

but money is not the evil - money was used to exchange 

so we could share

So share if you have enough to share, and know

that you deserve to have money on your doorstep,

and may it grow and flow for you this year!

I eat every day so I’m thankful, I know how it feels

to go without any food <- in all of those moments

I listened to my brain in despair … at first, but

then this quietness came over me 

`You are free` my mind became still and I started to

see what really matters in life




So let’s treat our nature nice

Walk more and explore more - there you’ll

have two in one - and a HE## lot of FUN!

At one point in my life I even became very ill

so I learned how to feel after… in every moment

how I… and everyone around me truly feel—

Life wanted to give me a surprise or two, I started


to appreciate every moment… and I got to meet … you.

Let go I tell you


Let go of depression and your anxiety, there is so

much more for you in this life to be!

Why you have it, and why it came?

Look closely at your life, and realize your

about to change and never be the same

They talk about the butterfly… and that is

a true story told, and that one about the

`Ugly duckling` who became a beautiful

swan - it is for our younger ones to be retold

When people grow up `old` they glorify the youth

and their beauty,

so remember that THEY GLORIFY YOU

They dream to be like you, talk like you.. do like you do,

so be really true… and say you admire them as you do

So much fall upon their elderly shoulders … from a time as they saw themselves as very young

`I was not easy for me either` we can say, or we can make a new way, listen and learn them to listen one day to `repay`… for that

`nice little old lady who sat with them one the

bus stop  that day… when

someone so very young in this life… f

elt broken and was from their

home planet far away`...


Let things go - but I never said it would be easy


`What if it IS EASY?´ I say to myself when my own thoughts

comes stumbling down

I do what I can and I do my best every day

I breath in this moment and I live throughout this day

Let go of your pain day by day

It`s easier this way:

Create beauty as you go -  have a grateful heart

to carry you around to meet all of life most magnificent happenings…

Soon you will see, you are in fact creating not just

a blissful moment - but a new safe world… for

you & me in it!

Just remember… reality is never what you first see



in this moment… GO FOR IT NOW, oops, next moment

comes around - this blog is done ;)