Let's talk about... LOVE!

Let's talk about... LOVE!


When I say `Let`s talk about love` don’t mistake me for wanting to talk about one single relationship.

I want to talk about the relationship YOU have with the world -> with our animals, our plants and other

beings… Love is the bond between a mother and her child, the priceless bond between a father

and his child. It is absolutely YES, even this is not the main topic of today - your journey in life starts out right here. Maybe you have lost your mum and dad? Maybe you have foster parents who loves you unconditionally, maybe you have not experienced love from your own father and mother. Whatever is the case for you - it has formed you in so many ways, we still got a choice though… We can meditate over earlier happenings that has learned us different patterns and ways to behave in certain circumstances - we always got the choice to CHANGE! The choice is yours of course.


The other day I wrote a little about how I am a firm believer that meditation and changing

your thoughts will help your life a better one - worth living and ENJOYING every day - 

and as I do a lot of posting, making pictures, and all the others things that I do - I don’t `write it out` when I’m not blogging 

<- maybe that is just another reason why so many people like to blog? Well, there was one tiny part I left out when I was mentioning how we can change our way of thinking 

(<- that is self love) and how I firmly believe this can change our world if we let children MEDITATE in school. I did not mention this: 

All they things we talk about that shows no love!  <- What do I mean about this?


We talk about our problems when we come together, we talk about each others pain - or at least hold focus onto someone we know are going through something. 

Why do you this to yourself? Out of habit someone will say. I also know someone who tells me they are negative. 

What if your really positive… I think about this person saying this to me… because how can such a `negative` person be so aware of they are not being positive?

In the deep of ourselves… we can discover we are good listeners, that we are beautiful just they way we are,

we can find out we are talented and so on - if we stop our negative self talk from the inside

and start talking about what is GREAT about ourself instead! 

Being positive is also one little detail I left out. Yes, it is good to really BE and FEEL positive, what is not so good is when we try to be positive when we really feel like crying. 

If we withhold our own feelings we don’t allow ourself to be real ( we should always aim for being real as then the right people will come into our lives) 

one more thing happens as we are trying to suppress our own feelings ( a part from finding out WHY we do so in the first place, has someone ever learned you there is something wrong about crying? 

MEDITATE and find out why) when we are suppressing our own feelings we are being very restrictive to ourself and like that is not enough we stop the LOA ( Law Of Attraction) as we are in deep 


resistance of what is going on with ourself. We are trying to escape the NOW, so in some sort of form we are giving ourself a minor form of anxiety - that will come back if you choose to sustain this pattern





Let’s talk about what is good about you. Think of something BRAVE you once did, or maybe someone told you you were brave in their eyes? Let’s talk about that time you were nice and really helped someone who REALLY needed it, and this made you feel GOOD about yourself. Or maybe someone helped YOU for a change - and instead of being to proud and say no you nodded and got exactly the help you really needed... and it sort of felt kind of nice ;)


Let’s talk about all the effort you put into your work, let’s focus on your mission in life.

`What is my mission?`

you may ask. Well, what kind of human being do you want to be, how do you want others to think of you when you are gone? As this can be a hard subject to swallow, let’s take a more easy approach. What will make your day feel good … for YOU today/tonight?

I’m not talking about what you have planned, what you should or should not do. Right here and now, what makes you feel happy? Are you totally absorbed in your patterns to the degree that you hardly know what makes you happy? If this is the case, then try to BREATH for a moment.


Your in no hurry to find out

you were BORN to find out!


This can be a realization for someone when they hit this point - where they don’t feel they got TIME to focus on something that will improve their way of living. They are so out of touch and not aligned with themselves ( their true self) that they feel stuck and it can almost feel more easy to focus on the `should `s and should not` in their lives.


At first I suggest you stop thinking about what you should not - and go for the first or second thing you FEEL like instead of this `should of yours` I guess you will feel like you've failed, not only once or twice, but several times - but hang in there, this is quite normal, just know that reminding yourself to `go with the flow` and DO what makes you GOOD will start to become a new pattern of yours - and as you do,  suddenly your doing what you LOVE - and this is where you will meet people who talk about the things you love ( maybe not all of them, but your the keeper of your gate door - your don’t have to let everybody in!) so be open to those who talk of their joy, share your joy and will truly listen to YOUR JOY and PASSION because they care for you.


Passion will arise in you as you discover what brings you more joy as the time goes by, and therefore more meaningful conversations, fun activities and so on will come to your life - and by this point you will start to get little clues from the LOA since your no longer in any form of resistance. This means you will attract better things into your life ( with a WHOLE LOT of better quality too) you will demand people to hold certain standards as you surround yourself with them, and as all goes together…. Your HEALTH will improve!!!

Your thoughts will improve  ( by this point you cannot believe it will get any better) your relationships will improve, your outlook on life will change for the better and your will be at EASE and let life flow naturally by.


Yes, you will find yourself in an utterly peaceful state - because when you feel that creative flow of energy ( you don’t have to be an artist to notice it) you will WORK HARD when you FEEL your driven by something unexplainable. A force within you, can make you once again feel anxious, but this can be really good - your nerves are telling you your doing something different, something unknown, something EXITING. Now your more alert, you accomplish more, you strive more… Maybe this is the place you were at the beginning of this blog? This lies WITHIN us all!






Let’s talk about the good things about being ALIVE

Let’s mention to each other what we have to be GRATEFUL for in our lives

Let’s think good things to ourselves - so let’s say it to our own reflection in the mirror to make it so!




Let’s brings joy to the table, fun and laughter, if its not appreciated - know when to walk away...


Let’s give another a real compliment 

Let’s smile to a stranger

Let’s be helpful

Let’s go home and relaxe and meditate


Take care of YOU first - then you will have so much more to GIVE 


I wish you a great day/ and/ or night!