When love happens … rambling in the night

When love happens … rambling in the night



Have you given anyone one compliment today?

I gave one and got one right back!

Of course, we shall not give to only get - but hey!


You knew that already right?


Christmas is a time to spend with your family, or is Christmas a time to count those burning

bucks in your almost empty pockets?




If your reading this and your not

walking dead going all zombie on me… well then you are RICH for simply being ALIVE!

Do you have clothes to wear and a roof on the top of your head? Someone might call that luck… I will say




If your creative maybe you can MAKE

something this Christmas… from the bottom of your heart? Maybe give away some favours

to someone who truly needs you to help them out with something. People will be surprised & VERY

happy when you choose to do something for FREE for them, and what a great value

your gift can have… It can be your a hairdresser and can help old Olga in your neighbourhood,

or maybe you can even cut some hair for charity in your hometown? You will benefit too - as you

are working on your dream(s) and skills… You never know when suddenly someone need

your expertise for something very special in the time ahead….


The GIFT OF LIFE we are all given, and while we are here NOW…


Let`s read for our youngsters, let`s wait patiently in that terrible line at the store

( depends on your outlook on the situation,

I find my time to breath right then)

Let`s smile at ALL the staff

( no matter how grumpy they SEEM)

they are working hard and everyone are really doing their all their best. Who knows what goes on in their life too..


Let`s see another. Let`s say HI to a stranger every day!

SMILE to yourself in the morning!

Let`s say HELLO to try out something new at the gym for FUN.

Try do be there for yourself and explore what YOU can do, then suddenly you

feel like SHARING & you know… sharing is CARING and this i ALL what Christmas really is about.


Just some short words and rambling from me into this night - filled with LOVE and caring for you.


The blog you have been waiting for will be up tomorrow!



Remember how GREAT you are, even when I know not everyone see you as you deserve.

Maybe your on a spiritual path too..?



Don`t believe me?


We wake up to discover ourself

every day, so let`s try to be more happy every day, and more nice EVERY DAY in the year of 2018.


Let`s ENJOY our food and eat healthy vegan food to take care of our feelings deep down,

while we are actually PREPPING our bodies for all what life is throwing at us!


YOU CAN DO THIS <-> To you who are out there waiting for answers for something very special...

I know the answer is just around the corner.


Be just a tad more patient, maybe tomorrow is the day ;-)