`How to recognize your relationship is a karmic one`

`How to recognize your relationship is a karmic one`

In todays ( or perhaps tonights blog) I want to skip right to the good part. Read my 5 fireproof signs that your about to enter a karmic relationship - or perhaps recognize you already are in one? READ ON!




1 Your the one taking the initiative.

Your not only doing that, your the one GIVING. You give compliments ( the other persons may not even respond to you being all flattery and flirty) while your partner?...  bend away.

What you can do to really OPEN UP your eyes is this -> Back off a bit.

Do your partner suddenly want`s attention, does your partner even notice your being not so fully yourself ( I mean, treating them like your madly in love with them?) let`s assume this is the beginning/ or you have not quite committed yet ( that should be a sign in itself - but for this blog I will focus on the not quite so obvious) perhaps this person don`t notice you at all... EVERYONE deserves to be loved and have attention from the ones who claims to love them, you too sweetie <3 if not, then this is the holy time to leave the `relationship` if we can call it that....  I know it can  be tricky though, your hooked on them, am I right? The smell of them, the way they look at you, how they laugh and maybe even how they enter the room. Ask yourself if you two REALLY have something in common? Nothing there? MOVE ON, and you will soon be glad you did, because as soon as you leave them for good, they are out of your energy field, and you will start to feel




and you never know who you will meet around the corner either...



2 Talks and act liks a person who truly hurt you in the past...

Our mind can trick us so cleverly - we are in fact seeking out people who resemble some of our past childhood trauma `Oh not, not me` you might think, and I really know it`s hard to understand WHY, but think of this in this way instead: We seek out persons who reminds us of our past trauma so we can find healing in the present.

Finding healing within does not seem so bad, so when you are fully healed you can easily see more clear which persons who are in fact good for you in your way of living your life... and you will see who you don`t want to invite to your home more easily. Please forgive yourself for letting anyone in ( as I know how much they have hurted you) at at time when you were vulnerable and were in needing for love and being seen for who you truly are.


So... have you noticed this `perhaps karmic person` in your life also like to eat similar food  ( for a vegan that would be MEAT, obviously) as someone you can`t think of standing near once more time, but then again... they are not that person <- you explain to yourself. Maybe this persons eats in a not polite way, eat of your plate - and I mean in any sort of way -> this person becomes more rude when you two are alone, says things about you that makes you doubt yourself, or leaves you hanging - not picking up the phone, or perhaps they are misusing your personality like you being a good listener - making you hear them out for hours, but when it`s your time to talk they suddenly feel too tired,  or the urge to do something else, either that or they give you a hasty advice or even worse, makes fun of you and at the top of it all THEY are the ones to get upset about your reaction towards them?


Seems like you have a karmic relationship going on there.


3 Your not a priority - unless it`s convenient 

So your going out on a date, maybe your starting to get to know this person ( not had any chance to really know if this could be a karmic relationship, like the once you`ve ender up in before? Then this is for you!) I think people shall trust their gut, if something feels really off - TRUST YOU GUT,  and you don`t need to pinpoint it out, explaining why or even think about find the right words.


You have the right to walk away when something feels `just not right`.


`I`m sorry, I`m not interested anymore.`<- is something you CAN say without further explanations at all. I guess you wont if your reading this blog, but IF you choose to do this in the future this is where you will really get an golden opportunity to find out if they could be that `incoming karmic person` in your life after all. They will show you their ugly teeth or pretend ( or really they) do not care at all. You deserve to be with someone who put`s you first, so if you end up with someone who is never on time, or never can call you back or you even makes you wait for days for that sms she/he said would come ( with lot`s of heart out his/ hers mouth) when you were out in public....

You better realize it sooner than later so you don`t get stuck with someone never keeping you a first priority. I may sound strict, but I assume your really looking at someone and wonder if they could be an `incoming possible karmic one?` of course, we humans mess up from time to time, trust your gut and leave, or stay where you are and be very prepared for a big disappointment. So, I`m not here to drag you down, so let`s finish this one with these words. 


When you let go... something better comes along


I promise you, someone special out there will come into your life. Use your given time to work on yourself.

You actually have a LOT of FREETIME that you can use to create something AMAZING. I`m all about forgiving people, but if they start to treat you bad before second date - that really tells a lot, I mean A LOT about THEM.




4 You have not healed

Is there something going on in your life that makes you not only kinda upset, but anxious, frighten, or irritated in some way? Do you THINK a lot about the past and all that has happened there, or are you living a truly blessed life that when something reminds you of your past in your present -> your thoughts wanders back to the thought of you being brought to this exact thrilling moment of your life? I can write another blog about healing ( or any other subject ) just comment below or write to me at britt_strand@live.no. Moving on ;)


If your not healed you will attract both circumstances and people that reminds you of your past. In your lack of being healed <- this is the CAUSE that the same patterns repeat itself, let`s say you`ve been abused but you don`t anymore, but still you attract people who talk harshly to you `out of the blue` or you always end up at similar places that has `that smell´ or `feeling` that goes with all those lover vibes your sucking into, because you have not YET... escaped those vibes from your past. I know from my own life how difficult this can be. I know your trying your best right now, and still.... the same patterns occur. I can`t blog away what`s going on in your life, but I can tell you things will get better for you - as soon as you start to believe in yourself!

Here you have another main cause to meditate by the way, but let`s do a quick exercise instead.


Sit in front of your mirror. Look into your eyes. Accept any thought that are coming. Say to yourself:


´I know my inner being is happy, I am a more happy me`

Please try this exercise if you truly have been giving up on yourself in any form lately...


`I accept myself and I love my life as I know my inner being knows it all - there is a reason for all that has happened.

I set myself free. I release it all`


When you start to appreciate yourself more ( you will, just continue performing this exercise - and feel free to add more to it. Write down below if you find something that works for you - we all will benefit from your accomplishment, yes me too - as life is FILLED with amazing things to learn!

If you look at your life now... things will start to change, more nice things are going to happen in your life <- and as they do you will be more fully in the now... and the NOW my dear reader - it does not think about the past.

THE NOW is all about enjoying this moment. Let`s breath and take that in for a moment.


How blessed am I by the way - to have such great readers? THANK YOU. ON to the last and final part then!


5 You ask a lot of questions - the WRONG ones!

I will be the first one in a crowd to stand up and ask for any question if I really wonder about something;) What I mean about asking the wrong question is really how you allow yourself to THINK. If you have read any of my blogs, or seen my work... you know this is a creator who cares deeply about our THOUGHTS.


Our thoughts do matter, they can make a good day go bad and a miserable one end up GREAT


If you find yourself asking questions like: 


`Is she/he good for me?`

`Did I do something wrong`

`Should I change my hair/style/makeup`

`Maybe he/she will like me more if`...?


In a healthy relationship we ask ourself questions like:


`How can I make this person even more happy?`

`I know she/he will like this, but maybe LOVE that?`

`I want to improve myself so we function even better together, what if I....?`


What questions are you asking yourself? They determine not only your way of thinking but they determine how you are LIVING. Try a good thought right now, count to twenty.... Feels good huh? 


Exercise: Writing down your questions will make you aware of how YOU actually are feeling towards this person. Look at your question and see for yourself, is this a happy person? Ask a very good friend to help you out with these questions if you have any doubt, just remember that whatever final decision you end up with - this will be



I wish you a great day/ night.


I`m off to bed to dream my next creations to come;)


Thank you for being here in this world. If you share anything of my work you should know this actually means a whole LOT for me. Thank you. I don`t know you, but I come from a place knowing how hurt we can feel when we are living the opposite from the life we are meant to be. I love it when others feel thankful and that their lifes are filled with love and excitement - so, there you have it. It`s easy for me to appreciate you when I myself are coming from a space where I`ve found understanding for all that I have been through...

Because I can give you my hopes and dreams to this world, and as you read this blog I AM realizing them too.


A big THANK YOU from the bottom of my