Why being positive makes you a bit negative

Why being positive makes you a bit negative




Why being positive makes you a bit negative... at first I want to mention

-> of course a positive mindset is great! So… let`s get started then;)


Throughout my journey of life ( and I`m not half way through this life yet, YEJ!) I have seen myself be at both sides, yes I talk about either having a negative mindset where you think mostly about lack - this means your thinking about what`s missing in your life, what your missing out on, always wishing for something better to come along, not feeling like you never ever have enough and so on.


When being comfortable, peaceful and happy - that`s where you have created the positive mindset to follow you throughout this life. Negative versus the opposite

( the latter one is quite more simpler to explain, I could have easily just stop there, but let`s go on) your HAPPY wherever you are because your mostly appreciating your life no matter what the circumstances are showing you what to belive in ( don`t belive all bad things happens only to you, look for the joy - it exist for you too!) because your `vibing high` you don`t get upset so easily, and you most certainly not go falling of your heigh horse. Oh no, yes sir! Or high heels... oh yes girl! You say YES to the most of life, and should you fall of your prestigious horse in my fairytale writing ( or high heels) then you will soon rise back up again, you will dust the dust of your shoulder, sew that fabulous fabric back on tighter and firmer around your brave shoulders - held just as high as once, before the flew off... ( but your not on cloud nine) your happy with life, and you accept life is not always going perfectly - but it seems to be working out just perfectly fine...


Who are you of these two?

Instantly you will know which on you lean towards...



Negative versus the opposite mind 


Let`s put som disbelifes down!



`All positive persons has an easy on going life`


WRONG It`s very often the opposite, where a person becomes aware of how fortune they are after going through some pretty heavy S..T, okey...?


`All negative persons are just complainers and worry for no reason`


Here is where the Law Of Attraction plays it`s part, while a negative mind does not get born into thinking of it`s lack, a person is probably brought up in a way of lack. This might be their parents teaching their child to worry about money ( they just worry A LOT,  and the child learn and observe) - so the child does not learn this by being told to how to worry, but it will start to worry and worry more later in life to a point where this now grown up person attracts more circumstances to worry about ( and you don`t have to belive the Law Of Attraction to belive this->) as their mindset focus more on the problems than how to be able to solve their problems.


`All positive people are naive`


I promise you they are NOT, they know how much easier life get`s when you turn around your thinking and can focus on what`s good instead of thinking of all that could go wrong.

Is it always easy giving up a battle by withholding your own tongue from speaking your mind? NO, but that`s for a later blog... 


`Negative persons don`t deserve better as they are bringing everyone else down`


If a negative mindset - person get`s help and are shown techniques that will benefit their way of living, I`m sure they will pay back in double to make up for this GIFT that they have been given ( they have been given the gift to live a more happy and fulfilling life) and therefore people all around them will also benefit from having more, as there always will be more when coming in togetherness is creating an healthy environment where both parties sees the benefit of sharing... They know this will mean they will have more as they already do have enough just by being their authentic selfs.

Everyone are doing their best - at their own speed


So, the real question is:

Am I making any subsumptions when I say a positive mindset can get negative?


As I started with has my journey through life brought me some lessons about what I`m  teaching, preaching, writing and of course… dreaming of at night ( just like I dreamt this blog) well, I have seen MANY people and talked to them ( you have too? great, then you see where I`m coming from) I`ve just noticed how people who worry a lot talk about

`I should get more positive` or sentences like

`Let`s not think about that, let`s thing about something POSITIVE insted`

I too have said similar things, I often choose to have FUN nowadays rather than to dwell on what`s not going right this exact moment - therefore I suddenly find myself in more pleasing experiences once again…. but as I have noticed people tend to overly focus on the word POSITIVE when they are in fact avoiding their own negative mindset, they are so worried about confessing out loud how they truly feel that they hold on to their concern - and therefore they hold on to their resistance in their daily lives -> they cannot get there from this point! They have some issues to confront at first. Is this you?


I don`t blame you - as I`ve mentioned, this was me before als, I too was thinking of the lack in my life. Now I see life is filled with joy and peace in every area of my surroundings, yes just by turning my head around so to speak. Ah, there I see my decorated christmas three, but... I would be happy if it was not there. I know where to find my joy - INSIDE. That could make me a little optimistic right there, but I would say I`ve known losses in so many ways - that I also can see what stays... I see people who are doing their best ( I dont expect to much from them, as I know I for sure got my own faults) I see the value of my shoes, not just because they are fancy ( they are!) but because I know how sore feet wants to be able to walk, and I know how horrible people can talk to you when they think they have the right to do so... I know the pleasure of a brilliant moment, because I know how to create them for myself every day, loneliness and feeling helpless has taught me that... and I could go on with this list of mine, but I guess you got the picture by now, and I rather focus on being happy writing this to you out there, so let`s move on - shall we? So then... what do I do differently, that makes it so easy for me to think this way? I have changed my thoughts! I`ve dropped off some core beliefs of who I thought I was, what people said I were ( I stopped listening to to them) and I have let go of who I think I should be right now... I AM. If you have read this far, I guess you want a magic inhalation of what I got? MEDITATE. It`s as simple as that... and as hard ;)

( take it from someone who hardly could sit still for FIVE minutes earlier on)

Since I meditate it is easy for me to notice when I can focus my thoughts elsewhere, I have also worked through A LOT to be where I am now - and I`m still working every day to improve myself.


I work at being the best and kindest version of me!


The best me is an illusion, your perfect the way you are. Why? Not because I don`t know your fault and failures, but on the contrary because I know your ( part) human ( your a soul) filled with contrast!


We all came here to love and to learn


This is why it is so important for the humankind to evolve, to catch that new job, to get fitter, to be more stronger mentally and so on... It`s in our DNA. So, let`s try to get you to meditate. Sounds scary huh? I can promise you will benefit from this - no matter who you are, but beforehand you opt for being extremely optimistic while your on the other side of that scale... you might just want to start out with some inner work before you can find peace with troublesome thoughts that has been with you for several years...


You might want to check out some of my earlier work, here on this site you can read some of my other articles about how our thoughts are not our own, and how to let them go. Write to me if you want me to blog about another topic too! 



How to meditate


Start with five minutes

Notice your thoughts

Do this for three weeks


After the three weeks start to meditate for 10 minutes - notice your first thought as it arises within you, listen to your deep breaths…

If the thought is negative ( if what YOU FEEL is negative for you) then twist it around.


It can be a thought that goes like this `I think people who steal are horrible` replace it with something like this `I wish people who steal would feel they had everything they deserve so they could feel good about themselves `


Often we think thoughts about ourselves that brings us deep down. Thoughts like

`I hate this about myself` and here you could try to SAY out loud the opposite

`I LOVE this about myself` ( you could really try to find something about yourself that you DO LOVE) we can find ourselves being in even more resistance when it comes to our own `down talk` because deeply inside.... we don`t belive ourselves <- and that`s a horrible feeling I wish I could take away for you here in this moment... You should know that your inner being is already happy! At your own core, your inner being is proud of you, loves you, feels beautiful, thinks your fantastic and so much more POSITIVE, but here is what I want you to do to get out of this form of resistance.  

I want you to sit with the feeling that rises inside you, and I want you to ask yourself these three questions.


1`What is the feeling?`

Define your feeling

( I am sad/angry/upset/let down/hurt ect.)


2`Where does this feeling come from?`

As you feel the feeling, be prepared to dare to come in contact with the memory who created you to feel such a way

Example 1

I learned this from when I was a child and someone told me I was ugly.

Example 2 

I repeat horrible things my parents told me at a young age.

Example 3

I misunderstood what the teacher told me and I felt dumb.

Example 4

I did something wrong and was not forgiven.

Example 5 I was beaten and were very afraid ect)



Answer to example 1

I know that what was said back then was someone being mean.

Mean people don`t feel good about themselves. I forgive them so I can let go.  

Answer to example 2

My parents was unaware of how damaged they made me feel.

They were the broken ones. I know a child deserves to be loved.

I am that child. I deserve that love. I will give it to myself by starting right now.

Answer to example 3

The teacher was busy, I was a little child. I am now a grown up and can ask questions

- knowingly this makes me pretty smart since I want to learn.

I am not that child any more. I let go of who I thought I was.

I am a new and improved me.

Answer to example 4

I must forgive myself for my act. I can sit with this feeling and I know that if I am truly sorry I deserve to let go. It does not make me a better person to hold on to this regret.

I let go so I can evolve and become a better me.

Answer to example 5

I had the right to be afraid before. I know I don`t need to anymore.

I remove myself from anyone who can`t fill my cup with love. I am safe now.

I walk away when I feel this feeling. I follow my good feelings instead.

I take good choices for myself. I let go because I deserve to be treated in a good way.

I let good people come to me.



I hope at least my words can be at any comfort for you out there. I suggest you try to mediate - and let me remind you once again I was that `little rat who never could sit still` ;)  I wish you a great night ( as it is for me here in Norway) or a great DAY if your about to start your momentum. Thanks for following me & sharing my work.