MY gratitude list - hopefully filled with some answers

MY gratitude list -  hopefully filled with some answers



I see life in their eyes. Thank you world for all those caring people who pick up those who

easily could be let down ( perhaps some of they has been, and ended up sick giving up on themselves) Thank you life for giving me the possibility to explore life wherever I go. Some must travel far not knowing they could experience the same feelings - dreaming about it, looking for it in their environment or in a new way or just by celebrating life with a new stranger they meet a long their way to fulfillment.


Thank you God. Your my religion, just like it`s everybody. You don`t belong to me, you don`t judge me, yet you don´t make me any better than anyone, still I find pleasure in you God. Your the nature, your the animals, the people that I meet, your life in every leaf, your the breath of my summer and you have given me life, so I`ll try my best - yet I know you will forgive my mistakes for I will continue on doing them, yet not become them. I am forgiving of myself that way. I know that your a God filled with love. You don`t care so much about religion, what we call you by name or not… You care about everyone of us seeking out our inner light and when we are trying not to fight. Yes, people makes mistake, we all can choose to learn from them, grow and be better. We can feel upset and angry, but let`s not stay there. Let`s seek out circumstances that will make you and me grow. Thank you life, for giving me my belief in magic. No, it`s not childish even if it seems childlike.

Your anyway just an adult who has grown out of looking like your inner child.

I see it though, in your eyes. Thank you life who can give me these sensations. Hot and cold, warm after a cup of tea, freezing and longing to come inside to cuddle up a long side these warm balls with fur, yes my cat`s. Every life has meaning, thank you for opening up my eyes God, so I can see clearly now. I walk away from any situations not meant for me, even if this means I must be alone. I choose to walk with love.



I walk with a wish for every living child - to see this magic that I speak of, so often I am the one to teach them. Make them see what they once thought was forgotten. The younger ones... they teach me of unwritten chapters of my own life. They show me how good their parents are, they speak so softly about their pain, but they do it in such a way that I truly cannot do nothing but admire them for speaking so effortlessly. 


People starve in our world. Thank you God because I got food… and a dream to help as many people as I can. I know it all lies in our mentality. I know this because  I myself know how it feels to walk for a long period without any food to eat  - and I live in Norway. I am changing my mindset, I think I am worthy of food on my plate, not just any food, but  good food from nature. Food who do no harm to our environment nor to our precious animals. Thank you for my healthy meals, and blessed be those who think they don`t deserve anything for themselves, may you send them your helpers or angels from above God… even when I know, these are our earth angels masked as our `little ones` In an old lady who smell and with that lonely grandpa over there that yells loud - but nobody stops to listen to the words behind his saying

`Help me sweet dear stranger. I will do anything in return`

Bless them all God, I pray for them knowingly I know they exist in every being that I meet. 



People say `your lucky` when you win something, or if good things often comes to your. I have experienced both. As I let go of my thinking about what could go wrong, and as I pray for being `in the now`… I realize how truly blessed I am, this is when people come to me and say that I am lucky. They say things are easy for me. Yes, it`s easy, it can be just as easy for you - if you will take upon every battle with your own self, YOUR EGO.


It`s a constant struggle, but I try my best, and as I think `I`ll try my best anyway` the silence of my ego remains. It comes back stronger with to much input of media, with to much care of all of our physical things, even though I love my dresses, I know this passion is with me as a reminder of all my creative sides. `Your too creative`

`You got to much imagination` people often told me as a little girl. I had yet to discover… my imagination was out of this world, and should be the one thing, that not only made me good to observe, but the one thing I`ve chosen to have heard… when I was in situations that now feel somewhat obscured. I could be dead, but I AM ALIVE.


Energy. You and me are energy. My recent passed cat stills meows at me at night. Since I was little I saw beings hiding all around us, I understood not everyone could see them. When I saw what I call `darker beings` I know realize they were there for me to see - so I could see the people I were surrounded with at a young age… were really the ones attracting them into their lives, living in fright and with anger and regrets. So when things got wrong, they did get really wrong for them. These beings likes to feed on our daily anxiety, they come when we are in distress, pushes you over that edge…. but the trick to get rid of them ALL is as simple as this


`I am at peace, THANK YOU`

Say this every night

I know there is one reader out there who will benefit from trying this.


Thank you life, for the ability to see beyond. I walk as a stranger to the most people that I know. The think they know me by my face, but I know that every single one of them sees what he or she sees in their own ways. Thank you Lord for being SENSITIVE. I am still learning how to slow down my energy since society is so filled with stressed people - searching for their plattform and their true meaning of life.


Try to be happy. That is the best answer I can give you. If you try to be happy you will soon see how others comes to you, they seek you out, the question is, can you clear some of them away (?) so you can be left with those who will make you grow?


Some people you can show love to us for some seconds, you meet them at the bus, at the store, in the street, as a stranger walking past you outside in our beautiful nature

( THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL THIS MAGNIFICENT NATURE WE ARE SURROUNDED WITH) this people you meet - know that how THEY react is their choice of action, also HOW they react can be somewhat your meaning about them.


Try to be more you. Feel good when you are giving. Feel amazing when you listen and APPRECIATE others meanings and learning experiences in a quiet conversation ( with you being the quiet one!) this may be the only time they talk about this theme, or if not this is really the only conversations they are talking about this matter TO YOU in this sort of manner. People can die tomorrow so appreciate them today. If you think someone is silly… well, then your looking with silly eyes I`ll say.


I got reminded about particular last week... So I will mention this to you `out of the blue`. This is something that happened to me several years ago. I was reminded about this experience in a conversation with my grandma last week ( blessed be her heart)

Thank you life. So on with the story then!



I was attending a meeting, or more exactly a person was giving us her speech. It was probably more of a lecture-type-thingy ;) Me and `my group of people` were there to learn. Someone sitting right next to me mentioned about attending this same lecture once before `It was sooo boring` this person exclaimed, and then I said something ( a bit unaware of myself) but something worth mention to you out there today. I replied `It depends...` I said pausing for a bit while noticing the curious look I got from the same person sitting next to me ( maybe the person thought I just should belive the words said and keep quiet - we must remember we all look at life so differently - thanks for that!) `It`s like going to the movie` ( the person could not have gotten any larger eyeballs by this time) `… if you go to the cinema expecting to find something to learn or have a good time you will, and if you think about what a boring time it will be - it will be just that, no matter how exhilarating that exact movie might be experienced for other people around you`


I must tell you that I got a voice that can fool people to think I`m a bit naive when speaking - with all my tones, excitement … and even sometimes with a half like - laugh thorugh it - this can be a really good thing, because I could have come across like being very mean ( I did not attend to that) so luckily for me this person just kept the stare of eyeballs for just one more sec… before it was replaced with a gaze. What this gaze truly meant I will never know, but I can imagine...


So, this was not perhaps the most profound story of this world, being traumatized and being in an abusive relationship  years ago - you should really think I would give you some details about that instead. Well, to be honest about you 2017 has been the year when I have worked through some BIG attraction - vibes on this matter. Some part of my being was unhealed and I therefore attracted a stalker into my life ( once again)

Thank you life - for me being able to let go of ANYTHING.

I had to ask myself many times `Why I am the one to make a movie about love?´ Why should I try to fix things for others when I stand mostly alone?` then I remembered… we are never - ever all alone. I went through thoughts, patterns and pains I had not seen for years. I`m proud to say I conquered them all with much more ease than before!

So who am I to talk to you about love or anything? I know what I`m talking about. To answer my first question, I know so much about not feeling loved, not being able to remember what love feels like being given, I know also this …


I see love all around, even if it`s a yearning for love or a `fool` giving love. People put down easily those who give away their love freely, so…  in 2017 I have been writing and making movies, animating and drawing, putting pictures together in photoshop while attraction a lot of things like… 1 People asking about how much I earn 2 People only talking about their problems to me 3 Magic moments when I realize all over again… that you out there may feel much more despair than I`ve ever been through. I wake up, I am alive. Your out there. Reading my blog. May your day be blessed. Let`s walk with love my love. That`s truly the one thing that matters in this life. If people leave you, let them! This way you build up room for your own life where you can fill it with love for yourself, and suddenly people will come to you, the right kind of people. It may just be for seconds, Look out for them - love are on it`s way to you 

From one <3 to

<3 another Thank you.


I AM GRATEFUL, feeling all FUZZY WARM inside and thankful I`m ALIVE! We all are going through something. May 2018 be the year you finally let go of people, memories that hurt you ( by you thinking them over and over again - try to find out what triggers your memory, then avoid the triggering - VOILA` A NEW YOU) May 2018 be the year you say `bye bye` to circumstances that dont evolve you, makes you any better or at least makes you FEEL BETTER about yourself.


You are blessed my love. Now, in this minute - GO WITH LOVE.