Home within - If you feel lonely, read this

Home within

- If you feel lonely, read this

I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I go with caution out into to this world.

As I wander about I see children laughing, I see them whisper secrets between. Between the unspoken mysterious and treasures of today.

They are holding our world together - they come from a loving space filled with only love.


We all are born filled with love for our lives.

 Some people are quiet, and someone wants to speak about their pain, they also share their deepest treasures and dreams - out loud with me - a stranger soon passing throughout their lives.

They tell me about their homes, about what`s going right, and as me being sensitive

it comes natural to them - to tell them what`s done them wrong. I listen and speak intuitively to

every child that I meet. Grown ups have walls built up around them, so very often I cannot

listen to them, so many times I know what to give, but they are to concerned letting anyone in.

In 2017 I´ve been reminded of how hurted people will give your their own hurt because of their pain.

I did let someone in to my personal space, someone who made me build some old walls back up. This reminded me of how isolated

we become if we cannot show our hurt to anyone.


If we don`t show people our pain and hurt


we become isolated 

I`m at a safe spot in my life now.

All is well, but in such blessed times 

 even I can have a bad day.

I always go outside when not creating… and this is when I see and feel those who suffer in more pain.


Letting go of old memories and habits I think will solve most of their problems away


If we don`t hold on to the past we become present, when present we will always choose

the most happy path to go along.

When we are not present we wish to escape ourselves, this could lead us to only wish for a good future - when the future is here right now.


Your living your future life in this minute,

what you think, make, create, say and share…


will be the future you

Home. Their eyes screams for coming home, even if all our homes comes from our very own feelings that we carry in our minds and at our hearts.

I carry my heart on my sleeve, because once I did loose my heart for myself, I still kept searching

for a home everywhere I went, so I recogonize people when I look into their eyes.

I see their fear, we all care to much - thinking about what others think of us - so we don`t share ourselves.

You cannot speak to a stranger about what they are missing, right? You just might. If you can listen,

but beforehand you must listen to yourself. You must seek out the peace within you, that love you

once so carelessly shared all around. That time you were a child, before all your dreams were shattered

by your first mistake - giving love when needed and being dismissed by that of someone disabled to give any love back. After a while you learned to withhold

your passion for life, and maybe your love for some `foolish hobbies` and in the worst case scenario

- you became the one who tried to give approval to grown ups not being able to give you that same love

you so deeply yearned for. You gave them your all, no matter what anyone says. God knows how

hard you`ve tried!




You seek for home, so start seeking inside.

I talk about meditation, if I`m lucky

- I get to share some of my knowledge with some stranger passing by. They talk about stress, about always feeling like they are in a hurry. They have NO time… they think. Breath I say. Your in this moment. We are together alive. Home - I saw some eyes filled with wonder from a lady who learned me something new from her skills. She was surprised of my attention. I went smiling away. A man passes my almost every day, I see he is the giving one - to everyone he meet he gives them everything.

I`ve been wondering


about how I can give something to him.

He carries HOME written in his wonderful eyes.

Go where the love is - and so shall you die? No, if we only give we can rupture ourselves

- because we don`t let other people fully become all what they can be!


Don`t be giving so willingly has been my mantra for 2017 <-at first I did not see… such a good thing this was. `Give for a good cause´?

NO, give only when you don`t

give from your own space of loss.

What you seek will find you, and whom your looking for are looking for you.

The people looking out for you will come to you, don`t fill up your time with being the most loving or by

being the most giving. Take a step back.

Experience being grateful for what you truly have,

let go

of the focus of lack… because… when you let go... your finally home and someone will follow you

here wherever you go, both in love and in fear.


They will come for you. Your their home, as their

home is when you first realize… you meeting in the right atmosphere.


The meeting between two beautiful souls


With childlike eyes you can meet truthfully burned out people, damaged humans, and

still in despite of their fears they seem unconcerned and ready to be there for you. Greet those who care,

who gives you value, those that makes you seek out your own home within. 


Home - this seeking comes from so many innocent eyes. I notice people with obvious disabilities - who cannot their `human mask` hide, but the most disability must be what we withhold inside.

Makeup, clothes, status, work ethics,

social gaterhings -> it all can summon up a persons general life, but if we try to lock up our inner child, that

feeling of home resides on so many thing...

No matter where we go, no matter how hard we try.

Lately I`ve been locked up - but with from looking inside ( a good thing I promise!) All this earlier thinking ( and meditation) makes me realize how many out there who really hides.


They don`t share a laughter with a stranger, they don`t call a friend when they miss them. Early patterns

of disbelief makes them feel stuck, people are being to humble, or too stubborn or filling their regret with own eagerness. All this makes us withhold our true

essence. We draw ending lines to what we can be by thinking of how we could be/ should be or can achieve. We sink ourselves with thoughts of learned skills `we should master`

We discern ourself with obligations

 trying to be someone we are not.

We hold on to it - because we know nothing else, before...

we take that final leap when we fail at first, but then we get up and we never stop trying. All humans tries,

but just someone goes home with home written in their sweet eyes. Those gentle souls who calls

your thoughts at night. I meet some of them on the street, at the store, by the bus, or out in nature.

We could call them blessed as they just caress their own lives. They get back up, not withholding,

finding no comfort in society many lies. They get back up, fail, always tries. Home is written in their forehead,

people are astonished by them, almost paralyzed. They live life on earth like it`s paradise.

`UNFAIR` people shout throughout media, with their sweet lingering voices and words forever in eternity heard - even it cannot cover

up their own lives with lies.

Who`s lies`?

About their lives, when they will not share,

it`s hard to get there, when you

find anger in other peoples success, or sadness when your not experiencing the same fortune as them.


They seem blessed, look twice.

They are all you and me, from time to time

- looking outside instead of looking within.

Home. Where is your home? My home is filled with peace and laughter, not so many people I let in.

Home you see...

I find outside my comfort zone.

I find home in animals sweet noises and fur.

We look forward,

when we should look within.

We seek out when we should just  concentrate at where we are, in this now.

Be yourself fully, and by being such you must allow yourself to be more than you could acknowledge 

beforehand. You must find the meaning in your pain. Why `letting go` still remain.

Once you have

started this journey it`s never back to the same. I promise.

You start to share. So they listen you.

So they love you,

but now you don`t need them to anymore.


Your already home with yourself.