Learn to let go of resentment and time

Learn to let go of resentment and time


Hello to you out there - as I do often say on my videos.

It`s the 10 of October, and your maybe

one who often says `Time travels so fast` as an statement when I mention what day it is. Why I mention this is because I know something about time - it`s not human made, even if we were the one who put a clock to it and called it `time` then we started to use the time as an excuse to why we must always be in such a hurry. Mistake me not - I like to MOVE fast, I also have the time to stand in line - and very so often… every time I stand in line alone, something happens. I let go of resentment, like I dont put any meaning into `time` ( still I have to pay notice to when the train leaves if I`m going somewhere) just like you I`m a human behind this blog ( almost) and I mention TIME because that`s something very many can relate to. We are infinite beings, I truly belive so. I must belive so when my soul travels at night and I go around to visit nature, people and yes… other parallel realities. Different realities that are existing side by side. I wonder what`s the time right there now? For todays theme I want to talk about what your saying to yourself about not only time, but who you belive you are, and what your life must be. `My life is like this...` your thoughts are trying to explain to me, your saying your either sad, mad, happy depressed - one or the other of many other options also of course.

I``m here to tell you you are wrong.


We become what we think



There lies a lot of resentment in `trying to be happy` just like we are in a hurry not liking it - and keep on being in a hurry - never ever slowing down. Just like we are trying to be happy when we are not.


People tend to try to push themselves to their own limits so they can feel more uncomfortable, more stressed, and even more in a hurry. You probably will get so much more just by slowing down. Take your time to really taste your dinner Take your sweet time to look your woman or man into their lovley eyes.

Start listening, take your time for a really heartfelt compliment tomorrow ( or any day) and if you don`t succeed in `getting your list done` then it`s even more important to smell those vegan cookies, to appreciate that one single flower standing in it`s vase - given from a little child`s hand with the most precious smile...


Any gift given comes with great love



We must also take time to what`s not so pleasant, we can be happy being alive even if we are going through something. We can be grateful for what we have - even when we feel in lack of something else. Give yourself attention and listen to what you feel ( no matter how fast that clock is ticking) you open up to not only being yourself fully, you relaxe into your own body, your not so aware of `proper behaviour` your not that concerned about digging in the news or trying to fill your brain up with chores ( this is for all your doer`s out there) -> your not meant to be giving yourself a harder struggle just because your in pain. It`´s so easy to say `let go of regret` and `let go of the pain` for people (I`m certainly one of them)  they say you shall stop  so kindly and smell the flowers. Why should you when your to busy with you schedule not meeting up?


`Time is just numbers that is also human made`


When your having heartache or you`ve already been putting yourself so much

`out there` not creating any break for yourself to breath, it sound ridiculous to just... BE?

Your aint gonna smell any sweet flower now, you are to caught up

in being concerned. 


I`´m here to tell you it`s okay. Take a step back, if you see yourself as a spiritual being awkening <- you may be one of those already carrying to much heavy wight upon those sweet shoulders of yours. 


I`m here to tell you it will be fine.

Things will work out for you.


I know life can seem hard. So put on some good music. Allow yourself a break. Eventually you will `come to your senses` and we all do this by acting a little crazy from time to time. There is so much good to be experienced and seen in our world. Your not missing out on your route by the way, I can assure your inner being is living happily, taking your soul out for journeys each night - you dont have to remember it at all!

I belive your time will come - you who have big dreams. We people are so affected by each other actions, and as there are many people living in our world we can so easily doubt ourself thinking we

`must be a certain way` therefore we do not follow what will truly set us free. I`m talking to all of you dreamers out here, you have all your dreams for a reason. Just like I dream what to write, I actually dream so much that I can’t find space in this reality to write it all down…

I try my best, and as I reach one heart, that may be you?

You who feel inspired by my poetry, articles, blogs, quotes, pictures, affirmations, videoes or maybe… just by my effort trying to give you something openminded from a heart - if what I do will encourage one soul to go forward I belive I am truly living my calling. 

As I do listen

I hear humanity speak

They speak for laughter,

wanting more

They speak of hunger, pain and rejoice

They have spoken so eternally, this is how

humanity goes - living out each soul journey 

Affecting, caring, loving, yes causing pain

If you can focus yourself into relaxing

Clear your mind, declutter yourself from

this moments pain - then all humankind

will gain 

For all eternity - nobody is above you


We are all the same

So how shall you learn to let go of resentment about your own happiness and at the same time.... TIME?

Easy enough - as you let yourself BE, you will eventually become more happy since this is your inner child shining through  - and our inner child is all about `living in the moment` you know. Therefore you will not get so occupied with time, you will in fact feel like time don`t exist - and as a fact it does not...


`How do I get there?`


Allow yourself to BE. Notice what you feel drawn to. Go there, you may even feel fear - this is your ego holding you back.

Accept your feelings and you will see.


I see fame

I see glamour

I see a face

Into your eyes a soul


Behold dear stranger, within you lies cutting swords for standing up for your seek in relief for truth. Mysteries, tokens unspoken of and heard, finally...


In you the most dearest and heart held gold.



Best wishes