I was going to make a `step by step solution` for you with this one. Of course there is more than ONE WAY to succeed in becoming a more happy you. I`ve found that if you can just BE - think of yourself as a flower in a blooming and supporting environment, then you will BE happy also. `What if I`m a flower in a rusty old environment, stuck in a rut - and taken for granted - environment?` I´ve found that if you come to this point where you succeed at just BEING - you will feel your life is complete. There is so much `doing` in this world so if we find out that we can just BE & BREATH into our own self of BEING ( okey enough with the poetry framing text going on here) we will be happy. When you are `being` your just watching your thoughts - knowing they don`t define you as a human being ( it`s true, I promise!) and when your at this state of mind we can take this one step further - your actually a soul! You came here to LEARN and to develop from your own and your surroundings mistakes. When your BEING your not so much affected by what everyone says or does to you - you know that this is their way of BEING - and may I add, when their kind of being seems wrong to you, remember their acting upon their own emotions, past behavior patterns, sorrow they haven’t yet dealt with, or they may just be listening to much to their own ego. The ego that makes us live in despair in the NOW, and that makes our fear our future. If you find yourself holding on to your past `your EGO is stearing your boat` is one way to put it. It`s really sad, because people let their ego decide for them `No I can’t go there… or they try to manage that they are letting themselves overflow in `the wanting for a better life`… when they are in fact too afraid to take a risk at being happy right now in this moment. We can never be happy if we live in the future with our thoughts, or in the past filled up with regrets. Ask yourself what`s keeping you at both places if this is the case for you.


`Happy right now in this moment`


This is not a way you can go

This is a way you can BE



Bad thoughts. Why can’t we handle them so easily?

Bad thoughts have have a mission - they intend to stay.



That`s exactly whats so bad about them - not just the messages that lies within them, like memories, past regrets, hurts, and fears they hold - they will stick with us, and the answer is not therefore not just `let them go`. First we must accept them ( WHAT ) yes, we must confront them in the worst kind of manner they would like us to speak up for ourselves, we must indeed understand why they came there in the first place. ( if your sensitive you might have captured not all thoughts your thinking are yours - check out my other blogs about being sensitive - and if still left with any sort of  questions - ASK me, and I`ll ask whoever sends me all my dreams and messages for you to read, see, feel and obtain in your life the very best you can)  so on then - `How do I understand why this bad thought has come to me?` You must look for the NEED you have for it, your reply to me will be something like `I certainly dont have any need for this particular bad thought that I find myself thinking` then I ask you to look at WHEN this thought came to you. After an incident in your life - or has this exact thought been build up from deep inside? Sit with this question in a silent place for 15 minutes ( this will take a bit longer though my usually respond will be `start to meditate with 5 minutes - try more if you fail - or more minutes the next time if you succeed with those five, just keep going doing this daily  - at least make it a date with yourself once or twice a week. Once a month want do it for you to obtain and form a new habit`) If you feel still left out by yourself ( lol, I know I`ve been) you still don`t know why this particular thought keeps on haunting you. Well, is there anything to LEARN from it? So many times we have to look quite deep inside - and there it was all along - the real answer to truly letting anything bad in our mind go.



Since this is a human writing this blog I must admit my EGO did earlier on get the best of me. I said no to things and missed a chance to grow internally - either what I said no to `did go right` or `went terribly fast down the drain` Let me mention once more 

WE CAME HERE TO LEARN. There is so much beautiful to discover. What if you can discover this one flower in a bad environment and make it bloom? What if you can decide to help someone/ to put yourself out there - knowingly you will not get anything back…. but be more healthy at heart.


What if life is a treassure?


What if your so precious you had to go through all this bad stuff that seemingly did you no good? What if this makes you GREAT because you have a different way of seeing things right now. What if your just right where you need to be ( yes you are, look around and ask yourself

`What is beautiful here now in this moment for me to discover?` beforehand though… ( READ ON)





Let your tears flow

FEEL intensely what your truly feelings are saying to you.

It`s ok to cry it out, your being TRUE to yourself.

Watch your thoughts as they tick by

You may have yet to discover…. one blessed flower … 




This will always be a question that makes us humans whisper…. and try.

We came here to LIVE not only to die.

You have so much in you.






This came out as a bit different blog this time, as I see things. If YOU really want to evolve - you will from every meeting in your daily life, from every obstacle on your way, and from everything ever said or written. You have the way of seeing things your way, what`s truly wonderful is…

we can change our way of thinking. 


I am blessed to have you as my reader

Go on

Be strong


You belong, just like any other flower in this beautiful garden we call