Stuck in a rough situation? Read this now

STUCK in a rough situation?

Read this now

Ever been in a rough situation? Of course you have! We all have. Don`t belive me? Well, that`s actually a part of the problem about us people - when we can help each other out we find ourself `stuck` in other conditions, letting them affect us, making us think we having nothing to contribute with in the bigger picture. I`m here to prove you wrong - YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


What the real problem with a

rough situation is


The real problem is really easy ( when it comes to describing it in a blog)

You start doubting yourself! <- As you start doubting yourself your focus on to other things in your life not going so great as well.

( I was really tempted to write about The Law of Attraction now, so read some of my other blogs to catch up if you want to learn more about how to attract more good into your life)

Well, so you start to focus on the bad things, and as you do - more BAD happens!

( Still tempted…) It can be quite a job turning around at this point, because you start to THINK and really OBSESS about all that it going wrong. So here is a `quick fix` for you. LISTEN to your breathing… I mean it. Turn of your telly ( at least the sound) watch where you are right now. Can you find yourself a more comfortable place to be in? Now shift your focus until you can find something good about where your are. Yes you can. Are you safe? Do you haave a roof on top of your head ( or on the top of your house) do you have a house?


Someone to love, even a little pet? WOW. You are so lucky!


Being emphatic we humans can discourage ourself - thinking we deserve less when others seem to be given circumstances that`s even harder than where your at right now.

Still, focus on YOU. LISTEN to your breath. Practice this every day ( start with five minutes as I always say) soon your thoughts will diminish, they will become less. You`ll start to notice how YOUR INNER BEING so easy can switch from the `bad thoughts` and focus on to thought`s that gives you a more happy feeling. ( There is something more to be said about this technique, so I`ll write a blog later about `BAD THOUGHTS - HOW TO IGNORE THEM AND BE A MORE HAPPY YOU`)  You must accept your thoughts, even your own behavior can be changed by your thinking, and making you taking one step after the other in the wrong direction. Suddenly you feel like your going mad - but your not. Your at a lover vibration, or let`s your just say -> Your not at your best! That`s quite okay. That`s great - because this means things will get better for you! You can sit with this feeling for a bit

( let`s make this into some affirmations, you know I love them) Here goes: 


`I accept where I`m at, I know this state I`m at is not my final destination. 


`Things will get better, even at where I am now I can find something good.`


`Things will work out fine for me.`


`The best I can do is to be at peace and trust myself to take the right action when needed to. `


`I can be still and listen to my breath and come up with a new idea I haven’t yet seen` 


`I belive in myself, this will only make me stronger` 



`I know I deserve a better life, I look for what`s good in my day` 

How to help out in the bigger picture

( and why it`s so hard)


I mentioned above how thinking about what`s going on elsewhere in the world can affect us badly, or with someone you know a tiny bit can also affect your own emotions about the life your living... What we READ about daily affect us, watching the news can big a big crime to our human brain - these kind of thinking does not makes us feel any better, so please stop doing this to yourself. If your anything like me - it makes you feel sooo much more worse.

We are all connected. I have a little different approach to this kind of behavior (  when it comes to doubting ourself more, thinking we deserve less when we see others who have even more less than we do) if you think about what others deserve….

They deserve a happy and healthy you! You can give so much more when you put yourself first. It`s okay to take a step back, it`s okay to say `NO` even when people don`t understand. You dont have to explain yourself when your taking actions that means your becoming a BETTER YOU.


If all people in the world put themselves first 

- they would see how much love they have to give.

 In the world there is yet so much love to discover.


It can be frightening to give ourself any attention, a reason why people find meditation so hard

(hello, sitting still and listen to your breath?) it`s really because they start to notice all their thoughts, patterns,beahavious, beliefs, doubts, jealousy, discomfort in their body… and so on.


Meditation causes us to see whom we have become - and everything we are not


That`s pretty hard, dont you agree? So why do it then? Yes - because you can start to finally put behind those feelings and beliefs that has brought you to this situation that your in.

Meditation will make you more aware of `THE NOW`

( as your only observing your thoughts and starting to notice how others talk to you and treat you… says a lot more about them then what it tells about you)

now your actions will no longer be made in a hurry, they will be chosen carefully.

You will say NO to others… so you can say YES to something else that will occur in your life.

The universe has a funny thing about bringing us new people, new experiences and new joys, and yes... struggles when we do ask for more in our lives.


I`m not yet finished. One last time I will suggest you start out with five minutes of meditating each day. Yes, EACH DAY. You dont have the time? That`s no good excuse since meditating will bring you more into `THE NOW` than ever before, and since your saying no to so many things you never dared to before - you will discover you have the time… to do the things that you love. Those things that gives your life meaning, that will create that feeling of being on your way.

We humans love to be `on our way` we would never have been here thanks to all our generations before you and I were ever born ( if we look past our past lives LOL) 


Humans want to evolve 


This is why it can seem like we are always in a hurry ( some of us are just moving all those energies around) and this it what makes us THRIVE! You can do so much more with your life if you can focus on yourself. Start giving yourself more attention, start to meditate… and …

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS. Why? One thing is that this makes you feel worse ( it should) but it also put your focus elsewhere. When your comparing yourself to others remember you dont know what they have been through. I like to say


`To someone experiencing a needle going into their finger for the first time in their life... this can feel like the worst thing ever. The pain that they are in - we cannot imagine. Why? Because if you have never experience anything particular bad in your life - then how would you know how to handle, what kind of reaction is `right`?` Pain is experienced as pain.


Think about that one for at bit… even if I know that you who are reading my blog are here for another reason. You have experienced pain, maybe been in situations nobody know exists?

You are so strong dear one. You must remember that, you have knowledge that has a great worth in todays society. How do I know you are strong, what do I know about being strong? Let`s just say I got quite an imagination myself...

I truly know how meditation can help you, because mediation has changed my life in so many ways. It brought me here writing this to you. I think this gives my life value. You reading my blog thankfully because I am.

So to you our there... stop comparing, put the focus back onto yourself.


Start the creation of your own wellbeing today!


Try your best and know that that`s good enough. Tomorrow is a new day. I`m sincerly grateful your reading my blog. Place share so it can reach that one person who really needs it, and just maybe… that was you. All your pain, past experiences, hurtful memories… it`s time to start letting go. One day you will see how you give meaning to someone else’s life, it may be in writing a blog yourself, creating something, or just listen… to someone who shares a similar story that you now carry deep down inside. You know their hurt. You can sit still and breath through something terrible - giving somebody else a break or maybe even… their whole life back just by listening.



Thank you