Grateful eyes...

Grateful eyes...

Sometimes - the seemingly ungrateful

- could be the most grateful of all


I feel thankful every day - for being alive.

My todays goal is accomplished, then I come

to think of… how starving I once felt. I give to others when I can, knowing no child, woman

or man

- deserve to feel so empty, so invisible as not having any food ...

THANK YOU for my food

Thank you UNIVERSE for giving me a economy where I can choose to change my diet - to buy more

healthy food. As I wake up and stand in front of my bed I remember a time I just dreamed I could stand without any pain. One cold wind goes through me - I let go of the past  and aches as my day just begin. My cats meows - and I see their thankful souls. They do not ask much of me - just to let them be happy&alive. Thank you Universe for such good friends, I knew a time… where people disappeared and I started not to care - so much for myself. The animals always care, they live peacefully, acts not from fear - unless human puts them up to it. So my cats, helped me heal my past pain, my aches, as they reminded me of how we all deserve our own love and glimpses of the NOW I was shown through my most humble friends.


You deserve to feel loved - so love yourself right now.


I smile to a stranger outside, not yet knowing who smiled at the other first. Thank earth for all the people who live here, who I get to meet.

Someone laughs at me. `Maybe they are laughing of a joke` I think - as I`m aware and correcting my own way pf

thinking - from a time where people were very mean to me I learned this great lesson. Now I see they are pointing at me - but I choose to feel free and happily.

`Thank you Universe because I see their beauty, may they wake up more secure tomorrow and

be able to look deeper inside themselves` I smile to them as I walk past them, then one of them seem to tremble by me look upon their laughing faces, the other one looks amazed -  maybe tomorrow he will be the one smiling first at me - they so often are the ones who do. As the day goes, I count all that 

is good. Also all the things… not going `as they should`

I say to myself 


`Memories of the past,

I see you, then

acknowledge you as I let go

I know I  got work to do, and that your here as a reminder of who I am - so you too shall pass.Thank you`


Children comes up to me on the sidewalk. Ask me questions. I try to answer them as best as I can. I ask about their day - they tell me something bad about it, I tell them something good about the bad. They stare at me, then… they smile. Next time we meet, we are the `bestes` friends of the moment. Someone yells at me, someone looks at me like I`m the `odd one out` I think for myself `YES, I AM MAM`, just like you - one day you`ll understand - I create some things, hoping it will give my life and others life just a little more meaning. Just like you - trying to find meaning, giving meaning to your own condemn.


Someone writes to me thinking I am pretty. I am a soul. Someone confess to me online, tell me their stories, their secrets, and their dreams. I admire them all.


I pray for them before I go to sleep


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you...



- for the stories untold for

the world, and for me to keep.

At night I dream about their biggest fright, and there is so much going on in this world so sore and deep. So obscure - there is also so much good!

All goodness we must not forget... We must focus, admire and appreciate the best people has to offer. I say thank you to you, to them,to all of us dreamers. Pictures flashing by my mind as I close my eyes. Thousands, millions of pictures at night, then my soul visit places my soul yearns to see.

Parallel universes of all that you and I can be.

I see again pictures, words and movies flashing before my eyes as I begin to wake up in the morning.




I`m on a mission, and with such luck…

I always wake up, even when I once

felt stuck. I belive in you. Say thank you as I do. There is a deeper meaning in being grateful, just as I

dreamt I should write this today to you.


Thank you.


I see the grateful eyes - in the man saying he feel he is causing trouble, sitting in his chair not able to reach for a bag himself, a sweet woman voice says

`No worries, I`ll give it to you`

I wonder if she noticed the look in his grateful eyes?


Gratefulness has no lies - we hear them in the laughter of a child, the nodd when a mother... one more time tries, in those eyes of an old man who soon will say his goodbyes

- but with a soul that never dies.


Dont you worry child of the Universe, your a forever being.



Death is not here as a sudden conclusion - it`s a part of the illusion, the final solution for us to have extended multiple lives! 


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you


What are you grateful for in this day ?