The Button

The Button

The button


Yes, this is a story about one single button. How significant it can be - when you dont have one!

What would the world be without buttons...?

Imagine that for one tiny second of this day, and now

to the real story of today. 



Someone told her - she missed a button. It was perhaps the laughter, that crocked smile from the person saying so, but no… it was the meaning behind those word. You know how words unsaid can hurt? This girl did too. She was missing out, she was different, and she had this missing button to prove it all. All the lack in her life, all her faults and failures. She had bought her jacket so cheap at the store by the shore, and it missed this one single button, but it held her warmer,

not warm…she was still freezing, still warmer throughout a very cold winter filled with pain. Aches in her body, and pain

from within - a certain knowing of that she could never truly let go of the story untold under her skin, and she admitted for herself that she could never truly tell a soul - about

all that has happened to her in the past.

 She went through this exact winter, holding on to the pain within her just like all the winters before... Smiling to others. 

Not knowing where to start in her process of letting go. She tried to open up her heart, but one after

the other… hurt her the same way again as she tried to let new people in any open doors. She noticed the pattern, and this was where she started to let go of her own hurtful past - even not yet knowing that she could, she would some day. 

When letting go happens, it comes so fast!


The past never comes into our lives to last





This was at the beginning




As she was opening up her heart, she opened it up to the wrong people. When people are

hurt early in life - they learn thinking - patterns and beliefs that among others can be hard to belive really exist...

So she believed she was no good, she believed

she could only meet people who meant trouble, the real issue about this was…. she was at a low vibe ATTRACTING those people, those same situations into her life - as a reminder of all she had to do was to let go.... the one problem was this - it was all in her subconscious.


So she smiled, tried to be POSITIVE, and then she was in real resistance - the more she tried to be POSITIVE she was being NEGATIVE within instead…


This is how she became that girl with that one singular missing button. The odd one out. Is this you? Frankly, it`s all of us, but why did she not just get a new button you ask? Well, she also needed to have food on her table.

Some days she did have food, some days not… and yes, still trying to be all so positive. Not asking anyone for help - thinking this meant she was weak, and as she kept not asking  for any help - in fact she was replying `NO` if help was offered once in a while. Is this you, to proud to let people in? The UNIVERSE could do ONE thing, it replied over and over again



`Nothing for you, just enough so you can

get through this day to make another one last`




It all ended here with this missing button. She left that last person, that last relationship who made fun of her, been cruel, and told her she was no good, not showing her any support, in her way of being, dreaming, doing...


Yet so E A S Y she noticed how it can be easy to forgive when you willingly will ...




When you have love for others - understand that hurt people hurt others

Loving people will respect your dreams and needs. People not loving you, they cannot love themselves.




She realized one day who she was - a SOUL that deserved LOVE. She took her red jacket on laughing in front of the mirror last week, with one more button sewed on. Knowing the secret meaning behind this precious button of hers. Still so many secrets she has to hold - new ones to discover at the right time...


Our mind works in mysterious ways... we all hold so many stories untold... but this story has not gotten cold, it got warm laughter instead. Now she sleeps in comfort in her bed, feeling bold and free. This girls, this button is a part of the greatness in you and me.


Now the story of her life, is told with no more buttons told, at least at this point... that I do know of.



Take this lesson from her story - we are not our looks. Let people love you for who you are, if people are being critical and demanding you should be a certain way… even if you CAN change, maybe your one of those who really TRY, and your pretty good at it too? Dont. Just be you, exactly as your are in this moment. Accept your

grief, your past, all pain.. all this suffering who has made you… to a beautiful being who can understand, admit

your wrongs, see your not perfect…. but yet you are so unique as your being the only one who can be the way you are in this life. Your that missing button - that will be strong and last as a wonderful memory - to those

who take another look at you. Those people who are your friends, no matter how long your friendship will last. 


I met you for a second - and by any chance, we shared a smile or even a laugh. 



I am so grateful walking my way - looking down at this one button who made the story of my blog today... Inspiration, love, kindness... its everywhere!