Here is my GOODBYE... for you

Here is my GOODBYE... for you


I know your not alone. You have gone through something alone. You went through it like nobody else I know. The case of the matter is... maybe nobody do know? Maybe they think they know you, blame you, talk behind your back? They dont know your hurt. They dont understand you have  reason to...

You `ve been pretty bad hurt I see... Why I know? I sense other peoples feelings from a far, if you dont belive me... lets just say I at least got a GOOD feeling your out there. Its time for you to MOVE ON, but its not that easy right? Or could it be? Lets practice how to let go, even if you dont feel like it.  


Your life is supposed to be filled with love, all what has happened to you... brought you here into this moment. Into my blog. I know my life has value if I reach one person out there... to feel better about themselves. This is my goal every day. So who am I to comfort you? Well, in fact... I can't until you'll let me do... by you deciding it is time.

From now on

You will change

Im sure of that

So here it is... your final




GOODBYE to all those people who have hurt you,

who have done you wrong 
GOODBYE to all those who made you feel outside

GOODBYE to all those who gave you rumors and horrible lies


GOODBYE to it all... that can never be undone...


GOODBYE to that loved one

I see your eyes tremble as you read... even you know


you never will let them go


GOODBYE to those who have abused you, so many of them did not know what this would mean for your lifeexperince

What an effect and what a impact it has done

to your self-esteem in the long run


GOODBYE to all those years you hated them!


GOODBYE to all those years wasted thinking about them...

You should forgive them, send them a blessing or two

NEVER WILL THEY UNDERSTAND what their actions has meant for you 

I know you can forgive them - understand they were sick, broken, maybe even filled with hatred

What they did said never a thing... about the person you were, or can become, even if they stepped all over you

with their own GOODBYE SHOE


Say goodbye to them, your to good to be true


Forgive them anyway for all their mistakes - not for their sake - but for YOU <3


GOODBYE to all those people who has taught you valuable lessons - now after some time you can see what those hard lessons made you able to accomplish and do... even when H### as frightened!


GOODBYE to addiction, to pressure, to maintain looking young, feeling better, being better, doing better, all that striving to always improve



If we work on our inner beings

maybe all of society will too?


GOODBYE dear beautiful animals that our world has lost

GOODBYE to politics, all crucial words at our cost

GOODBYE I SAY for you - for all those people who thought they were better than you...

Leading you on - but all they did was following the crowd standing in your way as a fool!


GOODBYE to all the risks you never took

I know it hards to admit, and even harder to think about

all things that you blew


SAY GOODBYE, something better is waiting for you!


GOODBYE to those who to easily let you of the hook, now they are not here to inspire and shock

So go on be inspired by their words, send them a good thought - because I know

how deep souls feel and accept love that comes from a heart that has their opinion heard...

They were there to guide you, forgive yourself for being to young to understand back then


GOODBYE to people judging you for your color, age, beard, glasses, freckles, weight or skin

Your way COOLER

because gender or any look... will never describe a whole 
SOUL ON A JOURNEY in this world



that unspoken road that you took!


GOODBYE to those who did not listen... when your were in trouble and in pain

Bless those few people who managed to stay - even when going through something of their own - they used every opportunity to clear your way... They never forced you to be better, or made you feel you were to blame,


but... then there were those... who held you down


They may have called you family, given you gifts...

( I `d rather have ONE GOOD FRIEND, than a bunch who will make me  dress up to wear a fake crown)

These souls appeared as a loved on or even said they were your best friend, but they left you hurt ... Let them go, we all really travel alone until the end

Be with those who see the TRUE YOU




In life, we all dont really got at clue, so be the best you


GOODBYE to anger, to sadness and to bad health


GOODBYE to your own EGO who thinks happiness is the

`only wealth` may you have yet to discover

a sky so baby blue


GOODBYE to all judgement, abuse yes, WAR yes, mistreating and disrespect....

Im sitting here... with no words left

I cannot react in affect

I know that will only hurt me more if I hold on...

So do as I do 



GOODBYE to it all!

BREATH IN and replace

all of your GOODBYE `S with something as the most important my friend







it will guide you in such incredible ways, always be with you - it was never gone

Love always stays