Time expands like this...

Time expands like this... written 30.07.2017



So it was here... the silence of the weekend. It whisper with its silence, either noise from inside bother you not. The silence emerge and rise up in the heard that is our very own society, it spreads among all beings, the clouds, with the wings of the birds, in the blue sky whisking by, through our  deep green forrest, in all the thousand, thousand, thousand flowers scent... Yes, in all creation. It spreads among our energies in the magical blue water, it follows the wind over our mountains throughout continents with one clear message about and only one clear word at sound


it says





It comes to show in the eyes of a dog I know, a friend from a past life, a soul who needs comfort in his life. We all have something we need. Meet your own needs at first hand, then the others. Among the children in the street I see it, love is so easily exchanged between them! So easily that its hard to get a grip of all their loving actions that take place. Their uncles and aunts dont got a clue, I should know so I am the last one. I get the clue by this far - I can never truly understand, so thanks you universe, for making me so sensitive I need to be in this lifetime. The grown ups often take this moment of playfulness ( as so many) for granted.




WEEKEND! This means a BIG ` SLEEP IN  ` for some, and for the outgoing ones... NONE!

Why sleep when we can follow laughter and ignore the calls from our soul? Its so easy to follow that crooked path... I know that for sure. Love know about both. Love I see with grace in the beauty of their face -  in all the smiles of my neighbors, sometimes in their eyes, I feel it in the smell from the roses, in feel in burst through me with the sensation of nature colors. Those trees that brings us all so pleasant memories... of our childhood running through the leafs. I understand the love with potatoes struggling their way through the ground. I see it with the tomatoes, as they rise and shine so red and yummy, beauty emerges up from the dirty ground, and soon it fills us all up with love from our insides - just as it was put out there to grow from a farmers loving hand. We all shall emerge from our own surface somehow. You are so much more than your looks and your body... I remind myself of  true value in this world as I see the farmer and myself be at a deep risk of feeling what a tomato must do. Being surrounded by dirt of this earth sounds kind of comfy, even if I know yearning in the forrest, playing with the little ones - is what I was ment to do.

You also have your very own mission in your life.

Just as my cats do. While living we learn about loss - and grief, we tend to belive time is a thief. Are you still here?

Feeling not so ready? Great, you are living in this time. You have this moment to be yourself utterly. One more try to fill your own cup in this exact moment of your lifeline.


I want to congratulate you, of your birth to this life. Now is your rebirth, as in the next moment and so on.. I see your sorrow, I feel your soul. Im sensitive, I came to show you are love. I see the way you hold on to your grief. Let it go. Breath. Its okay, you dont have to feel regret and hold on to it.

Let go! I say. So you can feel THE NOW.


Wherever you are, whatever your feeling right now...