Children with their sweet voices, and even sweeter

they seem when they show us the meaning behind

those words.

Such easy words, simply said, often covered in

depth after depth.

They are pure source. Why ask about their wisdom?

Why do we doubt our own? Why do we crumble when people

talk a certain way, or act another? They remind us that

we are not perfect, they make us breath ourselves into our

own inner core.

We look at our scares we may thought were buried forever

Those people makes us regret we grew up - even now we refuse to become `like them`.

I talk about those people appearing different, standing out in one or another way.


You must not forget

- we all are in this together


We are made of the same universal parts.

We are in fact all special.

Talented people we see - and the rumors spread fast about them too ( why envy them?) but your not forgotten my friend.

While your singing in the shower, your either making your husband smile, your children laugh or your doggy relax.

You remind them of how beautiful their (dog)mummy is, when she ( or he) feels free to be real.


You are love, and nothing

else but love


You can be a man so strong

(we all are strong in so many ways) 

Sometimes we need to get very sick in our earthly bodies to be reminded

of the simple fact that we EXIST and ARE in this exact moment - that`s all what really matters.

Don`t hang on to your painful memories, they will haunt you forever, I`m sure of it - if you do.


Let them go, seek happiness, find meaning

You have all the answers within


Once you know this, you will never truly feel alone

- not even when being

alone is your only option


I hear children laugh, they remind me of the NOW,

why do we seek out others fault when we can comfort people instead?

We want the comfort for ourselves, even true comfort lies in


being able 

to give


If we give from our true authentic self we will make not only


others happy


we will never look back at what was

( if we do - it`s only to remind ourselves

once again of all that we have accomplished)


You may crave money, but if you

have the gift out putting a smile onto someones face…. then your both extremely talented

and very gifted.

Dear grown up, please grow back down into your




That child is

mocking you from mocking other peoples voices, looks, the way YOU see them,

hear them, even feel them.

Okey,  others agree with you, what if the crowd is

wrong, or what if the crowd turned their back on you one day? Then what? 


Your not good enough anymore?


You are just as you are? You are YOU, your inner being knows that you can change back to being more peaceful, being more in harmony with this life your living right now, you can willingly feel more love and happiness.


If you want to change that is...


Yes, even those `evil` people, 

`bad pepole` those who harm… They really do teach us all about how NOT to behave, they have

chosen a darker path

( who knows, maybe THEY are willing to change too?)

Your life is not so deep in a dark place as you might think.


You have this day!


Your voice? Great! Speak up, show the crowd all the directions 

they could go, point out the different leaders who have taught you something of importance. INSPIRE!

We are all one. Even when we feel like we are alone.


I hear children screaming in the back of my head,

so much pain in this world.

So I will shine my light, I will keep on shining. Even in my darkest nights I wanted to do just that.

So I`ve learned, I can choose to do so.

We must experience our own life, all this `bad stuff happening` so we can seek out what`s left good in this world - that has always been there. Just so we can ( once again) find back to our already crakced up places inside - because we will always be in the need of being able to walk down that crooked path so wecan puzzle ourselves back into better parts.


We humans want to evolve. We want new parts.

A new whole.

A new whole with a lot

of cracks in it.



A new whole with a lot of cracks with light shining trough.




I see you...

You dreamer

You go - getter



I see your cracks


I love them too