Why `bad stuff` happen

It`s not easy

`being good`

all the time


It`s like dark forces sometimes emerge in others - they get jealous when you smile for feeling good, they talk back your behind when they feel insecure in themselves at a place where you reach a goal and succeed in life.

They push you away when they are the ones who are afraid of love. They don`t have the time to give you the love that you deserve, maybe we all have felt this way, and just maybe... you feel like this is the case for your life right now?

Let`s change your perspective, shall we?



Some people don`t even have the energy to give, due to being too stressed about their commitments and therefore they are not able to be`living in the now` <-> that will make them even more stressed out, and mostly unhappy. Maybe this is you also?





In my video down below I talk about MOMENTUM, I want you to check it out if you have had a hard period of `All going not so well` okey more like...

`Pretty much,

down the hill and kept on going... STILL`


Truth being told, we were not meant to go through life without any UPS or DOWNS. I can speak for myself, If it were not for the fact of  all my DOWNS, I would never be able to reach ALL THE WAY UP. Let`s define the latter one. You may see one man smiling in the street - the POOR MAN. Why is he smiling you ask? ( not only to get money) much so he is able to appreciate what is NOW. Earlier on his MOMENTUM was about all going wrong, when going right though... he really FEELS it deep down at his core. His VIBE can be extremely high. While the poorest man on the street is in fact the rich one, stressing around ( okay, in his fab suit) about all the WORK he has to do in a matter of time, to make more money, to pay for his house he never get`s a rest in - while his back due to stress is getting more and more hurtful... Probably until the day he understand HEALT IS really WEALTH as Ralph Smart put`s it ( find him on youtube for some awesome mov)


At the end of the day, the rich man AND girl at heart knows about love, as they has found a deep secret within - that I`m about to tell you all about of course. 







When you think about the good things, you`ll set FOUCUS on the good things happening around you. Our MIND is brilliant in this way. When our thoughts first `get`s the taste of it` we suddenly toss away every worry. Why worry and fret about the `bad stuff`? WHY, when there is so much joyful things going on? It does not matter where you are. We can be on the most amazing journey, but if we travel with the wrong people ( as in, WE feel not compatible at where they are in life, and how they view it in our own opinion) our vibe get quite low, we start to notice the dust of the sand on our ice-cream  - instead of being grateful we got it for free at a beautiful and HOT day in July. We dont explore the mountain - due to our EGO telling us we might fall, get to exhausted, not being able to come all the way up.


So we can give up... or TRY, right?


When we are not `flying on our highest disk` as Abraham Hicks says - we start to notice people laughing at us -> but if we were flying high - we might see they were making fun because they were not in touch with themselves - they did not dare the same thing what we are pushing to do. They were in fact in resistance to their own inner being... (I`ll blog about this topic later on) So if people are laughing at you, it may be they see you are going places, they laugh because they SEE themselves in you - as a failure, when they are the one who has given up anything similar - their DREAMS

in believing it is all out of their reach.