A change for the better

A change for the better


We always strive for a change, us humans I mean. Dont you? It lies in our human nature. In fact, this makes us better, challenge us so we can accomplish things we could never imagine beforehand... and somehow this can make us have the illusion we are not making any progress. Why? To many things going on. A hobby there, a friend who need helps there, that grumpy aunt of yours, and you may have a child, okey two?

Dont you worry. You can still make a change for a better, and the best part is.



A change at heart


a change at your mindset?

You decide your destiny... right in this exact moment you are forming your future. Dont belive me? Well, if you can imagine a person who belive he is the best, and ( yes, of course) the opposite... a man who dont. Who do you want to be? Im guessing the first one, right? All this is a matter of stages. The man who believes in himself can be young, always felt supported and therefore he belives. The other man can be `at his best age in life `  ( I really mean this - age is just a human - made number right?) but his experience is being raised by two parents who had hardly any `leftover ` love for their own needs, so in this way - less the ability to support and give comfort when their little youngster was running around seeking approval and attention. They gave their own fears to him, saying things like

 `Living is hard`

`You must work hard`  

so he did, but he never did get rich from it...

Until... he started to find his own passion! Meeting people just like himself. He started to see life was nothing like he had thought - life has so much to offer he discovered! Now... he is at a breaking point. He has to `show them all ` what he is good for. He is at a stage doubting himself again. Comparing... when he really needs to trust, affirm he `got it ` - to the one whom he should trust. All those thoughts about


`Can I really?  

` Am I good enough?`

`How can I make a change?`


Yes, you might find yourself right at this spot yourself?


Doubt comes sneaking...

in times where we shall learn.


Look around, take a DEEP BREATH. Is there something you should take into consideration right now? Can you invest in something? Can you add a new hobby to your busy lifestyle you thought was the `only thing for you?`



This is your time to belive in yourself


once again.


Lets go bak to our `men of the story ` The first man ends ups quite depressed for some while.

He has never gone trough any big changes in his life. It scares the he## out of him when the path he has chosen for himself ( and his family) is changing. He realize HE has to change. The second man... goes on strong. Because he has to, life taught him to be that way - just like he always has been going on, he know no other thing. He starts to see a connection here - that all this hardship in his life... has lead him right here to this exact point in life. He discovers one thing I wish YOU will discover is waiting out there for you... Something meaningful... in realizing...




The rich man dont wake up rich one day

( well some might) the rich man FEELS RICH already! The artist dont wake up feeling more creative, knowing where to put those perfect lines closer tighter ( unless your born incredible gifted, you are? GO FOR IT!) the artist TRIES and FAILS every day - following his own body system - creating when he FEELS whats needed to be done. Resting when its important so he can follow up his work by being extremely energized.

Your starting to see my point by now?  GOOD



Ive had an idea about writing this blog post for a while, then my internet connection was gone due to something I really dont know ( just some fuzz) I believe ALL together ALL happens for a reason. In the meantime Ive been connecting with people who are following their dreams. They are on a journey discovering how GREAT them are. I myself know a little about how exercise, meditations, dreaming, nature walks, creating ... all those ingredients goes smashing

good together! 


I want you to start living the life you dream of NOW. Okey, start in the morning. NOW. Vision and imagine how you feel. What do you do different? Do you talk any different? Rest more? Exercise more? Have started that hobby you always keep talking/ dreaming about? Start reading about that education you always knew deep inside will lead you to that same breaking point... That point in life where you are reminded of the time you read this little blog of mine...

That got you thinking.







YOU are the change for a better life yourself.


Just wanted to remind you of that.

It all starts in your thoughts and what

you belive about yourself. 


Now I got thousands of things to create.

See you later alligator, okey?


Much love