Standing up for yourself!

Standing up for yourself!





Sometimes YOU got to stand up for yourself - against people

not behaving… because they don’t love themselves.


If YOU are loving someone who don't approve of your way of living, 

or can't respect your dreams - or in any other way treat you bad.... 





 When I talk about being happy this comes from a space of knowing what true happiness is all about 

- I have known the opposite thing.


I know how pain can seem to sustain in our lives.

 I know how hard it can be for you to




I want to remind you to be good to yourself. 

We don't have the absolute control...

over anything.

We can choose to be good to ourselves.

Build up our confidence and  then... let new people enter our life.

Loving people who deserve our love - who see the truth behind

who what the rest of the world


Don`t ignore your own feelings, to take a break, to rest, to get

away from any situation making you feel anything less

then blessed, loved and appreciated.




Because then it will be impossible for you to love yourself,

if you cannot trust yourself to choose to walk away from anyone

who belittle you in any sort of way.


Forgive them for not knowing any better - so you can go

on and live your beautiful life.


You deserve that.


I wish you the best.

Much love