Open your <3 sweetheart

Open your <3 SWEETHEART!



Yeah! Open your heart sweetheart! Done, right? Oh, still closed huh...? Not so strange, you have build up some strong walls by this time haven't you? Alright, I see you, I understand. You had to build up those walls, you were in desperate need of them at one crucial point in your life ... Maybe these walls even saved your life? Newsflash, this is a new day, a time for you to SHINE and LIVE a new life.




Seems ipossible? Well, if you say so... but just stay tuned a little bit okey? Give me a shot here to open up your heart, okey?


Thank you sweet3

This is where your journey start

For long you and your heart

were strangers apart

This is not magic but lets 

create some kind of art

Lets begin to open up your heart! 


Where do we find love?

Why don't we find love?



We so often look for love in all the wrong places. So very often we look back at places where we think we lost lost love in the first place. We look from a perspective of loss - we seek out those who will abuse us, those who can confirm we do not deserve to be loved - is this you, and why is it so? Because it`s hard to look in the mirror and admit the hard fact - that long ago someone did not behave the right way to us, they misused our trust... and the worst part is - we let them do so! Maybe until this moment we have not forgiven them (yet) but we dont  dare to speak up - tell them how they did us wrong. Sometimes people passes away, and we are left with that same old hurt - all those unspoken words. This is a good time to write all the unsaid down!

( do this now and continue to read this blog article later on)

Tell a friend what really happend back then, say you have been carrying this hurt and anger ( without killing your friend please) all build up inside. `No wonder I can`t find someone to love me` will soon be gone. Replace this poor way of thinking with loving affirmations like

Im smart, I have moved on, I deserve love, I will be open to love and don't need to seek out love any longer. ` Because... 


`I love myself`

It all starts with that you see


Remember love is in everything we see...


As you change your focus, your attention goes to loving people - this will bring you loving circumstances. Therefore...


I see love in every situation

I am love

I breath in love

I give love freely

Beautiful... terrible `love `



People who love themselves may not wear the most makeup, or maybe they do? They may seem odd ( for some) when they are COMFORTABLE in their own skin. If you have lived through trauma ( as I have) your memory can be quite a mess, what I mean is this -> in our eyes people seem more strange, more untrusting - they could hurt us, right? Now I have worked with these aspects of myself - by healing my inner child... ( see my videos here on this site on the subject `inner child` - more are coming. Write to me if you have any questions) we tend to be more skeptical, looking through our critical lens  - trying to meassure out peoples behavior patterns - making it logic to ourselves ( so we can escape/ trust/ get away/ stay) wondering if they seem similar to something bad we have experienced earlier on. `Could this be a warning sign?` This is a sure way to keep our already closed up hearts even more closed than before... Because with a closed heart it means we have not done the healing part, this means we will probably let people who will give us similar experiences into our life and reality. This is when people say things like `Why would she want to be with him when he reminds her of her ex who treated her poorly?` or things like `I don't understand how he can go from Carla to Tabitha - after breaking free from the first one verbally abusing him... he finds the next one? I just don't understand ` Well.. know you know why. We need to be healed. The universe will send its lessons ( also on several other plans) so we can learn, and grow. As soon as we break free from the pattern ourself - suddenly life lines up the `good guys and all the fine woman `


So... In year 2016 I got reminded of some of my own past personal trauma, and since I did think ( ...) I were all over these past experiences ( lots of self love and self help going has been going on these past years) I did hang in a situation being all `sensitive and sympatich` as a sensitive being can be - not willingly wanting to see how this could affect myself in the long run. It took me a half year  - being pulled into situations that awoke trauma thoughts -> and therefore earlier behaviors came to the surface. I got the taste of my old anxiety, a hint about depression and the early signs of me supressing my feelings that could lead me back to an eating disorder... it all came back - the memories that is. PHEW! I No longer I try to take control over my feelings - no resistance, so the universe gave me a new opportunity to be a `better be. I believe `I can always be a better me. `

I also noticed  something a bit funny ( in sort of a twisted way) that as my energy got lower I noticed how people who just magically vanished through my awakening - as my energy got to a higher state ( will make a video about my personal awakening soon) I realized how the universe lined up - throwing the same people back into my life. All those not so understanding/ not showing me the love/ support that I needed, and so on.

Those people, you know... Since Im now awake I just `gave my feelings to the universe and asked for help` now the universe could no longer hold this energy up, and I started to feel better again. I ended up much stronger, and as Mars came by the whole situation who had reminded me of all past memories... gave me my final lesson. I really think what I have to give to this world is important.


I must believe that for myself

Just like you must believe in yourself also


Im not that different from you. My routine was out of order ( we can choose to rest, take care, eat healthy food, exercise... or the other way around) so... I took my time alone, realized I had been meditating a lot less. On purpose I had been training a lot less yoga ( due to building up my muscles) it took a while before I confronted myself, a bit mad and sad at the same time because I who really used to be the one `happy and smiling ` still were smiling AND not feeling that good at all. Then... I met all this people, here and there... all those people I `ve been sharing and caring for - as I `ve been walking past them on my rout `about and around` in my daily life. Soon the universe gave me right back... exactly what I needed the most.

MY STRENGTH. As I was building up my body strength I also got an even stronger mind ( its all connected) because now I was in the right environment again - because I was me - meeting my own needs. Filling up my own cup. It may sound simple when you read this ;-) Ask yourself this `Are my needs being met by me, am I supportive and loving towards myself, or am I depending this to the different situations I am in, or relying to much on another person to give it to me?`


You can be the happy you

wherever you go to

- if you choose to


Now I saw what I had tried to give to all this people was been given right back to me! What a wonderful feeling! I could sense they noticed there was something different about me, still... they were there caring. Made my heart even more humble than before... 


Your not that weak 



I choose not to smile to everyone anymore.

I write this with both sadness and a true knowing of not everyone is a friend of mine, but if I feel like smiling

- it always comes from the

deep bottom of my heart. I want to share this with you, because... do you know what the worse part is? When I felt angry and down because I had let myself down - I did not show love to myself, I got reminded of how awful that feels... now I know for sure... The truly meaning to say to ourselves in the mirror







DONE? Remember... your only fooling yourself if you don't. Well, lets move on shall we?


That was the year of 2016. This is the year of 2017. In 2017 we must share our inner deep thougths - to those who truly care for us. Be careful though... don't trust those eager ears who always tries to make you tell all about yourself, and then they go talking about other people behind your back (regardless if they tell you or not) these people won't be the one sharing anything personal of themselves with you. If they do share, it won't be anything of value for your own personal growth. Be careful, have your antennas out... AND, my friend, try to trust people anyway. Okey? LOL. I know I got very serious ( with a bright heart) in this blog. Tell yourself your in this safe bubble of light, what others say to you - really reflect what they think about themselves... It tells what they are afraid of, it tells you something about the way they feel and what their main focus in their own life is. Why? So they can get away from the bad aspects of themselves by projecting this to you and others.




Know that you can go out there,

be brave now


Just remember to wash those lower energies/ vibes away as soon as you come home 

Try this






We must in fact GIVE LOVE for being able to RECEIVE LOVE. I tried to give and give to someone who was not ready to receive love - and therefore I was not given any love back in return. Love goes both way, and we find true happiness when we are able to FEEL HAPPY for someones else happiness.

This means we can be

happy everywhere we go!



This is something I say in norwegian and it means

WE MUST NOT ENVY, LETS TREAT EACH OTHER ( if you got a better translation comment below please)

Love for all beings



Our animals deserve our love - why is it so that only the cat or the dog can be our best friend? What about the cow? The chicken? The armadillos? I will tell you why... Because WE - US HUMANS SAYS SO! We can change this by saying something new.


I say ALL THE ANIMALS are my friends


I choose to treat them well. Just as I choose to treat people well - even if they don't smile at me ( I know life can bum us down, but lets not believe that. Take your nose out of the media and go for a walk. Experience the beaut of nature and you sure will understand once again you came here to be happy)  I will continue to smile - if I feel like it. Be true to who you are, we were not made to smile all the time, or to `take in others` all them time either. Being sensitive I know how it feels to just walk by someone that is in a lower state of energy, or to stop and have an hour long conversation with that same vibe. When in a room filled up with suppressed feelings - I get a headache. You too? Right back at ya, you poor thing. We are so strong. You must remind yourself of that.  Sometimes life makes us move in a direction where we do not feel like going, it makes us the opposite of comfortable... At these times I say so to myself

`I am the best me - the best real me, right here and now `  Assert yourself! You can say this too. Remember only YOU really know what you have been through that got you until this point... reading my blog

( thank you so very much) 


I choose to grow 


There must be a lesson here I can learn from


How can I contribute to this situation in a positive way?


and... I always ask myself this...

Do I really belong here? If I don't, I choose to go. As easy ( and as hard) as that.


Do what gives your life meaning - until thats the flowing meaning of your life!

Heart exercise



Lay with your hands made as a triangle ( picture above) 



Lay your hands on your chest

First concentrate on your breathing ( you will benefit more from this exercise if you have earlier read about my tips for meditation, look on my site on Facebook for more (`Balanse I Sjelen ` translated it says Balance In Soul `)

Now as your breath gets deeper and deeper, see with your imagination that all your grief, sadness, hurt, heartache, pain, memories and discomfort thats relevant to your heart feeling closed/ you don't trust love/ can't feel love for yourself/and/or others 

see now... all this go through your bloodstream into your heart where it dissolves. Stay here for a while - until you feel a sensation of relief  in your heart/ body and/or mind.



Now imagine a white light beaming out of your heart

Let it shine

Let it move past your body, imagine the light pass the walls through the room your in

Let your light shine so bright

Now your heart is opening up



When you meet people - think of this light, notice if you feel people are especially tense - beam your light out of your chest towards them. Imagine this same light sparkle out of your eyes as you meet their eyes. You will know if they are ready to receive it.


Let people into your heart - let only the good ones have a space there


I wish you the best - with all my