The magic of our thoughts

The magic of our thoughts



Once upon a time in a not so fairytale - like world I was this girl who suffered.




 I suffered at a point when my world was nice - why you ask? Because my body had taken a toll on what`s been going on earlier on. Breaking out of years living with violence in a neurotic environment was a solution to all my continue - and on going troubles... I thought. My body did not agree. Story short told - I ended up not being able to walk.


What had happened to that person filled with so much LIFE? - I asked myself


I knew back then I had the ability to energize an entire room just by walking into it ( after all Im sensitive, you too? GREAT) but my body was screaming... I continued on, filling my cup in one way and at the same time ignoring the




We are all beings inside. We are a soul, we are just a single spark of light, but as I dream at night - I see we can make a change... we just might.




I was not so aware of my own inner being, not taking good care of my body screaming... so my inner being made my body shut ( almost) completely down. Now all these past terror, these horrible memories could no longer be hidden. They rised to the surface... into my thoughts... No longer could I train them a way or just move my body rapidly to get rid of them. If you are out there... ( and I know you are) you who people say move to fast, talk to fast... Have you ever considered you are leaping into dimensions? Your probably a lightworker, a sensitive soul... you are the worlds cure - so you have to move fast so you can transmute all of the troubles of this world. Back to me, here I was stuck in a body filled with aches... I started to listen.... to my PAIN. My thoughts were poisoned - people had taught me I was no good, circumstances has shown me I had every reason to be afraid and extremely critical... I was now this terrified human, not able to be myself in a very sick body, because my mind was no longer filled with all the things I loved to do ( all this loving thoughts that also made me push away memories that needed my attention) I could no longer ignore my screaming body... My body wanted to heal... and my soul wanted me to show myself who I was.


Now I can learn my knowledge to you...


Because, as I slowly got better I started walking, and I started to realize I had a lot of baggage holding me far away from my dreams - hey, did I have any left? I saw in the mirror, glanced at a girl who could not hide she had neglected her body. I started to dream about a healthy body... and a healthy mind...

At first I had to acknowledge I  did do this to myself. I did listen so much to my pain and others that I ( almost) forgot the real me.




I started to see how my THINKING was making me ill. One thing is this - how can we think we are healing if we are telling others and/ or ourself   (even worse)  that we are feeling sick, having pain/ will never get better...?


My thinking was no good, so I am not the one to judge ANYONE. I also realized those who carry deep pain in their body, heart and soul.... they are on their way. They may look like they dont care to much about their looks on their surface - but since I did became quite fit ( if I may say so ) after my teenage years  I truly did see how life can give us some challenges to remind us of who we truly are...


In this day...Remember you can grow, let your experience in this day make you EVEN STRONGER than before.


We are not our looks either. I started to see the real me... and I came in contact with my own breathing - making my restless brain fall to rest. I could suddenly speak slowly, I noticed how people would listen to me. I learned from this... how people who are taking a slower and more quiet approach to life... can get the impression others are stressed when talking fast or/ and moving at a faster range. Beforehand I never did understand why someone got P###ed at me for moving rapidly.


How could I

when I never knew how they felt?  


My thoughts finally started to make me deal with past experiences - and my body got more ill.... as i tried to work harder - the more ill I FELT - and the more I worked.

I refused to be sick

wanted to be... everything Im not today - like everyone else.


At the same time, I am.



I am you

and you are me

We are both the hope of life!

We inspire eternity

We can live happily, give something good in this day so our

future can be brighter

I liked breathing, being calm - but this was not ALL ME. I am all about MOVING FAST... so I can be creative, and most of all, FEEL GREAT. Now I am healthy.




I am at peace when I am running (you too? POWER up boy and girl!) and once upon a time... I forgot who I were. I listened so much to everyone else... and my own thoughts until the point where I one day did no longer knew how I walked naturally... What I did know... ( this is the good part) was how I could change my whole reality by my own thinking. I once felt everything was wrong with me. I looked in the mirror, judged my looks - now I see a soul. Makeup is fun - express yourself, and you should just depend how you feel about yourself  from the way YOU look at yourself. Why? Because we all see with a different brain, with different eyes, with different settings, in different perspectives, at different stages of life stages... ( I could go on, but shall not) Once upon a time I started to telling myself good things. I started to feel better, suddenly I felt so good that I would only be influenced by other people who loved themselves. This choice of living has made me being ALONE from time to time - and I always recognize the same thing every time ->

when time - travelling you know your not that alone!

I can smile, go out that door and be a great person. So can you! You WILL never be alone, in fact your not alone right now reading this.


Once upon a time I did this, walked out with a smile, in full contact with myself, telling myself the most loving things... ( I assure you I was the only one doing this) I met angry people, difficulties... I started to heal others, give them something.

You see... back then I was . STILL CARRYING a lot of PAIN - it made me humble. You can never know what a perfect makeup - face or a `perfect` body can hold on to...


What is perfect baby?

You, right here in this moment.

Being alive.

Thank you for reading my post.

I am so grateful.

Meditation exercise 



This is a exercise so you can take better care of your thoughts.

Therefore -> Meditate!


Do this for three days


*Start with five minutes - just focusing on your breathing.

*Notice your thoughts at first, both good and bad.

*`I notice this thought``... and this one... and so one



*At day three, start to focus on the thoughts that gives you a GOOD feeling.


Now, time bye time meditating, start to think a NEW thought.

Example: Change `I hate my life` into

`There is something good in my life and I can find it`

`I am no good` you can change into

`I am love`


`I feel fat`or `Ì am rich` can feel totally wrong when you dont believe yourself when your correcting your thinking mind... Rather think


`I am focusing on my health, I know this will contribute to a more healthy

body, a body I feel good in`


`I feel rich when looking at my children.

I feel rich when I hear someone laugh`



I am a true believer that