I will give you nothing - here is why

I will give you nothing

- here is why



If I can give you something - I will give you nothing.

I will let you be. 

I will let you be.

Concentrating on myself, being me,

letting you be free.


People don`t need us to correct their words - they need good examples to take notice from. You can be that.


People don`t need us to comment on their looks - they need a push in the direction of becoming themselves again after forgetting who they once were as a happy child - living



People do need our support, encouragement. 


For some it is so easy to 

GIVE LOVE, and they are the once who forget

to love themselves. Is this you?

You will get empty if you only give... why is this so? Because you are showing the world not to love you - by not showing the world you love yourself.

Ask yourself this when in doubt


`What would a person who love themselves do right now? `

This can lead you to take action in another way. Be your own way of love, by loving your SELF in a new way.


I truly wish you a happy day filled with