Some days... with Snoopy!

Some days I need to


a little more




I`m human ( yeah, really) Life can upset me sometimes. Ever felt down? Been upset? I`ll bet you have.




Why? Breathing brings us to the NOW, so it`s quite scary...

now we can`t live in the past, nor either in the future.

All we have in this moment is really the now, so the best way to enjoy it is really to




Yep, it can seem hard, but why? - you ask. 


`I thought this breathing would make me feel better as I`m now living in the present moment?`


You could feel this way, but if you have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression +... or have been living a life in discomfort for some while... those feeling are about to arrive abruptly NOW. So why should you even bother? Because with time... as you focus on your breathing you will start to notice those thoughts that makes you believe other thoughts like `My life will never change to the better, I might as well give up` or tuff thoughts like `Im no good, my parents don`t like me, so why should I, or anyone else for that matter?` all this negative self talk will not all at once disappear... but as time flows by... you will start to notice have annoying it is to think this way. In fact, you will rather think about `What I did for Mary today made me feel good` and your mind starts a flow with

`I love to think about this. I think I want to do something fun right now. I choose to treat Peter nice this time and see what happens...`



Some days I need to LIVE a little more.




Life is not just one big TEST. As Wayne D. Dyer once said. `You came here done` This does not mean you did not came here to evolve, to expand, to try something new ( perhaps every day?) or that your life stops at a certain age, or keeps you in one place at that same old job you have, or in a current relationship ( even with yourself) you came here to be YOU. Have you found all the pices yet? Maybe your not your talent, or maybe you need to find a new one? Could it be you are worth MORE? YES!!! You deserve to feel good about yourself just for being who you are. Look in the mirror before you go to sleep in night. Take a good look in those brave eyes of yours. YOU KNOW HOW FAR YOU HAVE GOTTEN. Don`t let anyone take that away from you. SHINE ON. SPARKLE darling. You have gifts, talents, a unique way to be - that makes you - YOU.


Never forget, you came here to live your life in a way that makes YOU FEEL GOOD. You will never feel good if anyone else talks you in to living a different life ( I sure have tried this one for myself) Walk on your path, one step today, maybe to tomorrow, a setback on Sunday, but on Monday... you still remain on your path. So make it your own. Rawr if you have to! Stand up tall, and you don`t have to prove something for anyone... just for yourself perhaps? Only you know. Here is nothing wrong, just try to stay nice, every lesson learned makes you grow in the direction of what you really want... 


I want to live freely on my path - creating my way!



Some days I need to LOVE a little more


We all need love. So where do we find it when it seems gone? I find love within. I seek out in nature for love. I listen to the trees ( yes, I HUG them too!) I talk with the birds ( hey, I talk to the ants also) for me letting love inside my life has been very hard. Why? Well, if you teach a child about love by giving it love - the child will know what love is by the way it FEELS like.. If you don`t teach a child about love ( or some parents think they do) and teach their children to be afraid, to feel discomfort in them just being themselves... well, yes... the child does not feel loved, and much much worse - the child cannot


The child ends up feeling shame, guilt, hopeless and so on.

The child may grow up thinking

`If I`m good to everybody they will love me` or `I must hide my feelings or else I will get hurt` there is no doubt this child is up for some big challenges. The child will develop some ugly patterns, and it may take them years to discover. This is why so many feel shocked and disappointed when their most beloved hurts them... Know people comes in our life to teach us som valuable lessons, and some day... you will know love again... `But how?` you may ask - if you recognize now you are one of this children who never truly learned about love from your parents...?



You came here DONE. You came here filled with love. It`s a natural state inside of you. Just relax in this moment, I know time will take it`s time - look at it in this moment as something good.





As you breath more 


become MORE


When discovering YOURSELF in the

NOW - you will come in contact with what brings you joy... and therefore love.

Love starts with you, and suddenly - more love will enter your life!