Dear sweet little ego of mine…

Dear sweet little ego of mine…

Dear sweet little ego of mine…


I know you love me to love myself, so why is it that you cry so loud for help?


`Please give me this`



`Please buy me that`



`But once I do... you won`t even take off your hat!`



`You just want more and more... and MORE from me`



`Wanting more is all you got dear ego... but that`s not good enough longer for me.. I want more from life!`


I want to show strangers love from a unknown person


I want to wrap love into my voice and let it vibrate into our youngsters heart of this earth...



Is this you also? You try to be a good person,

then your ego comes along...

Making you think about all those

things that could go wrong, giving you a feeling

of that have to seek for somewhere

you do not know where is - but do belong?

How we can we calm our own egos down? First step is to acknowledge you have one. I guess you know you do - if your still reading. Do you wonder why we have a ego? While our own ego can make us concentrate too much of our lack in life

- our ego also keeps us going...

- Our ego also makes us stronger as we go along... going AND our ego push us further! So what may  seem like a stupid thing to do... go after a reward you really did not need... it also made you meet some incredible people - that made you who you are. Right in this moment.


So dear little ego of mine... How can I control you? While controlling your ego should not be the final goal ( I will get back to this one) we can let our ego guide us a little. What do I mean by this? What does your ego yearn for? Money, fame & success? Better relationships, a sense of being able to live in the moment? True love? Let us define these `egocentric traits´... Maybe you don`t really WANT money, you just feel the lack of it. Like it is stopping you to fulfill your dreams, or money is something you THINK you want, when you really want to feel safe. Having a home, having healthy food to eat. Maybe just not worry so much about money? In this moment - you have everything you need. Why? Because this moment can make you realize what you need to do - to get you to where you want to be! So if you want fame & success, maybe you really want to be noticed, as you feel the lack of not getting acknowledge... You may want to be discovered - so you can create the life you want to live. What about living in this moment? Can it mean live your life in the direction of the life you are dreaming about? Question to ask yourself right now

`What would my future - me do right about now?`




This goes for the rest of my examples upstairs. Better relationships? What is the lack? What can you DO to change it?


Don`t wait your life to change drastically until you do change yourself.... One step at a time...


Want to find true love?

Love yourself.


Why should you, heck, why not?

Ask yourself these questions.



Take your time... Step by step...


Soon you will be living your dream life. We seem to forget... our dream life is a `future me` I guess a `future me` would like to continue to grow... so this means my future - me must know there will be some roadblocks and some bumps in the trail.... 

So dear little ego of mine... I don`t want to control you, controlling you means expecting it all to be all good. I know life is not perfect, but I also know my life is perfect for me.


What does not kill you

makes you stronger...


After been living with violence... I`m sure of these words. I am stronger. In fact... I AM STRONG.

( what are you telling

yourself to belive in?)

Being strong can makes us feel so weak, we have to let go of what was... and then FORGIVE ourself, and FORGIVE those who did not know how to treat us any better.


I know you have learned quite some lessons...

Maybe you have to live with pain in your body from now on? To you I will suggest you meditate, try to use meditation to focus on those body parts of you that does

feel good. 


I try to find something good in every day. So I do.


My life is not perfect, but I`m learning as I wake up exited every day. Today I met a creative soul while sitting ( and drawing) on the train. Afterwards I felt so thankful for this experience, a sense of being at the right time and place. You know this feeling too? Feels pretty great huh? Especially when you can GIVE something away that makes other feel good about themselves. Showing them they got worth, that you see their soul got value... not just their work.




Sometimes it is my turn to get something good, I feel happy when I can give to others...It makes me feel my life is fulfilled. I know this... because I`ve tried to control my ego. What happens when we try to control our ego? Well, I would not recommand it...  As I know my thoughts and my energy creates my reality... I`ve experinced  when we are trying  to control our egocentric mind... we  pull against all those things we are resisting. Why? Because life want us to experience this, both so we can learn to let go and to move forward. Yes... and also by being pushed so unwillingly we are faced with our own fears and.... the knowledge of what we really dont like...


Now we know truly

- what we want.



Not just money - I want my life to feel fulfilled

Not just feeling useful because I inspire a lot of people - but the knowing that I have the power to create this in every little moment of each and every day... Not just `be in the moment` but choosing to work with what I got, letting out my hurt when it occurs, and letting situations unfold their ways naturally - then knowing I WILL MAKE THE EFFORT of contributing my best... even if I should fail <- and I know I will let it go... So I VIBE HIGH, so I`m not in any resistent... 


So dear little ego of mine, thank you for the good times, and thank you for the bad.


I have no longer the need for controlling you, because I`m letting you guide me through life.



Thank you!