The day will get better if you take it better…

The day will get better if you take it better…



Here goes life again - messes you up, makes you feel more wrong than strong and... gives you new experiences in such a hurry it feels unnatural to stay calm. Is this you right now?




`HEY! I need something more than a breathing exercise you say!`


Okey then ;) I know you will meet people who say something  that can upset you. What to do?



- Do their words affect me because they are talking different from me?


- Do they remind me of a bad memory of my own?


- Is this a person I should talk with daily?


When you listen you give yourself time to respond, in fact - you may end up understanding that other person too ( LOL) so remember this -

we talk the way we see life!


How people behave is who they are!

What they do/ say does not tell

anything about all that you can be in this world


This thinking makes it so much more easier for me. I know people see life, yep - just they way they see it!

I try to understand them, and are very thankful if a soul that comes a long will listen to me too.  I know something more, I want to share with you my knowledge about why people can behave a certain way. It think it is important that I do - because I am one of them. 






Angry people. We are people who make mistakes.

So when people are angry/ talking in a bad manner, or you may just `sense´ they are not good for you... very so often they are in fact SAD. Is this you? Acting out? Or trying to hide your own temper? You guessed me right...




People who talk fast. Please listen to them! They have SO MUCH that is needed to be said. Often it may seem they just like to talk about superficial stuff... but more lies within in them. Give them a chance! Why I know this? Because I used to be this way. I came from a place not being respected, a place where my voice never was heard. So I talked... A LOT. Afraid people would push me away if I did not. I also like to... talk, so with that being said... show people respect! No matter what they look like, no matter how fast they talk... they could become a dear friend of yours!


People who look/ smell badly. I could just write once more my words above, but that would be to easy wouldn't it? Mhmm. When we want to listen to other people, this comes from  our own perspective.


We think they seem interesting, or we see them as someone we can learn something from.


You can learn from everyone you meet!


I must admit I do this for myself - I want to listen to people who GIVE me something, but this is how life works - life will show us who to listen to! So open up your eyes and ears, sometimes we need to talk to that stranger that seems a bit odd.... he or she may be the most gentle soul you`ve ever met!


A short blog today, hope my words got you thinking, and maybe ready to open up for someone who you thought `just worked one way`?


I know there is sooo much more to this particular subject, so write me a comment if you are experiencing a certain situation? A quick fix for you right here and now can be this:


How WE THINK about others can change!

The question we must ask ourselves is this.

Is it necessary for me to change?


Will I benefit from changing the way I look at this situation?


One more time




You know within - MEDITATION, it got such a power when it comes from you handling a situation where you wish you could change other people around you. When we see our own limitations... so often this makes us more humble of accepting someone else.


I wish you a great day!

I`m off to have some fun!



You can `know` a person `forever` then suddenly one day... they surprise you in the most amazing way!


Down below you`ll find a picture I`m soon finished with... This is Veika from my book `Trolls in Trollgard`, she often listen to others and see there is so much more to life than what other do see... at first.


Affirmations for today:


I`m on the lookout for being surprised by anything

funny/ interesting people do say to me in this day


I`m eager to learn from others!


I am a giving listener... I LISTEN!



People <->  <3