Off topic - with pleasure!

Off topic - with pleasure!




Getting a little of topic here. With deep pleasure thanks to you guys! Today I wanted to write to you, to answer some of your questions. Since I have not been working on any kind of certain skill to be developing my own webpage, I can surely assist you with what I have been doing! In this introduction I will tell you I am a creative soul, and I guess I know a little thing or two about being creative online. I`d never thought I could be the one answering these questions I`m about to. So thank you so much for asking them!


Let`s get to this, shall we?


I`ll just have a zip of my coffee first. When creating I always make sure I feel utterly relaxed. Now I`ve eaten some mango. My tree cat`s are at deep sleep state ( all three at the same time, HURRAY!) I`ve been out for a nice walk. Have you? I will suggest you move your body - now that creativity can be pumped around, flowing all through your bloodstream. It`s important to have a mind and a body at ease before starting up with any type or level of creativity. It can be quite the challenge - writing for hours, or any kind of creative work you have going on!

Ready to get creative? Let`s do this!


Okey, I`M READY!

I have created my site at Check it out! Use the web to search around for other places. It can be very economic of you in the long run. Don`t just listen to me - make sure you find your domene at a place you will continue to keep workin on.


In fact

- find that place you`ll

LOVE what you do!



Since I don`t know quite exact what you did like about my websiteHeader, background, color tones, pictures, affirmations, my art, my 3 - D figures, my youtube ++?! You see I got a little skill - set to work with. I guess I must have learned/ added some knowledge along the way since I`m getting this fantastic response to my site! Again, thank you so much for all your questions and so very kind words! They truly mean the world to me. 


I will therefore give you my best effort in making the best tips I have `on the top of my head`. This really means - on the top of my extensions... to offer you sweet angels out there something good in return. Good words always helps. Enough of me toying around then!


I have recently changed my template to `Barcelona`. Apart from choosing a template that suits you well, you will benefit by creating some parts of your site on your own. I make a lot of my pictures myself, both in Corel Painter 12 and in GIMP. I do this by using a tablet - maybe you have something in the `back of your mind´ ( or under that wig of yours?) a idea about a tool you`d like to invest in? By adding my own creations this also help my page(s) get a personal style, and this also makes me more happy to work with - just knowing for a fact that this is something I have created by myself.



Here is a little `secret thinking`of my own.


Maybe it is something about these things I write… that makes me able to create better. I also believe me being like: `happy - work with what you got - feeling` can be something you take notice of… I do believe all our creations are filled with our personal energy! This means, if you create something when feeling relaxed happy and at peace with where you are in life, and in what you are creating… maybe this is what others eyes are `detecting´ when they are visiting your site? 


I shure like to think that real success comes from US being a certain way. So by handling your own style, an extension of the life your living is coming alive in your work. Just keep on putting effort in what you believe in. No reason to give up to quickly either. I am a living proof it can take some years to get noticed! I believe in you.


Do you believe in yourself?



Sometimes, that can be the hard part. We are seeing others as more successful then ourself, what will help is knowing that inside the deep of your core - that we all have to experience some struggle. Now we know what we don`t want in our lives.... Best part is




A little digression there.... Pardon.


Bye the way - as you arrive at my website you can see something flashing in my background.

`Balanse i sjelen = Balance In Soul

( my initials since my name is Britt I. Strand) ` After this you will see a picture with snow. This picture is something I created both in Corel painter AND afterwards I added the snow in After Effect. The letters was designe in Corel Painer. All together, this means you can ADD a video in your background.





If I can give you some personal advice it must be this


1: study blogs/ others who inspire you

2: Check out other platforms

3: What is your main focus on your site?


Since I define myself as a creative soul - trying to reach others and make them belive more in themselves. Telling them about not everyone are meant to have a `normal life` I knew I had to focus on MORE than just one area to accomplish to reach many different peoples - all having a dream of their own.


4: FEELING. Ask yourself this


`What kind of feeling do I want to create for my visitors?´


Personally I want people to feel happy, calm and give them a feeling of that THEY can contribute with so much more in this world…


5: TRY IT OUT. After I tested what kind of plattform I did approve of ( Jimdo is easy for my brain to work with, but this may not be the case for you, choose a plattform that YOU LOVE) Still, I tested different things out before I found my `safe spot`.


6: Variety


I bring a lot of variety to my site. You can also enchant your page by doing so!

Example. So you knit - maybe you can add a model and a gallery? Or you are interested in running and know how to push yourself - but think your blog/ page is missing something essential? Add something similar - let`s say you write about material art for once. Maybe you even test this sport out - for others to see how you fail/ succeed/ can recommend this. From here on you can now write about how material art made you stronger in a way that has improved your way of living.


If you are `just a blogger` then make shure YOU have some exiting stuff on your site people can relate to. 

Like how you want to inspire others, write about your daily life  - hardship you have gone through.

Write something nice - then you will feel nice and blessed. Take your readers on a journey, wether your goal is `getting fit` or taking a interesting class, travel to somewhere new, trying to live like they did in Greece decades ago. Just make sure you share some classy photos too <- A bit scared of that part? Follow your gut, rule out some of the pictures if you have to. Again, look up what other do/ do less of, or you can go crazy

`copy catting` making something NEW! Study Photoshop, Instagram, SNAPCHAT, Illustrator, Cinema, Z- brush, Cubase and other programs as well... Search for apps online in your ongoing process of improving your site - now you can easy blur different backgrounds, set the correct lighting, add some fancy text - and so, sooo much more!



This is where the fun begins!



Find a program you love - create a habit of doing the `same` thing. Like I add a picture, set it to one of the sizes I prefer. From here I have a clear picture in my mind of what I would like the final product to look like  (go for a walk and BREATHE if you don`t) now I clear away the things I don`t want to be seen in this pic.


By cutting out many obvious objects

in focus of your eyes

You now keep one main thing

you want to give your most attention.


Like a big pimple on your nose (it can work well if you are writing about beauty - I promise you will get reactions ( LOL) Any critic is a good critic they say. This may not always hold the whole truth in all circumstances, but as far in a bloggers world... it can be a wonderful thing - getting people to talk & come up with great solutions to the same topic!  Still, if you want to get rid of that nasty pimple of yours...






Put a tree on your nose and say you love to take care of the environment! After I`ve done my `clearing away` I`m adding sparkle, color, patterns…. I use my eyes as the `coloring set` ( I`m being a bit risky I know - LOVE IT) I know there is some find apps on the market that allows you to take a sample of a color right in front of you - like that beautiful sky - color I have on my vase at the table in front of me. Take a pic and VOILA` Now the app will find color tones that matches up with the one you already have chosen. Pretty neat huh? 


Here is a site where you can find some of them:




The obvious things like your title, mail, and info I do arrange at first hand. As far as your background goes  (just keep on testing, you can always change it all back!) is switching your background on a frequent state a great and EASY way to improve your site and make it always feel fresh and new to your visitors! There is always something in between though, do not change it to often - you do want to know your audience and their taste! When in doubt, ASK them. Can`t say I have done this for myself, but I see others do this... and I`m sure to read the tips they get.... Clever? I know - now you can scroll around and learn from everyone!


The most wonderful thing

you can do is to find out what

YOU do LOVE about your new site


If you feel creative, then make your own STYLE. Is there something you can make that will work like a logo or something? This can lead to your success!

Put pictures in the background or create your own header.  I love pictures that are fun to see ( you too?) then why rob your sweet - darling - readers from the same joy? Our eyes likes seing, we LOVE when we see something odd, exiting, FUN and beautiful. Make sure the tone colors matches up ( tried that app yet?) test out different sizes on your photos as well! In Jimdo ( free commercial here we go again) you can easily have many pictures in a row ( that switches automatically - as soon as you set it at that setting) here it`s easy breezy to resize your pic`s and you can put them into different columns ( if you want to) at the end make a habit of checking out your final result at least two more times beforehand, so you know how it will end up looking on your computer, or on someones phone...


If people are starting to visit your site, then you might don`t want that photoshopped pimple on your nose  mixed up with the original photo... lying online, it may takes you a day to discover... and for someone else just a few clicks to download and share their laughs. Don`t take it to serious though!



Your attitude is everything!



If you really want to make a site for yourself, but are still at that phase when your feeling a little bit `thrown overboard` and overwhelmed by your own enthusiasm...


`Is this something stupid to do?`


Are you asking yourself this question? I can comfort you by telling you that I`ve been there, AND as long as you WANT this - your on the right track.


When trying and testing, make a daily routine of it!

I often sit a few hours at night and early in the morning. I can train, write poetry, correct books, draw and… clip different videos, make music and even some more. I often have a pen and paper with me - so I can write down every good idea I get popping under those extensions of mine. I also tend to appreciate myself for what I am doing ( always, no matter where I am at that famous climbing latter) this may not seem that important to you - but it makes me go to sleep calm and happy. It also makes ME sure I know what I want to early in the morning, so when I wake up the next day…





Just keep going - you are the creator of your life!





If you still have some questions left, I suggest you comment and ask me exactly what you are on the lookout for. This way it`s much easier for me to answer your questions in a more directly manner. Thanks so much for all your responses. I deeply appreciate it. Your comments makes me smile - even more! I hope this article got your smile going too, and let`s hope this makes you


READY to go CREATE your own site!