I salute you. In fact I`m feeling very grateful - knowing you are out there reading my blog post. You are taking your time to ready the thoughts I choose to share. Words I hope I will inspire people to keep on  - no matter how their life is going right now.


Knowing my words are welcome in your day means the world to me. Lately more and more people have been writing to me. I see an awakening interest in my work.


Right now I`m feeling calm, relaxed... on my way to being able to share what I came here to share. You see... these last few weeks I`ve been wondering how I can reach out to people. Even wondered if I might be doing something wrong. I`ve been so concentrated on one of my big book projects right now, and a little amount of doubt snuck up on me... I really LOVE to share with you out there in your day.


I recently found many thoughts wandering in my head. Thoughts of how I find it so easy to see children - being able to make them go from hurt to happy in no time. Thinking about healing conversations ( also on my own part) meeting people who understand I can contribute to them letting go of the old past. Them saying some words - making me let go of the past a little more. You are me. We are making people believe in themselves - and it`s sooo important! I truly know how it feels being knocked down myself, over and over again... I know so much about getting back right up too! Then, I was reminded what doubting yourself can do... your whole reality changes. I started to meet people who did not seek my help. People who don`t believe in following their dreams, people who rather make me give up on myself... Then I recognized this little ache in my soul as my whole body trembled...


`You can do this.`

`You know what you came here to do`


So I decided once again... To think of life as a magnificent blessing... What joy there lies in every precious day. What a wonderful gift there is to find in ourselves when we focus on making someone else happy - to give freely to people we may never meet again...


A sweet little smile, a little whisper in someones day - little kind words that may  forever with them stay.


I`ve looked past the anger of hurt people hurting me, forgetting once more the hurt as my body was fed up of putting me through this same old habit.

We people tend to live in a reality we call reality, when we are living a life being to scared to change. We seek no challenges, we dare not to be positive - thinking only bad things will happen to us. Life is both good and good.


The good  times makes us being able to

enjoy life at it´s fullest.

The bad times makes us grateful

- appreciating the good times even more...


As I was reminded of all those earlier situasions, and people who said I was strange, ugly `nothing good`. All those sad faces telling me something was wrong with me. 


Ever heard that line `Your vibe attracts your tribe?`

It`s really true you know/ or you want to know right? I have good days and bad days, just like you. I`ve noticed that certain people `pop` up... Some people will teach us something. SAY, THANK YOU. Others will love us just the way we are. LOVE THEM RIGHT BACK ( and do it now) time is so precious....




I am creative. A creative mind is truly something special! I know how to read a few lines in a book before I go to bed - and wake up writing in the same style as the author of the book I just read.


I am sensitive. It took me many years before I discovered I was sensitive for other peoples thoughts. I could meet up with someone one day, and the next day I would be talking like them, feeling like them... and sometimes I said the things they were about to say. They seemed shocked, and I must admit I know how spooked I was of this attribute about myself. I felt like a freak - now I understand this is a gift I can use to help people understand more of what goes on in their own life. Sometimes I see what is going to happen, but sadly I can never decide what I want to see for myself or others. 


I am creative. I hear lyrics in my sleep. I can also dream seven different dreams in just about five minutes. I dream about people in their past life, my earlier life and why I had to go to some trouble in this life ( karma is for real) only to discover it helped me being a better human in this life.


I am sensitive. I know you are sad. I can feel it from here. Sadly ( for me) I`m so sensitive I can`t always know `who I`m tuning into´. Sometimes I can, and then I can life a tremendous burden off from someones shoulder. Then I feel truly thankful - knowing I came here for a reason. In fact, we all are here for a reason. You sitting there reading this, you are here definitely for a reason. Don`t know why?



Ask out loud.

Notice your answer...   


I am creative. I read four sentences at the same time. I was always known for being a good reader at school - what the teacher did not know was that is was hard for me reading and writing, since my imagination would go wild. 




I am sensitive. I could not `turn the world off` at a younger age. I got caught up in peoples energy. Just this afternoon I almost fell while walking through a quiet area - then I saw a person coming towards me... I was like `Aha, that explains it` since I had already taken in some other people, my brain started to shut down (  just a bit) then being unaware for a second - almost got me a blue butt! Did not fall, but could have. Bridget Jones, I know you have walked in these same shoes... 


Seing that little clumsy child in the street always walking/ bumping into strangers? You may think this child is extremely  unaware of his/ hers own movements... you could be right, but probably the child is just being dragged into other peoples energy. What kind of energy you ask? Good ord bad? Both. As long as the energy is strong... the child is being drawn to it. It is very important that the sensitive grown up learn these kids how they can get rid of extend energy. Many children are walking around - feeling depressed over other peoples feelings, not knowing it`s not their own.


I am creative. At night I dream of pictures, movies and books not written yet in this life/ or has been  written in a past life. If I surround myself with to many people for a longer amount of time I can get so tired `sorting out their thinking` at night... that after a while I stop to sleep. As I live my life now, and have for some years. I sleep GOOD. Sometimes I can be up creating - so I can sleep throughout the next night. Mostly I go to bed pretty early, feeling grateful... ( like I do know) fall fast asleep and wake up feeling ready to create! 


I am sensitive. While certain energy in a larger amount can attract children/ sensitive people to this sourcefield, it is important to know that when I write the word energy and talk about it - I`m not talking about me being energetic in any sort of way. So many, many... MANY people wondered if I had ADHD. I aced that test! When I got the final result from the person who took the test on me, he said this:

`If you have ADHD then you must be a world champion in strategies` ( I am) it did help that I just memorized the words I liked the most. Took the time on my own test like `I can run for an hour, of course I can sit here for 15 minutes´ Willpower! My main point is that I came to this test because I thought ADHD was something I could have, because I felt restless all the time ( from trauma, anxiety, eating disorders leading to depression, bad eating/ sleeping patterns - making me spinning in this same old circle for a long time) while the reason I felt so restless... was truly coming from the fact that I had a lot of stuff to work through.


At least... so I thought!


You see, after I got rid of the anxiety and started to meditate, eat more healthy ( no meat, YEAH!) being able to sleep, finding ways to work through my `borrowed belief system` about how I thought my life should be lived. I realized I could change my thinking patterns, and so can you. People tend to think things like `Rich people are bad people`

`I will never feel rich/ good/ happy/ healty` and so on... I started to realize I could create my own reality. I had started to write poetry, I had been drawing for some years - but could never sit more than 10 - 15 minutes at a time! I was afraid to finish - not believing in myself, and... I had all this energy!!!!

( LOT`S of ENERGY!) but why I thought? I started to see a pattern here too.


- I got more energy when I was among other people.


I sometimes felt drain, but my body could not sit still. Now I understand this is a way our body/ mind works - if you are sensitive like me - you will NEED to move.


I started to listen to society instead. 


Society tells you things like: get a job ( a job that pays more..) work harder, sit more still, be less creative, follow the crow. So I did... and I got very sick. Soon I started to go further and further away from my true self. Until the point where it got so painful being in my own body - I had to change! It has taken me many years. Now I can run FAST... and now I can WORK HARD and SIT for a long time... In a deep meditative state - drawing, writing - CREATING.


If you are wondering if a child may be sensitive... so give a little task to this child. After a while you can ask the child about how long he or she thinks she/he has been working on the task? If the child guess an hour... and the time really was about ten minutes... CELEBRATE - because then you are probably dealing with a sensitive child.



Sensitive children are the best. 




I am creative. My eyes copy everything they see... So I try to stay focused on my own routines. If I take in to much my brain starts to `putting it all together` sometimes I can work out a good song like this, but that`s really not so often the case. I got a photographich memory... When seing a program on the computer ( a program I like) I remember from the start to the end where you shall go, what to do ++ With that said...  so many times I mix up the different programs. I have lived a life where I have experienced trauma and real pain on my body. This has made my brain kind of selective. So let`s say you were my boss telling me:

`You have to to this NOW

- and make shure you do it THIS WAY`


I would probably get so stressed out that I would do it all wrong, many times, before I finally would do it right. Yes, I did do it in one day - BUT I tried to do it your way a thousand times and ways... before I did it my way - finding a way to `do your way my way`... See? Not me either. Haha. It`s not so easy to understand unless you are wondering there is something strange about you to.


A little reminder - WE ALL ARE AKWARD in some way or the other - I`m just more upfront about it.


 I know so many children are being diagnosed - and I see they are the ones who can bring our computer programs to the next level... and take it from here to new therms! (the future child is going to change our language in a unique way, just saying...) Many of these children have lived a normal life without  any trauma, but I will say it is still important for them that they can live doing what they love every day. They are in need for being creative, one way or another... I reccomand this since this creativity inside of me always has been the one thing keeping me alive, making me pushing myself forward.

All my life I tried to be `normal´ and as `everybody else` BIG BUG newsflash, I`m not. 

Very glad I`m me!


You deserve to feel it`s great to be YOU. 


So again... A BIG THANK YOU - for cheering me on. I need it, just as much as you do. I promise you this

- I will keep on blogging. Thank you for all your kind words. Maybe some day I will share even more from my past life. Now days I guess my life will seem dull  (in an extraordinary sense of way, since I`m living a life which I love) it`s really in my past where all the juicy information lies,  that will shock and shake you right out of those fab sneakers or fancy pumps of yours ( love them by the way) Just be you.


Did I say thank you?


Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Yours truly.