Have an honest voice ( How to)

Have an honest voice



Good morning!


I`m about to travel to my grandmother, and I`m honestly a bit tired after taking care of the cat litter box in this early morning. It smells ( STINK ALERT) while my cat awaits impatiently me getting it done `I have to go! Do you really have to use such a long time?!` Pressure on, pressure... then, I loose the #rap on the floor. Yes, I meant rap... I always rap and sing while changing that sweet little box... into a wonderful gift bag of rose pedals and with a hint of scented vanilla ice cream ( not) I change it from almost making me die to... less smelly. Haha, a writer think things out throughly - that was always a hinder when I was working...


I want to be honest with you - there are plenty of reasons why I`m writing this blog.


A good reason for being honest is not when you `have to spill something` you know that kind of person right? `I just HAD to tell you your hair is a mess right now` ( just like mine was put gently in a scrunchy so I want spook myself the next time I look into the mirror) when you have been trying your best to make a `new style gone wrong` for the past hour and a half!  I`m not talking about that person speaking better about themselves, highlighting they being better than you in any sort of way. You know that person to right? Okey, so I will never look like a cute princess when I wake up, but I`m an honest person. This not mean I will tell you every secret of my life either... Let`s face it - sometimes being honest can frankly be a hard thing to do!




No pictures of me in this morning I`m afraid, but I guess you are here because you need my honest voice. 


It can be hard living in this world

- we all need some kind of comfort.

Someone to compare us to, so we can feel better ourselves!





Honestly yours.


A guide on how to be honest


Sometimes being honest can feel hard, and in the end you may wonder if it was worth while... This is a time to applaud yourself. Is this you right now?  Being honest can make us feel left empty inside when others don`t see we meant all good... We hope it would change the circumstances to the better, instead they got worse.


I`m here to tell you it`s all right to feel this way.


Ask yourself this question `Would I have felt better not being as honest as I were?` 


Probably not! I applaud you for having the courage to show others the real you. Being honest is daring to be authentic!  We are in much need of these kind of people:


- Those who dare to stand out, leading us and inspiring us!


- That person telling you honestly about a BIG mistake, making you choosing more wisely for yourself. 


- That little boy or girl who came here with an amazing talent, always showing the world anything is possible - no matter how young.


- People who are trying their best at surviving every day, making other people carry hope in their heart - and these sweet angels is a deep reminder of how blessed we truly are - just being healthy, or that our little ache in the body does not matter.


What matter is trying to do our best every day, trying to LIVE OUR LIFES.


- That stranger ( honestly not looking or smelling their best) telling you something you really needed to hear. All of a sudden your day brightens up. THANK YOU for those kind of people.You are that kind person ( less smelly)? Bless your heart. Sending you my love right about now.


I need you in this world.





There is a lot of people who are being honest in a great way. I just realized that I could keep on writing on that list above throughout the rest of this day, but since I got a train to catch ;) Well, we don`t have to be perfect in this world. Honesty is much about being honest at the right time. So you write a blog about a learning periode of your life? Leave the worst part out ( I do) think about your reasons for writing that blog! I know I could write so directly about many things that I would get a follower group in speed of a blink. I choose not to. Why you ask? Because I truly want people to feel better about themselves. I want them to keep looking forward to my post. I will give you hope about a better day - that will lead you to a better life. As soon as you start believing in yourself... Some of you are reading my blog. Bless your heart - it honestly means the world to me. I`m not always posting the best pictures of myself ( even if I love to post pics while my hair behave) I want to be honest. I`ve noticed being authentic can be hard - because we look with different eyes. We hear with different ears ( of course) we have similiar life, and different background. We came into this world for different reasons. You have your journey, and people have theirs. We all have different set`s of mistakes to make, and I have done plenty of my own mistakes... that brought me exactly to this point, where I am writing this blog. Enough said.


I`m shure you have seen these fairy kind of ending in the movies -> a person being so mean, doing so many ( ridiculous) bad things... Hurting others, lying, maybe even cheating... This person has got everybody fooled ( even that cat down the road - a little shout out to Ralph Smart for being an honest and inspiring soul!) and now, he or she is sobbing at the end. Opening their heart, pooring out all that #rap ( yep, in a sad kind of singing way) and it all ends good. Reality check - this is your life. Your neighbor does not need to know every little thing about you. In fact, if a family member `always want to talk about that bad thing  that happened to you a decade ago` every time you meet up... you don`t have to!  When I`m writing about you being honest... I want you to look in the mirror. Do you like the person you have become? Are you treating other people good - yourself? Could you get better at it? I want to be that kind of person... that you may not notice at first, but if your bag get`s stuck on the bus, I will  be the first person to ask if you need any help. I`m not saying I WILL be, but I will try to. I make mistakes, and that is also okey. You are are allowed to make mistakes. We are both learning to get better. I will be that kind of person that gladly smiles at you, when you as a stranger ask me for a question.

I guess you are that kind of person.

You have read all way down here


I will be rich in having an open heart.


I am rich because I believe so much in people. Being quite the odd sensitive...

( honestly) I can sense `the real` in people, so I talk about how people should follow their dreams. I see so many work too hard these days - not following their inner dreams, yes true calling, so they get sick in their body... Just like I did, because I wasn't following my inner calling. I have realized... I got a few. Yesterday at 22.00 exact, I finished correcting  `Trolls in Trollgard` (once more) a book for children. I`m not a published writer, to be honest I focus more on me writing every day! I believe in my dreams - therefore I work on my dreams every day. I`m also happy every day.

I`m no expert at yoga either, but I have knowledge and believe an very ill person can be able to walk again. I mention from time to time that I believe we can heal our lives, heal our body and mind ( like I did for myself) very rare, I talk or write about that I have the ability to heal. When I write heal... I mean that I can feel other peoples pain. Sometimes I get pictures of what they have been through, and sometimes I don`t. I also have warms hands - this don`t mean I AM WARM ( just at heart). My hands get warm when they need too. I see people wanting to `know how you do that?` when in fact I don`t really always know for myself - and I see others who heal can fall in a trap here, trying to `prove` they can heal. Loosing focus, less healing and more talking to those being skeptic about it. Healing can come when we are reading some words that makes us feel better. Or like reading a blog and feeling connected by joining someone on their journey of life. I focus more on inspiring, knowing the word `HEAL` can seem quite scaring to people. Maybe YOU have the ability to heal, or are wondering you maybe can?... I guess you came to my site for a reason - now you should know why.


We are here for different reasons and YOU can heal yourself by being honest. What do you have to let go of? Is it time to move on? Do you have to `put yourself back together?`  or maybe take a break? Slow down... for now you can take a





If you can concentrate more on your own happiness, you will soon enough see that being honest can cause miracles in your daily life. If you make shure YOUR NEED are being met, you will have the ability to be in the playful NOW. It`s so more easy to respond to life... when we feel like we are a part of it, so TAKE ACTION with my action list - this is what an honest YOU can DO:


-You stop to notice someone are having a bad time - you comfort them


- You let go of your ego. Thinking more about what you can give then what you already have and wish to get.


- You are more thankful. You remind others about what is great in their lives!


- You mention to someone - you could NEVER do the same as them - to make them see they are great at what they do

( letting go of the ego - who want`s to show them a better way...)


- You admit for yourself - people are treating you very good these days - because of something good you did long back ago. You see this as a reminder, of who you can choose to be in this world, so you forgive yourself quickly and become a better you 

(once more)


- You are proud of your mistakes, knowing they lead you to this point


- You enjoy `being boring´ because sometimes that means you life is peaceful


- Not everybody likes you, and neither they should  - you clearly don`t share the same reflections on life, so why should you care about them when you can love a bucket of other people who are kind to you?


- Not everyday is good, but YOU can be something GOOD in someones day!


I`m off  ( in a hurry, quite honest) to share a smile ( and I guess some more) with my grandmother! Remember this... you honest, beautiful soul... By being an honest soul you are inspiring others to be, YOU may lead other people into their success.





You can make a difference!