This years `THANKFUL BOOK`



As the day is early ( and still so dark here in Norway) I open up my eyes and say `THANK YOU` I look up into my ceiling - deeply grateful.


I am safe

I am warm


It`s easy for me to feel this way - I know how it`s not to feel this way. `Us norwegians´ we often wear a mask. We shall not speak so openly, and if we choose to do - it must be a time to reflect on the subject with a negative mind. Of course, it`s easy to `sail away` when you at first start opening up - then the other part should listen - and keep the details to themselves afterwards.


THANK YOU - three simple little words.


I find myself thinking these words - walking around, feeling free to go anywhere I want to.  Being able to WALK and RUN. I can have FUN! This was neither always the case for me. YOU too can also be safe. You DESERVE to feel safe. YOU are safe in your soul.


You chose this life to be this way. When we talk about `learning experiences` people tend to think this is all about `learning and getting better` when in fact we all can see within ourselves and learn maybe something totally else - or even multiple things... maybe even NOTHING AT ALL -> now we shall learn same lesson later on, and some have chosen to go on and on... and yes, on - never learning that same old lesson.

YOU HAVE THE ABILITIY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, and I guess, I have the freedom to tell you this.


Stuck in a route, doing the same old thing huh?



- for me being able to learn

- for me being able to love and to give

- for me giving it all - when I feel like I have nothing to give


You are so worthy, but self worth can cost of course.

You may have to change a few bad habits of yours. It can take minutes, hours, days, weeks... and years - as it did for me. Some days you will look into the mirror not liking what you see - what you have become, but you can also be ANYTHING you want to.




As you realize your wrongs and your actions did not always make things any better ( in fact it made it all worse) you therefore create a space for being better - by seeing you are not happy with yourselves. Who do you want to be? Push your focus on what you WANT to become. Illustrate this person in your head, and try to test this out for ( at least) one day, while doing ANYTHING throughout your day ask yourself this question:


`What would that person I want to become have done?`




THANKS for all the people treating me bad


Sometimes people get in our way. We listen to them. WE  CHOOSE to listen to them. For a minute there, do THEY have everything under control? Can it be that they are picking on you - who are trying very hard to follow your own path/ dream... because they failed at the same area themselves?




- I am flexible, I can see they are hurt and therefore they hurt others.

( I will write about this subject later on)

- I can walk away.

-I choose to surround myself with people ( and animals) that loves me.




- for my food, I know how it feels not to have food on the table... or in your tummy.


I know I deserve good food I can enjoy every day.

I love to eat healthy, I love to take care of my mind and my body. I know I show myself love and respect when I eat healthy - I do this for me, and no-one  else!

I am much happier when I eat fruit and vegetables that makes me feel good about myself and my body.


THANK YOU for being unkind


I am grateful I have met you, I would not have been the same person without you. 


This is what I mostly think (I`m not perfect and never I will be therefore, I am perfect as me, and so are you my friend) When people treat you poorly, remember these words


`Thank you for reminding me of the good person I can choose to be.

Thank you for making me see both you and I myself can have a bad day.

I thank myself for being able to love you - just the way you are.

I thank myself for being able to walk away if you are not good for me.

I thank myself for being forgiving. I forgive you, and I often send you lovely thoughts 

- wishing for you to be thankful this way.


Yes, and THANK YOU, for your loving support. As you give your support to me, I give you love freely back. This is how life works, just make shure of one thing if you earlier one in life were treated bad at a younger age.... Make shure you are not letting the same people in from now on. Make shure you are so grateful for the person you are/ becoming... in such a way that you from now on only surround yourself with great souls that will support your dreams. People who will laugh with you ( and not at you) and people who will always find your smile...


It`s night. Dark after a sunny day here in Lillehammer in Norway.


THANK YOU I think...


I am deeply grateful for being able to create something that can light up a darkened heart.


I am so thankful YOU have comed to visit my page.


Start your day with being thankful. Find a nice book to write `all the positives` in. Make shure you appreciate yourself while writing. Light some candles, drink some cold water. Start by being grateful by the little things - we say.


Start by being grateful for EVERYTHING I`ll say.


You change your thoughts by thinking about the good things in your life. I believe YOU can change your whole reality if you just TRY to challenge yourself by `correcting` your thoughts. Example:


`I am always stressed out` = `I now I can find something good in this day`

`I feel peaceful` `I`m on the lookout for something good`


`I have to much do to` = `I can make an good effort and that will make me feel great`

`I have always time to the most important things in life`


By changing `I am sick` to `I am getting more healthy each and every day` you WILL get better, you will FEEL better.


Ask yourself `What am I ready to let go of now?´


If there is one thing I will suggest you do just right about now...

then it must be to say these three little words... THANK YOU LIFE.