Creative flow

Creative flow


I feel like this is the best time to have a little chat with you ( or blog) about creativity, let me first put this statement out there




No matter what you are thinking right now... you are creative in one way or another... I listen to so many people talking about `then my teacher said I could not do it - and my teacher was right!` nothing kills our creativity more then people putting our dreams and wishes for what we want to accomplish down...


Sleep - it`s something BIG when it comes to your creativity. You got to sleep yes, and for some people we have to sleep in periodes = sometimes we need a little more rest while other times... we seem to go on and on for weeks (!) almost forgetting to sleep/ eat and drink. So in our society when most people has had a teacher or a parent saying things like `You cannot live from that passion of yours` `That`s only something rich people can try to live from...` we tend to find ourselves in circumstances later in life when we are miserably living a life we hate because we are not working with something we love... We are in fact diminishing from   ourselves and from the one thing that made us feel real and happy - those things you did as a kid. Yep, drawing, dancing, playing your flute.....


Somewhere a long the way you got stuck trying to `fit in` A lot of people get sick when they do - just like I did. I could not sleep because I HAD TO CREATE. Hours I put into studying, and working and doing what I thought I was `supposed to do` and I really had my heart into it too... as I was working with children = I LOVE CHILDREN.


Being creative is not just for an artist, being creative can be

`managing how to make my coworkers be happy while waiting for the meeting` Being creative can be `come up with a great idea in a hurry` Being creative can be `I`m at my best when I talk about others accomplisthments` ( good for you - we truly need YOU in this world!)

so being creative can be many things. 


Let me ask you this question.


Are you happy?


If not - be creative about how you can find a solution to your problems. Start with one problem a week - or maybe you`ll need a year?


If you are happy, I guess you are perhaps a creative soul I could learn so many things from! Can you be more creative and spread your happiness around - inspiring people to find what truly makes them happy?


Creativity... may seem like such a small thing in this world - when it can make all the difference... Telling a little boy or girl




- with those few words said in a little amount of your time... you may have created a winner in the long run... A person who learned from the very beginning that we all got to start somewhere - and that is




You feel like you should have started ages ago? We must not forget... by DOING what you love each and every day.. You will love each and every day - no matter `how good you do` because you are being you - not matter what anyone are saying.


I hope my words inspires you to take a leap right now. Plan ahead... then