There is something good in every day

There is something good in every day

Have you ever wondered what would make your life great? I mean really great? The answer lies deep within you. `Okay, found it` eh, not really... aha? Do you know what to look for you often find the right direction - inside all of us there is a whole ( mostly) unknown universe. If you can pinpoint what you are looking for you will not go wrong. Why you`ll say? Let`s say you are going on a road, after a while you get used to `this same old road` so maybe you will turn to the left next time? Or maybe to the right? If left was the right, you will never go wrong ( and the opposite of course) as the road keeps on expanding you are always having the choice - sticking to the `same old thing` or to set out on a new adventure in a different direction! 

Ready for a little advice? If you feel like the road you are going on feels totally WRONG... then SLOW DOWN! Often in life we swallow our pride - not standing up for ourselves. We keep on smiling when we can`t hardly stand up (  even when we feel more like screaming and crying) we keep on... pushing ourselves... to a level where we feel very unhappy. Ask yourself


`This life I`m living, is this the life I`ve been given?`


I belive if we acknowledge how miserable we truly feel at any given point in our life, this will lead us to a better choice. Even when it`s means crying and trying and feeling your are failing for a while - this will happen when you have been trying to much to adjust to what everybody else think you should be doing or being... or even worse... what YOU THINK you should be doing or being.


The best you can be is yourself!


Think about this one for a while.. Did you came here to dismiss all your dreams? Did you came here to be grumpy or stressed? Were you born to be anything but happy? NO, you came here just being perfect. A perfect little human being. I know... I have also made many mistakes so far, and  I`ve learned that the best thing we can do is to forgive ourselves. Accept our own mistakes - and stop believing this earlier mistakes makes us who we (THINK we) are and unworthy of a life where we feel ALL our needs are met. You deserve to live a life that makes you feel abundant, a life where your are moving a long on a exiting road... harvesting the good, feeling love on your way ( for yourself and for others) feeling peace and joy -  and this will make you feel you are living a more fulfilled life - you are now living with the truth that lies in the deep within - your true core. You have found that ONE THING, that makes you keep on choosing the right path...


Because - when you know where you are headed ( and there is not a good enough reason to turn around) you are on the right track learning something important as you travel further... You are no longer escaping from your deepest fear. You know them and are getting to know that this was once holding you back, you have forgiven yourself, you know your healthy limits ( and will always learn more) you know what makes you keep going strong: good friends, a body that feels comfortable , a mind that is curious and... most important you are in sync with your heart`s deepest desire




So... what is this one thing that makes you smile throughout the day? What did you LOVE, I mean... really LOVED to do when you were younger? Recall upon those times where you had the most fun. Where did you feel the most relaxed? Look back at a time where people admired you, or even better they did not? Haha, you see... sometimes we have this ego - telling us we should do what is the most `safe` and doing what`s most `common`. How hard do you want you live your dreamlife? Would you  risk almost anything to get there? Even better, is it worth giving up before even trying? Sometimes we are given the life we want to live - and not knowing how blessed we are. I wanted to be a writer `but` I was too caught up in my work with children - just to realize I had to learn to give more space and patient for my writing ( several years has gone by now as you are reading this) being more creative each day was the solution for me. I now create EVERY DAY - and that is my dream... and a long my way, I realized I`ve had a pretty exiting life ( let`s write it in a good way) so I have much to share. I saw a connection between how movement, breathing and a creative mind set can make you either SUPER at what you do... or super miserable if don`t know how to balance being a bit different in this world. IMPORTANT NOTICE: YOU ARE UNIQE, in fact - we all are :-) 

As soon as I realized we all came here with different skills and that we are perfect as we are failing along our different travel ways and roads of life... I could breath, I became healthy, FREE and above all HAPPY. 


I can learn something from you - everyone you meet has something to teach you.


I want to tell you should absolutely follow your dream(s) - it will make you happy. My body got sick when I listened to much to what other people were telling me... A long my way of recovery - I found out I have healing abilities. Pretty cool huh? I once thought `warm hands` meant people were a bit more warmer than my own cold body... I`m still freezing in the summer - and I still get warm hands when I feel someone needs healing. In fact, I`ve realized many people need so much healing these days. What do I mean by this? People are believing what the society tells them they are in fear of being who they truly are... when watching their telly ( I don`t have one) they think they have to eat a certain way, behave a certain way, and yes, looking `like this or that` all together living a life that makes they feel their life is unforfilled - and trying to convince themselves that this is okay ( if this is not you, then move away from this blog) thinking life will be better if they just try harder.... or try to be more like someone they know... Pushing on this same old road where they don`t belong.


ARE YOU HAPPY? Great, then you must be on the right road!


 I`ll rather create my own road - going home :-) `HOME` is where your heart is, so where lies your heart?

There is something good in every day, but can you see it? Can you FEEL it? Our own feelings can determine our whole day. A long my journey I noticed something I want you to know. I`ve noticed how my THOUGHTS affected my whole day. I started to meditate because I felt no inner peace, this is you now? You can`t meditate you say? Well, let met share with you that I could not sit for five minutes... I could go weeks without any sleep. I also ate food that made me feel more restless. Now I stay away from meat and eat mostly fruit, drink a lot of smoothies and enjoy a lot of veggies. YUM - and here... my brain started to rewire. I started to slow down my mind, and as I was meditating people started to take notice... I was surprised to hear they called me `calm` and not trying to convince me I had ADHD in stead. I belive our thoughts can change our health and they way we look at life.


Let`s try a little trick right here and now. Are you ready for it?

Try to imagine you are rich, feeling healthy, happy, having a boyfriend/ girlfriend. How do you feel? Sit with this feeling for a while, imagine having something you are missing.  Soon you will feel like you know how it is to have this in your life. So why should you not feel rich when you start noticing all you have? Why should you not feel healthy or not feel you deserve love from somebody else? You with your own mind can IMAGINE... so now you will know how that must feel, this will put you in right state of mind AND in the right direction of meeting your own needs. Why? Because when we so often tend to focus on the bad stuff, thinking about things that makes us more unhappy - this way we will unconscioulsy seek out in the opposite direction of what we truly want. We are thinking like we are thinking - so this must be the right way (?) or can we change our life with changing our thought`s?


I truly belive YOU CAN.


I belive I can reach someone out there - needing me to write this. So this is my road, I wish you the best of luck on your way moving forward. I belive in you - take it from someone who never thought she would ever belive in herself, nor walk again, at one point I was worried I would not survive.


I am strong and I bet you are too! A new day tomorrow, can this be the day you choose a new path? I hope so, keep on believing in yourself. Maybe your first accomplishment should be exactely that?


Find your courage - take that leap!


I know for my own road - I will walk among with friends. Those friends who will tell me the truth, both about myself and themselves. I enjoy to LAUGH, so people who can make me smile on my hardest day I will keep close at heart. We cannot collect our friends - they come when we are moving in a direction where we belong. Some of them will be gone. I am thankful for what they have thought me about myself. I appreciate what I can learn from ANYONE. A friend can come into your life for minutes - making you feel like you belong when you thought you were all lost. Then they vanish, be again thankful my friend. Let life flow through you, let go of those who no longer support you or cheer you on. You will soon find those who are willing to carry you on your back when life has struck you down for while. Keep on going on your road, you will not forget the pain - but you will learn the game. At the end, the best friend you can ever have - is the one who will support you when you are doing something silly. That friend that loves how you can smile trough the worst days of your life. That friend... my friend - is YOU.