YOGA - something I used to do?

YOGA - something I used to do?



Both yes and no, yoga is something I still do, but I don`t ( haha) In fact yoga was at one point all this stretching ( making my skeleton come back together) now I am at good health with a body that is naturally different from one side to the other. I mean, REALLY different  (that explains all the clumsiness earlier on in my past living?) so I had to stop doing yoga :-O (WHAT?) so I could build more muscles and get rid of this little amount of pain that never seemed to go away. So how can I be doing yoga then you ask? I BREATH!

Breathing has always been the most important part for me, making me much more aware of the `here and now` and making me breath through a lot of painful memories... and breathing has been the most important thing to be, because of one more reason I have yet to reveal to you.


BREATH it is coming :-)


In our daily life, life can be hard enough right? So if you are experiencing you are living more in your past than you are here now, I suggest you start out with yoga. You could never do yoga? Too impatient?  Don`t have any time left - even if you would like to try it out sometime...? Well, sorry to pinpoint this out for you 


Our breathing makes us much more AWARE in the now, this way we can easier let go of what don`t serves us here and now = MORE TIME + makes us more relaxed. Got it? :-)

YOGA - something I used to do?

To reveal the true magic of my person experience with yoga, I have to give you some facts.

This facts are the reason behind why yoga has meant so much more to me. At one point in my life ( when I just did not want to look at some painful (awful) memories I was accused of having ADHD. I had deep anxiety within me, and I was also drinking a lot of coffee, not eating the right food ( that again `gave me even more ADHD` at least it seemed liked it) I felt deprived of sleep, I had several panic attacks and I was completely on the run from myself... I therefore listened to other people, thinking I had no value since `I was not like everyone else` people told me I had ADHD. Why? I had to much ENERGY. Now I know energy can be a good thing, making me able to see beyond a piece of paper, not limiting myself by thinking of all the things I cannot do, or maybe should not even try to do ( these days I`m testing myself on something new that I know will keep on pushing me forward) I was so AFRAID of failure earlier on... and still can be - back then I was always thinking about what could go wrong... so it dit. I was thinking at one point I had ADHD myself... so please, do not listen to what other tell you, ask yourself this

`What am I doing against myself to create a behavior I do not like about myself` and then ask yourself this question `Why am I focusing on this part of myself like something I do not like, how can I nurture this side of me so I can feel complimented by this attribute that is a special part of my personality?`

We all have reasons within us that makes us hold ourselves back. It can be what our parents thoughts us to believe about ourselves as little ones, it can be a sort of punishment from the past - a feeling of `everyone thinks I`m bad when I`m.... ( fill in the blank) Who said these things to you? Forgive them and understand that their picture of you, your skills, your looks or personality - this does not define you. If I could say something to you at a young age I would say there is something really fantastic about you that is just waiting to burst out of you with joy and YOU CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE! Go to a memory from when you were young and ask yourself this `What made me happy back then?` Think of how you can apply this same things you did back then in your earlier life right here where you are now. You were a little child, maybe frightened, or maybe you have gotten scared by the time you were an adult? I know you have dreams deep inside - go find them, rely on them... here your true happiness will be defined. 


You define yourself by the life your living, so you better live it now. Ey, no pressure, just do ONE little change tomorrow, maybe that is to be friendly to someone that makes being friendly a bit hard? This thing can be saying `YES` in stead of saying `NOW` and here life go.... If you fail it`s okay. WE CAME HERE TO LEARN :-)


In a funny way I have done so many mistakes in this life.... so why not make another one? It could turn out just right ;-)



YOGA - something I used to do?



As soon as autumn was here I noticed how cold my body got. It`s early on to be so cold here in Norway, Lillehammer has for shure not only got `people born with skies onto their feet` living here ;-) This autumn something was different in my body - I could FEEL it was too cold. Even last year while I was walking in the woods healing my body - I could not feel my feet at all. I had no sense of balance/ it`s hard to keep a balance on the ice when you simply do not feel your toes at all. So something `new is up` I`ve exchanged most of the yoga with running, some bicycling and a lot more weight exercises in general. This is the right thing for me, my body has now healed :-) 


If you haven't been reading my blogs earlier on I can tell you this; eight years ago I could not walk. The short story of `why`  - stress and relying on other peoples advice. Now I`ve learned to listen to my body and.... here comes something that is really at the bottom of this with me and me doing yoga... At one point my body was so sick I had no other choice to listen to every breath that I was taking. I had to THINK about everything I was doing 24/7. I could not `sit like this` or `rest on that side` if I wanted to,  I could not bend and tie my own shoes. I got depressed, YES and you can imagine... someone going from training everyday with at LOT of ENERGY and a lot of underlying memories..... My brain was really the one thing that had to experience some of the worst years of pain - experiencing `forgotten memories` one more time...and one more, and some more after that too. Then... FINALLY, I could BREATH and feel FREE, and yes... for the first time in this life... I felt relaxed. I was now... `the calm one` in every situation. I can promise you none at all from my past life would belive that this had became me... and, the irony is this, now as I`m feeling really healthy, and appreciative for my `new body` I`ve realized that this `calmness` I had on the outside is... GONE. Within though... I  think of all my blessings, saying `THANK YOU YOGA for making be breath`  now I can reach this calmness at any given moment.


Yoga is not about being the most relaxed one, the most `stretchy one` `the good looking one` or about knowing all the fancy names and having all the knowledge about every position and being able to do *yoga* for the longest haul... Yoga is about finding yourself <3


Dare to meet yourself dear reader, and dare to make yoga something that suits your own life. Start with five minutes a day :-) Look for something nice to rest your eyes on, BREATH, then maybe stretch? Congratulations, you have succeed at your first complete yoga session ;-) Yoga has given me balance, and the comfort of knowing that the most important thing I can give in this world... is me. Show the world all that you can be dear reader.




Britt I. Strand




Once upon a time there was this girl carrying everything on her head - to HEAL her body. It worked out just fine :-)