Just sometimes... thinking about you

Just sometimes... thinking about you



Today I`ve been running on a treadmill. BIG CONFESSION -> I`m now doing more running and strength exercising than doing yoga (I`ll write a blog post about this in the near future) so now you know why I haven't been making more yoga videos.  I promise you my main focus is a mind set on that my body can heal perfectly... for the rest of my life :-) so no reason for you to quit yoga, okay? :-) Did you know one thing yoga has is common with running? BREATHING, and as you may already know....breathing, being aware of my breath is sooo important to me, and it should be to you too. Why? Because it detoxifies your thinking AND helps you get rid of old thinking patterns and therefore - it will affect your daily routines in a positive way... and  certainly  your mood!


So I`ve been breathing and running today :-) Thinking about my health improving, imagination pictures in my head of the books I`m improving and... some more I`d like to see come into my life... :-)  Well, as I was there running - of course I noticed some aches in my body. I`ve been taking a break from running focusing more on building up strength, so no wonder I do feel some aches here and there right? Maybe some soreness came from all the washing I did yesterday at my grandmas house? LOL ;-) Anyway, while I was thinking about the aches ( still running) then my breathing and my thoughts shifted.... I was thinking about you. Yes, it`s true. This is me - if I experience some hardship in my life  I`m always thinking someone out there must having a much more worse time than me. I know a few things about how demolished we can feel.... JUST BY THINKING! I know for a fact that we truly can change our own reality just by changing the way we think. It`s is possible for all of us to think more happily, to be more aware and... then ( what must comes first) let go of all those thoughts `that aint´ so goo for ya`okey?


If you are in a struggle right now I can almost guarantee you this:  your thoughts are strengthening the negative outcome of the situation you are in. Why? Because what we focus on will grow. I will assure you my life is NOT PERFECT, and therefore it is :-) Therefore I remind me of this each this:





So I decided to run ( after walking down in the cold outside here in Lillehammer) with my cold (almost dead) body, some aches reached my brain - reminding me of a pattern I created years ago, when I choose to listen to people who tole me I was running and training to much. `Health is wealth` as Ralph Smart says - and I agree! Back then I was really healthy, and now.... I`m realizing day by day... that just maybe... I`m even better now :-) Because now I understand how I can talk to those aches, I know how to calm down, and I´ve learned so much from doing yoga... now I can listen to my own inner voice and not everyone else opinion of what I should do or become.



I know you are perfect - you came here to learn. So here you are, learning something very important in this situation your are in. I also know it may not seem as a `big deal` right here and now, maybe you don't even see any lesson at all...? One day you will benefit from where you are right now. I have no doubt about it. 


Breath and let go.


Look around, do you see something pretty? Do you hear some nice music of Bob Marley? If not so turn away from your TV, radio, microwave or whatever, if there is no other way.... shut down the curtains completely and read some quality poetry or just be quiet.... DARE to sit with yourself for a while, get to know yourself. Get away from this blog if you feel horrible right now ( YES, I MEAN IT) or wait just a little moment.... I just want yo assure you this at first





Go to your mirror, stare into your soul and say



Say it like you mean it ( even if you don`t) try to smile and remind your brain you would like to do this `smiling` more often from now on.



It`s all going to be fine, I know it is. Why? Because I have had some struggles of my own these last weeks ( hard being an emphatic being these days... you too? Poor thing :-O There goes my brain thinking about you again) well, here was life telling me time after time `Let go` `Be love` `Give love` and here you have me, reminding you out there how may not know ( yet) how deeply impact your breathing can have to your whole life and most importantly... you are definitely reading this by NO accident. Ask yourself this:

`What do I need to change about my behavior to live a more happy life?` Listen to your breathing.... and any sudden answers that arise wishing you. Follow the answers ( was it your intuition or guarding angels ;) ) no matter where this `newsflash` came from so follow up by DOING... If you are afraid and doubting yourself ( often very so common among us human beings ) so sit with your breathing, acknowledge each and every thought as it comes and goes. Meditation is not for you, you`ll say? You can manage this by thinking `Now I`m noticing this thought`

`Watching that thought`

`This is a thought I like`

`That reminds me of something I don`t like`

`I`m letting it all go` 


Be creative, because sooner or later you`ll realize you are the one to control your thoughts and therefore.... what`s about to happened next in your life :-) 



`I am listening to my breathing knowing everything is going to turn out just fine`


I wish you the best day.