Life`s not perfect and that`s the beauty of it!

Life`s not perfect and that`s the beauty of it!


I truly belive this statement of mine. Don`t believe me yet? Hold on. When we are born we are born with the strongest will ( after the period in our fancy diapers, and it`s all about being pampered, cuddled and taken care of) the little child is stumbling around, falling, and trying. Never, EVER giving up. Standing up.Falling and trying all over again. It`s more likely that we give up on ourselves when we become older ( I`ll get to this part later on) imagine if we all would give up so easy the first time we started to walk, or our first time trying to crawl or even roll around... we would not have come as far. If you have to feet you can walk on - you are given a magic power - you can move yourself and almost go everywhere ( if not, you should try to astral travel sometime!) So here we are, taking for granted all these gifts. Our hands that can create, a smile that can give deep happiness inside of some stranger... A mind that can change the world ( at least our inner world) so here it all begins. I think life wanted to remind me of my gifts...


Today I have been running... I felt so calm. Breathing and meditating as I was running for almost an hour. Several years ago I was running EVERY day. I did not have to think about how to move one leg in front of the other. Short story ( if you haven`t read any other blog post of mine) one day I could not walk. Stress had captured my brain... and my body. For a long time I had been listening to others telling me not to run, telling me I was to thin/ had to much muscles...when in fact it was all this exercising that was keeping me sane!

I had all this energy build up inside ( as I was running from my past ) and earlier on I had struggled with eating disorders and training made me eat. I had to eat... or else I would collapse. I started to focus more on the JOY I got from training, but I must admit my own insecurities lead me to think I should listen to what others were telling me, and now I`m here... to tell you this





For me it took a long time before my mind adjusted to not training so much... So I became quite tense ( all this build up energy)

I became nervous, at first my weight dropped a lot, and after a while it came back +10 ... and then I felt truly unhappy.

At this time my body got so sick that it lead me into a deep depression = sleepless nights and a to the most important point in this story ... I felt life had no meaning.



A new start      

 It was about this time my tiredness, restlessness ( creative energy)... and yes, all this free time ( not training) started to make a truly mess in my head. My head started to write. No matter what I did, my head was writing ( I had no idea where all this ideas was coming from - from me? I did not think so.... and now I know) So, finally... I started to write things down, and I started to draw the pictures that was flashing through my mind the whole day through. For many years, I did this, and without really recognizing it at first... my life started to make a lot of sense! I felt compassion for others, meaning for myself. It lead me in a direction of feeling life gave back more for each time I invested in something good. At this time I wanted to be healthy, as I saw a context to moving my body and creating

( I failed so much studying 3D and animation... and learned far much more about how my mindset believing my body could not move ... affected my body) suddenly I realized I needed to move my body to get more creative, and then I started to believe I could at least walk with a little less pain. Remember I wrote I ran earlier on today...? So, I`m here to tell you








Success - a way in the same direction as failure

As long as you don`t give up - you should rather GET UP! 

Yes, BELIEVE in yourself!


So, back to this statement of mine. We people have this in us all - we have STRENGTH! You may have experienced it by now ( going through one he** of a time) or you have not. Both is fine. All my experiences has given me the power to understand other at a deeper level. Also being highly sensitive makes it easy for me to understand everyone better by this thought


`We all go through some trouble, and we all can learn how to accept each other - knowing we are trying our best just as here we stand`


So it`s a matter of fact that ALL OF US ( yes, that includes you too) will try to evolve. We are all trying to push forward, keep on doing what we can, and always trying something new... and sometimes something old - just to remind ourselves of that old lesson we had  once forgotten...  Our human race would never had made it this far - had it not been for or nature deep within. OUR STRENGHT! We came here to try our best, to keep on, to stand in struggles, yes maybe fall sometimes, but you know... as the baby... always we will get back up.


Life may not seem perfect where you are right now. I just wanted to remind you of this...


You are exactly where your supposed to be

In this moment

let go and trust the universe


When life/ circumstances are giving us a hard time we often forget to ask ourselves this two simple questions


Have I done something that made this occur?


What is the lesson?


When you look at the first question and you ask yourself this... have a lookout at your own answers. Keep a note of what pictures/ memories that comes to your mind. Have you gone through something similar earlier one? When you think your ready, go for the next question, and answer this too. The answers may not abrupt in all of a sudden, so go on with your life ( our brain likes to work with the details in our subconscious without us even knowing about it) a good thing to do is to keep a journal of your dreams at night. I recommend you start meditating - this has helped me heal my body, my mind and... made me very aware of why I came to this planet.


I hope this will help you out.


Much blessings