The best work ethic - you are a force!

The best work ethic - you are a force!



You are in deed a force - and before I dive into this one I want to tell you something about my own beliefs about work! At first hand we must define what work is.


Work... is that something pushing you to get up at a certain time? YES.


Work... gives you plenty to do? YES. Work is something meant only for those with perfect health? ( let`s define perfect health) NO!


I guess you acknowledge some of my points, so to take this further into my own perception... I want you to be very patient with me. Here I am writing this to you - in the morning - YOU are in fact the reason I got up. I know somebody is going to read this,  and if it`s just one who read this ( and I guess that`s you?) you should know you are here for a reason. Just wanted to mention that before I continue.


Let`s jump back a bit, YOU made me get up this morning, in fact YOU were in my mind as I was taking a late walk yesterday - before I was working on another project I`m soon going to share with you on my youtubechannel.

I know how most people get up - simply because `they have to` and for me this is so wrong. YOU CHOOSE TO!


If you are going to wake up, so wake up with a passion


If not waking up ( or your moving around like a zombie) maybe you should try to rest a bit more and ask yourself this questions


`What is my yearning in this life?


What get`s me exited?


What do I LOVE to do? `


This last question is really what this article is all about - I`ll promise I`ll get there, just hang in there ( even you in your busy schedule... okay?) so let`s move one. Aaah, I know! You have so many things to do, most often times people tend to never leave their work behind. If your sensitive like me this can be a hard one - taking all the problems back home. A quick solution can be to practice this affirmation every day `I`m satisfied with what I`ve accomplished today` - start saying this as you leave your workplace every day. In this case practice do make perfect... Our days, our job places gives us so much to do, what I mean about WORK and having PLENTY to do - is all the wishful thinking and dreams you set into your own personal goals. In stead today (so many of us, for shure I was one of them) are putting our dreams behind. We are schooling ourself, working hard supporting colleagues difficulties, working with making our workspace a more satisfying environment to be in. We are handling every problem handed out to us in a hurry - and always in such a speed. I know someone who don`t feel like they have enough time to take a lunch break - they `have to do this and that` instead, so it happens again - we are taking our worries to bed ( sorry for the rhymes, it comes so naturally) not really relaxing their brain, and while they are asleep their mind is still working on a solution to every problem - and yet, we have to stop `doing it all´ and rather concentrate on the most important things. When we do that, people tend to experience us as calm, as a human with good resolutions and own opinions. It`s really about setting yourself first! Start with those little changes, like saying no without the need for explaining yourself  (this was a hard one for me I must admit) and the easy way to do this is to realize you are giving someone else the opportunity to shine - giving them them space to learn something new! As you start saying no to some things, you may see other things you`ve never noticed before - you were to busy noticing how fun it could be to do the task `Mary always do - and seems kind of slow when she does it` you may now also notice how you can appreciate other peoples work ethics a lot more, you may find understanding and appreciation in the qualities they bring to your workspace - after all, now you have the time to see what them actually are doing when your not speeding around trying to do everything else at the same time.


My experience is that my body became sick because I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing. Now as you slow down you may notice some aches in your body, so you start to take more consideration to your own health by slowing down, maybe you notice by this time... you are getting so much more done! You now find the time to dwell and you will find the time to dream about what truly makes you happy at your workspace - that contributes to making you have enough time to rest throughout the day. You can have your lunch and yes.... sleep GOOD in such a way that your subconscious mind can rather work with your own personal past problems rather than just the current ones at your workspace. 


When we are trying our best and not feeling we are worthy enough ( that makes us always push on and never hit the breaks) it can be hard to start slowing down, you may find yourself thinking `Why should I? There is to much to do` ...


I`m in the belief of thinking... if I can slow down, anyone can... I know certain people out there won`t belive how calm and peaceful I can be, and at the same time, my energy is back working at a hard speed - with something I LOVE. My belief is our world is in a desperate need for slowing down, to many people here in Norway ( your country too, ey?) are working so hard - trying to earn, and never feeling good enough. I know this comes from a place deep within, so many have not yet truly let go of their past, thinking earlier believes are here to last. What I mean by this is that hey have comed to belive that what their parents told was wrong about them was nothing but the truth. We can also adopt different beliefs systems like `Only rich people succeed, I am no good, everyone else is better than me, I am invisible, my opinions don`t count I have nothing to contribute with` and so on. Heck, your friends and other random people may influence your beliefs about yourself too! What is mostly important here and now is that you can change this beliefs about yourself by asking yourself `What am I good at?`Here is my wonderful handwritten words as an example ( now why is it that so many of us thinks it`s okay to diss even the smallest thing as our own handwriting?) Haha, I mean, here is my wonderful handwriting - written to you with passion and LOVE. 






I guess my inner child comes out in my handwriting. Our handwriting is an good example of how much a human can change in fact! As we tend to belive we are given a certain way to write... I`ve noticed I can change my handwriting radically - and by that also changing how other people react to what them read from my handwriting. Study a handwriting you would like to have, TRY to write and be amazed... Knowing this we can apply the same thinking to other fields of our life, so in this article I will keep my childish handwriting for you to see, as I know this is my written words that comes from my inner joy, and this brings me to the next title, but before that... I guess some of you think it`s really hard to find those truly good qualities about yourself? Insted of asking yourself of `What am I good at?` try to think about what others have said to you earlier on, and write those words down instead. If you are having a really hard time believing anything is good about your qualities( trust me, I`ve been there) so think of it this way instead


`People say I`m good at... ( fill in the blank)and I think I can improve this skill by... ( fill in the blank)`




Work with love - a different and effective approach.  


Here is my cat on the couch, oops - they are all out in the snow ( IT`S SNOWING OUTSIDE!) so I had to draw this one out  for you :-) Are you the one sitting at the desk with numbers? You may be the fastest one there is, maybe you hold a new Guinness World Record - without the world even knowing it? Or just maybe...  you LOVE what you are doing and are inspiring every soul around you - not really knowing that you are. Could this be you? Then I encourage YOU to write a blog article about how to succeed at your workplace.

Comment below and I will read :-)

This was me (hah) with a smirky smile, believing it was all good - no matter what everyone else was telling me. This was after I started approaching my own dreams, but still working `as everyone else` thinking I had to do it forever. So, maybe it`s not all fine nor good where you are right now? If that is just the case I will encourage to also look at some of my videos - they may help you find the motivation that you need, and as you get to know my story a little better, then I think your future` now will know why I find it so important what I`m about to tell you you to do and that is...



What I mean when I say `Work with love` is that you have to find joy in your daily work life. So what is work? Let`s define work as making our whole world hold on to something together. We think we need money - that is why we need it, so we got to work for it. Or can work be something else? ABSOLUTELY! Work can be you taking little steps to bring upon a change to your own society. Work can be improving on your health ( in fact that can be a lot of work - take if from someone who is living with a body that is non - symmetric) Some lucky once seems to `have it all` they are laughing at others who run from work to hit the gym - some work a the gym, some are probably working their brains out reading this - just THINKING can be a lot of work, and you know it!

When I think about true work ethic it means this...


Bring your joy


It`s so important to bring your joy, it`s so crucial! Why? Because joy brings harmony in everything you are putting your mind to. So when your brain goes like a `To- to train` and you have no other escape than to breath and let go - you can find yourself being relaxed in the most stressing circumstances. If you manage to sustain in a more calm way... or that is in fact one of your final goals... Stay tuned, as your brain answer this question for you `What do I love to do?` No matter what it is - you can bring it to your workplace. You think it`s impossible? Okay, let`s say your an artist - washing the floor. As your washing, doing your routine, think about how your environment feels like. Does it feels like is in need for some creativity? Put your JOY into it by sharing your good thoughts about life. Bring something unusual to those people you encounter through your daily ongoing life. Make them see your value, make them laugh, and... listen to them. In this way your are not only not only open up your own eyes for how YOU can affect the environment, you are making everyone around you belive they have something good to contribute with! Let`s say this is not the case, you work at a desk, and talks to no one. This is the perfect place to take 5 minutes off ( gives yourself a perception and feeling of you own value - that brings joy to you) so you can be more happy, taking 5 minutes off may also make your brain encounter new things. Suddenly you can find that your `perfect routine` in doing whatever the important things you are doing - is not so effective after all, maybe you are the one to find a new way? Set an example, and probably someone will laugh at first... and one day they will be the one seeking you out for answers...


You get the drill? Start writing a list of how you can make some positive changes, and do it now! You know... since your living in the belief that you nearly have enough time to read all this s***! Well, we are getting to the end soon, there is just one more important thing about bringing joy to your workplace... and it may be a pretty obvious one ( still the world need this) and that is that you should try to bring your joy into your work, yes, for your own sake, and for the reason this will both inspire and make somebody else feel good about themselves.... Mostly, we need joy, because we all are in desperate need for



In this world you deserve to feel joy, because maybe you are the one suffering from not getting any/ enough? What is certain is that someone out there are working their brains out, trying to earn and taking care of their family at the same time - all leading to not having time to invest in their own health ( they think) never are they laughing... a hollow place inside them - a little child is screaming out `Please don`t take me for granted` - making this person ignore their own needs even more. They feel miserable and deprived - this end result makes them turn away from themselves, now they look at others faults ( thinking work - ethics is doing everything perfect/ best) so they can mislead themselves from their inner child... not feeling they have enough time to listen, to seek their own comfort... This is the case for so many, many people alive, and you have the choice. Will you start to listen to your inner child? Maybe you have to cry, change job - do something dramatic ( I had to quit one job I loved because me body was screaming I was extremely ill) or could the answer be to follow some of my steps for a better day tomorrow? Forgive yourself for not pleasing others - that`s not your job. I`m talking about you doing something that makes you feel da** FINE. So take your time now, breath a little, are you ready, and do you dare to bring joy in all the things you are doing? Work can be me writing, drawing and so on. Work can be you washing clothes, coocking dinner - no matter what you are doing - practice your thoughts! 


`I always enjoy putting my children to sleep`


`I have the time to sit quiet with my spouse and just be happy`


`I am good at loving myself`


I hope you will try to apply some of these affirmations throughout your day. Thank you for reading. I`m sending you my blessings - knowing you are out there - you who needed to read this, just like I needed to write this for you. I know you feel you are at the wrong spot, that things will stay forever this way. Start saying to yourself `BIG CHANGES are about to occur` - and watch them do.


You are a divine force, so bring your joy and make s*** happen!


I wish you the best day.