Things I`ve learned - reach your potential!


It`s easy for me to find things I love about myself. Like I wake up every morning grateful for this life I`m given, noticing I still got a roof on top of my head as I lay there in my bed. I find it easy to belive in others also, and I`m happy with everything that happens in my day - even if some things can make me cry. Why? Because either I laugh and joyfully spred my well known laughter all around to everyone I meet - if not, I learn something of value. Something about myself, something new about how others view their world, their life in the way they treat me.


It`s easy for me to find things I like about myself. Like knowing I never give up - because I have been giving up on myself several times. People have given up on me. I`m still here alive, no matter what... I`m grateful! Knowing I can spread my joy, I got this knowledge nobody else has - just like you are filled with your own life experiences - all this treasures my friend...


It`s easy for me to love everybody I meet in my day. I know you have a soul, I know your not only your body. I know this because I see the world quite differently, and I tried to ignore for a long time the fact that I did. Along my way I got many reminders though... that I should be who I came here to be. So this is me trying to be me. Telling you, you should be yourself too!


I`m a creative soul beyond being creative, I`m here to say I care about you. I know you deserve to feel loved. No matter what you have done. Do you think it`s hard to show love just for you, and maybe not for me? WRONG! I know how people can make it almost impossible to love them. They don`t love themselves first ( this was me before) All we can do is surround ourself with people who loves us just the way we are - so we have the energy to meet everyone else we meet in our daily life with a joyful feeling of happiness - filled with love of course ;-)


It`s easy for me to forgive. Why? I have forgiven the unforgivable. I did let people hurt me, hurt my feelings, hurt my body. One time I put myself in the situation where I let somebody kick me so hard that I lost the only child I could have had. That child would have been about 15 today... What I mean when I write `I put myself in this situation` is that I thought so low of myself  that I almost made myself invisible  - letting someone `prove` to myself I had no worth. Of course I did, I just did not believe it at several points in my life.


I write this because I know I`ve been far to quiet - not telling to many details about my past life. I`ve experienced a lot of violence, and I`m on a mission trying to reach out to those of you out there who suffer... Either if the abuse is psyical or mentally, it makes no difference - both form of abuses can kill you, whether someone is kicking you until you die... or you see no other way then to take your own life to escape from your own thoughts afterwards. Your life was not meant to be a living hell throughout your whole existence in this human body!


You came here to be happy! 


One thing that has helped me was being able to forgive every action ever done to me. How did I do this? You may want to se some of my videos... By changing the way I think I`ve been able to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean that what people have been doing to you are okay. Being able to forgive means letting go of the past. Your choosing not to live there any more. Please comment below if you want me to make a video all about forgiveness...


Being able to forgive  has changed my life!

I can truly forgive everything  - because I already have.


It`s easy for me to accept, I find it easy to accept different sides of life knowing what happens all happens for a reason. Today I`m sharing a little bite of my story, and a little part of me do this because I know you see me in my videos talking about joy, talking about feeling beautiful, talking about living your life, chasing your dreams and so on. I talk about this things... because I longed for my own success. I thought I was longing for fame many years a go, I thought I was working to get money so I would feel happy... when in fact I was searching for a space where I could be myself... The biggest surprise  came when I found out this place of space comes from within. I could finally accept myself when I let go of people and situations who did not serve me any good. People don`t always know they are hurting you... but that is not a good reason for you to keep them in your life. Sometimes people even see your worth after they have lost you. If your not feeling accepted by others so walk away - and do it right now. You deserve to feel loved, and we people have different ways to show it! This does not mean they don`t love you back, or that you don`t deserve their love - they are just expressing it differently. By letting go your not loosing anything - you are in fact making room in your life for someone who can show you love in the way you deserve to get it. You also will create a space when you`ll leave people to themselves - now they can meet someone who will learn them more about love.


When life is hard, it feels brutally and cruel.... remember life is here to teach you something. Life is teaching us how to let go of losses, reminding us of treasuring the moment. Life is saying we should behave so people will treat us kind. Life is testing us, making us feel stressed and sick when we have issues to work with. Issues we are ignoring holding within our body`s keeping in our subconusines, making our body`s ache and keeping our thinking negative. We can change this by letting our feelings out. Do you suffer right now? Say you need some time alone. Go to a mirror and cry. Say to yourself `This feeling will also pass`

I`ve said this a thousand times ( or more) letting go of being afraid of being sexually abused, letting go of being drugged down, letting go of being hurt time after time. You get the picture.


It`s easy for me to dream, it`s easy because I always do! I always have since I was a little girl - back then I truly felt something was wrong with me - a feeling of belonging to more than one world :-) At the same time - I already knew as a little child what I came here to do. I came here to be creative, to experience my life, to give away my voice and art - so I can create a little space in you where you`ll find the way back to you your own dreams... who are always inside of you. You can reach your dream to day. Martin Luther King (born January 15 1929, RIP 4 April 1968) said `I have a dream` - and don`t we all? The most stressed out people I`ve talked to say their dreams`are impossible, they tell me all the reason why... Some even say they don`t think they got a dream! We all have dreams within us, they may be kept hidden - know your dreams will always be a part of you.


I remember a time being abused I was crying our for help in my mind... ( crying out loud I had stopped since I`ve found out there was no escape at that time...) I had to escape the pain in my body, and our mind is a fantastic piece of art... My brain made me able to escape, and know I know you out there can be starting understanding there is something more that lays behind the sweet layers of my joyful messages in the most of my videos.... I will tell you that YOUR BRAIN is in fact UNIQUE! If you can recognize any of my stories in your own life, I know this is because you have your own story to tell. You have an amazing brain, there is only one `persona` as YOU - as we both live here and now....

YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE IN THIS WORLD! How? Let`s see... if I can help ten people change their attitude about loving themselves, and make them believe in their own dreams - feeling their life is fulfilled... This will have an big impact on their family and friends as well - and maybe they will inspire them too? Let`s say you who are reading this right now... realize you can let go of the past, starting to place five minutes every day in your daily schedule to work on your biggest dream... Soon you will realize you are living your dream! How? If you want to be a big superstar and sing ( I`m drawing Miachel Jackson these days, so he just popped in my head knowing his impact into this world. RIP MJ, you beautiful soul) you may think you don`t got at shot right? Well, let`s say you start to practice in the shower every day... Your self belief increases - so one day you forget yourself - singing out loud at the market. Here a friend get`s impressed overhearing you, suggesting you should try out at his choir. You may say no - and there you dream goes, but hey, let`s say the same thing happens ( things tend to happened again & again until you learn the biggest lessons) and now you say `YES`. Being a part of the choir you really start realize your voice is no mess, in fact people get stunned at the first concert. Soon you are the lead singer - and yes, you may not reach the dream of being a superstar - and why should you have too, when you already feel blessed and feel like a superstar when your little children ask you to sing they favurite song one more time?

You are also inspiring everybody else around you! What a joyful feeling!

You may have entered your highest potential after all you think, realizing you go to bed smiling every night - already feeling exited to wake up each morning!