Perfect? Almost nearly...

Perfect? Almost nearly...



Yes, so perfect. Just a perfect life. AHA, you feel the same way too? Hahaha ;-)

Sometimes I end up in a laugh when life seems just to dreadful. I wonder in the middle of the night `will this feelings ever pass?` I sometimes TRY to HARD. Ever felt that way? Yes? No? If not, this is probably not the right article for you, or maybe it is after all :-) I suggest you read on, if not only to read an article from one person in this world - knowing words can mean something. Especially if you are all alone, or at least feel like it. If you are in deep pain mentally, have given up, or gone through something that want you to pull your brains out. I suggest you stay put. I don`t need many words, but you might just need to read them... or share them?


Life is certainly perfect - teaching us lessons after lessons. Okay, great! We learn to be more humble, we learn that we truly never can give enough. So when you crumble ( sorry about the rhymes) it is about time to get back up fighting, I know.. this can be SO HARD - you feel more like sinking into this black hole, dig your way out to another planet earth, maybe some nice aliens will pick you up and look after you for a while, let you test-drive their alien spaceship, or teach you how some random green cow can learn to fly the highway high? If not... I believe you should not trust this as a fact, I mean - of course you can DO THIS :-) ... Just first remember you came here to take care of yourself! We people can get so co - independent on other people, and as soon as we do, we can fall into that same old trap of


`loving what they love, and doing and living the way OTHERS want to live`


So what happened to you, are you just sitting there waiting for something amazing to fall down into your lap? GO OUT CREATE your own reality, this is the right time! Is does certainly NOT feel like it you`ll say? When is ever the right time to do anything? The right time can therefore only be just  about right...




Sorry, I did not mean to be so hard on you. I know life may have already showed you how you should have given up. Life has guaranteed let you know you should only believe this is all you get - but I want be the one telling you this: I have come from some pretty dark places. Anxiety was one of them, depressionPTSD ( BIG TIME) eating disorders, people doing me WRONG, myself letting them doing me wrong - and most of all - I came from a place thinking others had to believe in me if I should ever succeed. On this road that I call home I`ve found out where I do belong... Suddenly I understood all this talking about feeling rich. We are mistaking being rich for happiness. Like one person I admire ( almost) wrote in a book, I have rephrased it just a bit ;-)


`If happiness is found in wealth - people being rich... why arn`t they the one dancing in the street? Instead in the streets you`ll find the poor children dancing happily)


This is my words - adapted from one happy thinker ;-)... Next I`d like to share with you is exactly this ( and the reason I won`t put a name here for this quote)


Who do you admire? Who do you look up to?


Choose someone that will inspire YOU! Yes please notice other peoples suggestions, just be shure you choose someone that will fit your own beliefs, okay? Set a goal of becoming more like this person every day. Now work for it. Feel like you imagine this person would feel. You deserve a happy life too!


Stay calm 


Yes, this is a peaceful advice - and it will make you so strong. Pretty early in life I learned to sit still under a storm... I learned to be quiet, my only escape was to go within. So I did, and I found a world there - a world I`ve never left behind since. This world I carry around - making other people happy ( not all the time of course, I`m just a human as you - almost nearly :-) ) I did find a very creative side, a side of my own creativity and a intuitive knowing of what others was yearning for deep below. I felt no obligations - I just knew I had to put a smile on their face, and of course... or at least a little hope would leap out of my lips. My crowd would laugh and smile - sometimes ending up in tears with laughter.


Just be you


Need I say more?


YES, because it can be pretty darn hard being yourself. You have to proof to others why you feel the way you feel - so that you can act and say the things you do...


REALLY? No, relax dearest... You should not try to change for ANYBODY. Just be you. But what  if everybody leaves you? Then what? You are asking the right person. I have experienced this, and today I live a life filled of joy ( almost nearly) and most of the time, I`m alone - not feeling alone. As soon as you are `doing you´ people may leave you, and you can be pretty shure the right people will leave you right away, just as well as the right people will stay. There is no `wrong people´ they came into your life to teach you something, or maybe you did teach them? Forgive, move on - don`t care about any having regret of the experiences you have met ( sorry about the rhymes again) you will see soon that they did you a favor! In fact, as soon as you stop worry about them - you will start to think about something fun to do, something you enjoy so much that you will have stars in your eyes every day. I see my life with stars - because I can create every day. Even when I think I don`t have the energy to create ( it happens) I`ve find myself writing, drawing, or maybe investing my time in listening to others I can learn from,  reading a book, or talking to strangers that will learn from me. Just be you - you`ll be okay, in fact... You`ll be amazing! Attracting the people who will LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. These people will lead you towards your dreams, push you ( oh yes) and in deed... they will surely love every attribute, every little inch of you, every `defect` and small quirky things and side effects you might have of you being just they way you are. They will understand your not perfect - and that`s perfect to them. They came all this way to be the best that they can be, with their own experiencing of different heartaches, painful memories haunting them ... and now they are finally so HAPPY having found you!


PERFECT? Almost nearly...