You are a miracle. You came here into this world to be you. Congratulations, you`ve managed that, and that`s more than good enough. You have succeed, making your mistakes, making your own progress on your way. This is your life.


Just remember your are competing with YOU <3


The only thing to register is that everyone you see around you... they are worthy too. When you at first accomplish to see their inner truth - acknowledging you don`t know the half that brought them here, you will start to notice that people see the inner you better than you`ve ever thought was possible <3 


So how do you do this? PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, or at least - you`ll start to experience that this is something worth training for, for the rest of your life. I still practice on this, recently challenges has reminded me of the importance of this lately.  Please don`t give up so easily, some people make it hard for your to see their best qualities - not everyone are meant to be in your life for a long period either, but as long as there is something to learn about yourself (I`ll write you something about your ability to reflect yourself in other people soon) they will be an important  part of your life without any doubt. Some of them have experienced heartache ( you and I both know that dreadful feeling of loss and confusion) and some of them... have experienced to never feel loved. Are you one of this people? Please check out some of my videos from earlier on. Yes, some people have definitely lived another life than you and I have had - they are worthy too, being treated bad for a long period of life from their own parents and losing control of their own circumstances can make a person feel guilt, hate... so they do the most incredible wrong things... to themselves and the people around them.


Just know they are worthy too, coming into this life as an innocent child. Just like you and myself.





Acknowledge they are on their path, they have the right to be themselves just as you accordingly have the right to express yourself utterly and be the best that you can do for yourself.


The `trick` is to not set limits to what people are showing you of themselves. Ask them questions that makes them feel important, treat them nice, you will want to approach them as a curious little child - yearning to know everything about them - just don`t push them to much though... As you make this a part of you - soon people will feel like sharing with you. Listen to what they share, don`t take it so personal - now a human being could be telling you their lookout on life for maybe the first time in their life... As you are listening, be thankful for what that person choose to share with you. 


You can do this, knowing you are worthy too. We all are worthy of this <3


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Affirmations for today:


I am worthy and I know we all are worthy of something great 


I am grateful for what I can do for this world


I am the best version of myself


I am as good as it get`s



I wish you the greatest day :-)